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Description4-Input or / Nor
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The OR / NOR gate device. This device is fully compatible with MC10/100EL01 and MC10/100LVEL01. With output transition and propagation delay much faster than the E101, the EL01W is ideally suited for those applications which require ultimate AC performance.


Extended Supply Voltage Range: (VEE to ­3.0V, VCC 0V) or (VCC +5.5V, VEE=0V) High Bandwidth Output Transition 230 ps Propagation Delay Internal 75KW Input Pulldown Resistors Fully Compatible with MC10/100EL01 and MC10/100LVEL01 ESD Protection of >4000V Industrial Temperature Range: to +85oC Available in 8 Lead SOIC (150 mils) Package

NOTES: 1. Dimensions are in millimeters. 2. Dimensions D and E do not include mold protrusion. 3. Maximum mold protrusion 0.15 per side. 4. Dimension B does not include Dambar protrusion. Allowable Dambar protrusion shall be 0.127 total in excess of the B dimension at maximum material condition.

= -40oC Symbol IIH Characteristic Input HIGH Current D, D* Power Supply Current 100 EL Power Supply Voltage 3.0 Min Typ Max Min = 0oC Typ Max Min + 25oC Typ Max Min = +85oC Typ Max Unit

= -40oC Symbol tPLH tPH L tr, tf Characteristic Propagation Delay Q. Q* (Diff) Output Rise/Fall Times Q, Q* Min Typ Max Min = 0oC Typ Max Min + 25oC Typ Max Min = +85oC Typ Max Unit

Notes: 1. 10EL circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the table after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse airflow greater than 500 lfpm is maintained. Outputs are terminated through a 50W resistor to VCC -2.0V except where otherwise specified on the individual data sheets. 2. 100K circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the table where transverse airflow greater than 500 lfpm is maintained. 3. For standard ECL DC specifications, refer to the ECL Logic Family Standard DC Specifications Data Sheet. 4. For part ordering descriptions, see HPP Part Ordering Information Data Sheet.


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