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DescriptionHigh Voltage Capacitors
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

Semtech Premium Dielectric High Voltage Capacitors Monolithic Ceramic type Semtech's premium dielectric capacitors demonstrate minimum capacitance change over the operation voltage and temperature range, high current carrying capability and high volumetric efficiency. This X7R body has been designed into the most demanding applications: from the one extreme of satellite, missile, space shuttle, and avionics programs to the other extreme of "down hole" oil exploration equipment.


Operating temperature range to 125C Aging rate <1.0% per decade hour Insulation resistance: 100k meg or 1000meg

Dissipation factor: 2.5% max 1kHz 1 VAC, 25C Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1.2 x rated voltage

at 25C (Test conducted with charging current limited to 10mA and discharge current limited to 10A) Temperature coefficient: 15% over to 125C range "S" size package type available

= Standard range K tolerance available from stock. = Non standard capabilities

3 PART SIZE CODE CHIP A = Silver Termination D = Palladium Silver Termination H = Capable of handling temperature excursions 200C A FORM LE Last digit indicates number of zeroes following the first two digits Example: kV X DIELECTRIC MATERIAL 103 CAPACITANCE (EIA CODE) K CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE 2 VOLTAGE RATING

Note: 1. For "S" size package type, please order part as "SXXXXXXXX" e.g. S3AX103K2.


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