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Direct mount low current circular LEDs lamps (3.2mm)

The SLI-325 series are small 3.2mm LEDs with a lead pitch of 5mm which can be directly mounted on a printed circuit board. Three colors and two lens types are available for a total of six types, and they are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

!Features 1) Can be directly mounted on a printed circuit board. 2) Available on tape to allow mounting using a 5mm pitch machine without lead forming. 3) A low overall height of 5.5mm makes it possible to design a slim unit. 4) Large flange eliminates wobbling after mounting (stable before and after soldering). 5) High reliability.

Emitting color Red Lens Colored duffused1) SLI-325URT31W Colored clear
1) Colored diffused 2) Colored transparent Note : This product is only available on tape.

Red Parameter Symbol SLI-325URT31W SLI-325URCT31W Orange 260°C 5seconds maximum Yellow SLI-325YYT31W SLI-325YCT31W Unit

Power dissipation Forward current Peak forward current Reverse voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Soldering temperature

Forward voltage Reverse current Peak wavelength Spectral line half width Viewing angle

Note : 1. Measured IF=20mA 2. The specification is subject to be without notice. We would like you to refer to the latest specification in use.

Fig.6 Ratio maximum tolerable peak vs. pulse duration
Fig.7 Maximum forward current vs. ambient temperature (Derating)


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W154A4SUEPBGVGC : Material: Ingaalp , Ingan , Ingan , Wavelength: 630nm/470nm/525nm. lLOW POWER CONSUMPTION. lLONG LIFE-SOLID STATE RELIAILITY. The Hyper Red source color devices are made with DH InGaAlP on GaAs substrate Light Emitting Diode. SiC Light Emitting Diode. The Blue source color devices are made with InGaN on The Green source color devices are made with InGaN on SiC Light Emitting Diode. Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters.

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NHD-C12832A1Z-FSB-FBW-3V3 : Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic; LCD COG GRAPH 128X32 BLUE BKLT. s: Display Type: FSTN - Film Super-Twisted Nematic ; Display Mode: Transflective ; Backlight: LED - Blue ; Dot Size: 0.23mm W x 0.23mm H ; Viewing Area: 36mm L x 12mm W ; Dot Pixels: 128 x 32 ; Dot Pitch: 0.23mm x 0.23mm ; Interface: SPI ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status:.

LTP-3786E : 14-Segment, Alphanumeric Orange-Red 18-DIP 2 digit 0.54" (13.72mm) Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric; LED ALPHNUM.54" 2DGT RED-ORNG CA. s: Display Type: 14-Segment, Alphanumeric ; Color: Orange-Red ; Package / Case: 18-DIP ; Number of Digits/Alpha: 2 ; Size / Dimension: 0.833" x 0.99" (21.15mm x 25.12mm) ; Common Pin: Common Anode ; Digit/Alpha.

BL-22C1-0141 : LEDs - >75mA, High Brightness, Power Green; LED ARRAY GREEN .56 X .56 SMD. s: Color: Green ; Package / Case: 0.56" L x 0.56" W x 0.1" H (14.1mm x 14.1mm x 2.54mm) ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

LNJ806R58RX : LEDs -; LED ORANGE S-J TYPE 0805. s: Color: Orange ; Lens Style/Size: Rectangle with Flat Top, 1.7mm x 1.25mm ; Millicandela Rating: 5mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.9V ; Wavelength - Dominant: - ; Wavelength - Peak: 620nm ; Current - Test: 10mA ; Viewing Angle: - ; Lens Type: Diffused, Tinted ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case:.

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