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CategoryLogic => Registers
Description6-Bit D Register
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The SK10/100E151 offers 6 edge-triggered, high-speed, master-slave D-type flip-flops with differential outputs, designed for use in new high-performance ECL systems. This device is fully compatible with MC10E151 and MC100E151. The two external clock signals (CLK1, CLK2) are gated through a logical OR operation before use as clocking control for the flip-flops. Data is clocked into the flip-flops on the rising edge of either or CLK2 (or both). When both CLK1 and CLK2 are at a logic LOW, data enters the master and is transferred to the slave when either or CLK2 (or both) go HIGH. The MR (Master Reset) signal operates asynchronously to make all Q outputs to a logic LOW.

1100 MHz Toggle Frequency Extended 100E VEE Range to 5.5V Differential Outputs Asynchronous Master Reset Dual Clocks Internal 75K Input Pulldown Resistors ESD Protection of >4000V Fully Compatible with MC10/100E151 Specified Over Industrial Temperature Range: to +85oC Available in 28-Pin PLCC Package

Function Data Inputs Clock Inputs Master Reset True Outputs Inver ting Outputs Output VCC

Asynchronous Operation NOTES: H = HIGH Voltage Level L = LOW Voltage Level X = Don 't Care t = Time Before Positive CLK Transition t+1 = Time After Positive CLK Transition u = LOW-to-HIGH Transition

NOTES: 1. Datums -L-, -M-, and -N - determined where top of lead shoulder exits plastic body at mold parting line. 2. DIM G1, true position to be measured at Datum -T-, Seating Plane. 3. DIM R and U do not include mold flash. Allowable mold flash 0.010 (0.250) per side. 4. Dimensioning and tolerancing per ANSI 1982. 5. Controlling Dimension: Inch. 6. The package top may be smaller than the package bottom 0.012 (0.300). Dimensions R and U are determined at the outermost extremes of the plastic body exclusive of mold flash, tie bar burrs, gate burrs and interlead flash, but including any mismatch between the top and bottom of the plastic body. 7. Dimension H does not include Dambar protrusion or intrusion. The Dambar protrusion(s) shall not cause the H dimension to be greater than 0.037 (0.940). The Dambar intrusion(s) shall not cause the H dimension to be smaller than 0.025 (0.635).


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