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The is a high speed PECL / LVPECL to LVDS translator. This device is designed to support frequency rates in excess of 800 MHz utilizing low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) technology. SK1300 operates over an extended supply range to 5.5V which allow either PECL or LVPECL signal at its inputs based on the supply voltage range. It also provides a new alternative to high power pseudo-ECL devices for high speed point-to-point interface using LVDS type signals. The SK1300 provides a VBB outputs for either singleended use a DC bias for AC coupling to the device. The VBB output should only be used as a bias for the SK1300 as its current sink/source capability is limited. Whenever used, the VBB output should be bypassed to VCC via 0.01 mF capacitor. Under open input condition, the pulldown on D and pullup and pulldown on D* will force the Q output low and Q* output high.


Extended Supply Voltage Range: (VCC to 5.5V; VEE 0V) 800 MHz Min. Toggle Frequency Typical 350 mV Differential LVDS Output VBB Output for Single-ended Applications Internal Input Resistors; Pulldown on D, Pulldown and Pullup on D* ESD Protection > 4000V Specified Over Industrial Temperature Range: to 85oC Available in both 8 pin SOIC and MSOP Packages Flammability Rate: UL-94 code V-0 Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in millimeters. 2. Dimensions D and do no include mold protrusion. 3. Maximum mold protrusion 0.15 per side. 4. Dimension B does not include Dambar protrusion. Allowable Dambar protrusion shall be 0.127 total in excess of the B dimension at maximum material condition.

HIGH PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Package Information (continued)

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are mm 2. Controlling dimension: mm 3. Dimension does not include mold flash or protrusions, either of which shall not exceed 0.20


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