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TitleHigh Gain Differential Receivers
DescriptionHigh-gain Differential Receiver
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The SK10/100EL16XWA-XWG devices are high gain differential receivers with higher performance capabilities. These devices have a DC gain of approximately 200. SK10/100EL16XWA-XWG devices are functionally compatible with SK10/ 100EL16W and MC10/100EL16 and 100LVEL16 as well. SK10/100EL16XWA is pin to pin compatible with SK10/100EL16W with the exception of its high gain differential outputs. SK10/100EL16XWB is pin to pin compatible with SK10/100EL16B with the exception of its differential high gain outputs. SK10/100EL16XWC is for single ended mode of operation since its D* input is internally connected to the reference voltage VBB; therefore, pin 3 should be bypassed to VCC via 0.01 uF capacitor. This device has differential high gain outputs, an added feature of the enable input pin, and the single ended monitor output Q* similar SK10/100EL16XWB. SK10/100EL16XWD has all the options: the differential monitor outputs and the high gain outputs, enable-input pin, and the VBB reference voltage. SK10/100EL16XWE has only the differential monitor outputs and the high gain outputs. the output swing can be obtained by a variable resistor between the VBB and VCC pins, with wiper driving CTRL. Typical application circuits and results are described in Figures 3, 4a, and 4b.If provided, VBB reference voltage is an output pin for singleended use or DC bias for AC coupling to the device. Whenever used, VBB output pin should be bypassed to VCC via 0.01 uF capacitor. Under open input conditions, the pull-down resistor on D, pull-down and pull-up on D* will force the high gain outputs QHG to a low state and QHG* to a high state.


Extended Supply Voltage Range: (VEE to 3.0V, VCC 0V) or (VCC to +5.5V, VEE = 0V) High Bandwidth Output Transitions 300 ps Propagation Delay VBB Output Internal Input Resistors: Pulldown on D, Pulldown and Pullup on D* QHG Output will Default Low with Inputs Open or at VEE New Differential Input Common Mode Range Functionally Equivalent to MC10/100EL16 and MC100LVEL16 ESD Protection of >4000V Specified Over Industrial Temperature Range: to 85oC Available in Both 8 Pin SOIC Package, and / 10 Pin MSOP Packages

SK10/100EL16XWF had the enable option, the single ended monitor output and the differential high gain outputs. SK10/100EL16XWG is pin to pin compatible with SK10/100EL16V with the exception of its differential high gain outputs. Its VCTRL input controls the amplitude of the QHG and QHG* outputs. The operating range of the EL16XWG control input, VCTRL, is from VBB (large swing) to VCC (min swing), see Figure 3. Simple control of

Flammability Rate: UL-94 code V-0. Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1.

Function Differential Data Inputs Differential Data Outputs Differential High Gain Data Outputs Reference Output Voltage Enable Input


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