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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Step-down
DescriptionStep-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
CompanyRicoh Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: TPS61070, TPS61071, TPS61071-Q1, TPS61072, UCC28700
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R1221N15AC Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
R1221N15AD Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
R1221N15AE Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
R1221N15AF Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
R1221N15AG Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector
R1221N15AH Step-down DC/DC Converter With Voltage Detector

R1110N531BTL : Low Noise 150mA L.D.O. Regulator. Output Voltage 5.3V. H Active Type. Taping Specification TL

R1120N381B-TL : Low Noise 150mA LDO Regulator. Output Voltage 3.8V. H Active Type. Taping Specification TL.

RQ5RW26BB : Small Package Voltage Regulator

R1190H038D-T1-F : 2 V FIXED POSITIVE REGULATOR, PDSO5 Specifications: Regulator Type: Standard ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed ; Package Type: SOT89, Other, LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, SOT-89, 5 PIN ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 1.97 to 2.03 volts ; IOUT: 0.6000 amps ; VIN: 3.5 to 16 volts

R1225N322J-TR-FA : 0.05 A SWITCHING CONTROLLER, 360 kHz SWITCHING FREQ-MAX, PDSO6 Specifications: Configuration / Function: SINGLE ; Package Type: SOT23, Other, SOT-23, 6 PIN ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; IOUT: 0.0500 amps ; VIN: 8 volts ; fsw: 360 kHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)

R5323Z013B-TR-F : DUAL OUTPUT, FIXED POSITIVE LDO REGULATOR, PBGA6 Specifications: Regulator Type: Low Dropout ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed ; Package Type: Other, LEAD FREE, CSP-6 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 2.74 to 2.86 volts ; IOUT: 0.1500 amps ; VIN: 2 to 6 volts ; Dropout Voltage: 0.3500 volts

RP153L038A-E2 : DUAL OUTPUT, FIXED POSITIVE LDO REGULATOR, PDSO8 Specifications: Regulator Type: Low Dropout ; Output Polarity: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed ; Package Type: Other, 1.20 X 1.60 MM, DFN-8 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Output Voltage: 2.72 to 2.88 volts ; IOUT: 0.1800 amps ; VIN: 1.4 to 5.25 volts ; Dropout Voltage: 0.3500 volts

RP400K341C-TR : 0.8 A SWITCHING REGULATOR, 805 kHz SWITCHING FREQ-MAX, DSO6 Specifications: Configuration / Function: Boost ; Package Type: Other, 1.80 X 2 MM, LEAD FREE, DFN-6 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; IOUT: 0.8000 amps ; VIN: 1.5 volts ; fsw: 805 kHz ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)

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130MT080KB : Three Phase Bridge Mt.kb Series Power Modules. Package fully compatible with the industry standard INT-A-pak power modules series High thermal conductivity package, electrically insulated case Outstanding number of power encapsulated components Excellent power volume ratio, outline for easy connections to power transistor and IGBT modules 4000 VRMS isolating voltage UL E78996 approved A range of extremely.

CS51221EDR16 : Off-Line Controllers. Enhanced Voltage Mode PWM Controller, Package: Soic, Pins=16.

ILC5061AM28 : Voltage Detector (2.8V). Power Supply reset Monitor with 1% Precision All-CMOS design or SC70 package ▒1% precision in Reset Detection Only 2mA of sink current capability Built-in hysteresis 5% of detection voltage Voltage options of and 4.6V fit most supervisory applications Open-Drain Reset Output All-CMOS Monitor circuits in either or SC70 package offer the best performance.

LT1585A-3.3 : 3.3V. LT1585A-3.3, 5A Low Dropout Fast Response Positive Regulator, Fixed 3.3V.

MAX1818EUAT_ : 500ma Low-dropout Linear Regulator in Sot23. The MAX1818 low-dropout linear regulator operates from to +5.5V supply and delivers a guaranteed 500mA load current with low 120mV dropout. The high-accuracy (▒1%) output voltage is preset at an internally trimmed voltage (see Selector Guide) or can be adjusted from to 5.0V with an external resistive divider. An internal PMOS pass transistor allows.

MAX1947 : Low Input/output Voltage Step-up DC-DC Converter With Reset-bar The MAX1947 is a Compact, High-efficiency, Step-up DCDC Converter That Regulates Output Voltages From 1.8V to 3.3V to Power ÁP/DSP Cores, Memory, And I/o Rails in 1- And 2-cell Alkaline/nimh/nicd Battery-powered Systems. It an Internal 800mA Switch And Synchronous Rectifier to Achieve up to 94% Efficiency.

MC7918 : 3-Terminal 1A Negative Voltage Regulator. Output Current in Excess of 1A Output Voltages of and 24V Internal Thermal Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Output Transistor Safe Operating Area Compensation The MC79XXA/ LM79XX series of three terminal negative regulators are available in TO-220 package and with several fixed output voltages, making them useful in a wide range of applications.

PT6313 : Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters. 2 AMP ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE STEP-DOWN INTEGRATED SWITCHING REGULATOR 87% Efficiency Adjustable Output Voltage Internal Short Circuit Protection Over-T emperature Protection On/Off Control (Ground Off) Small SIP Footprint Wide Input Range The PT6310 series is a HighPerformance 2 Amp, 12-Pin SIP (Single In-line Package) Integrated Switching Regulator (ISR).

SI-8120JF : Lead Insertion Type Switching Regulator. Compact full-mold package (equivalent to TO220) Output current: 1.5 A High efficiency: to 91% Requires only 4 external components Phase correction and output voltage adjustment performed internally Choke coil size can be reduced through the employment of high frequency (125 kHz) design Built-in foldback overcurrent protection, thermal protection circuits.

TPS61005 : Single-and Dual-cell Boost Converter With Start-up Into Full Load. TPS61006, TPS61007 SINGLE-AND DUAL-CELL BOOST CONVERTER WITH START-UP INTO FULL LOAD Start Up Into a Full Load With Supply Voltages as Low 0.9 V Over Full Temperature Range Minimum 100-mA Output Current From 0.8-V Supply Voltage, 250 mA From 1.8 V High Power Conversion Efficiency, to 90% Power-Save Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low Output Currents.

UC3867DW : Soft Switching. ti UC3867, Resonant-mode Power Supply Controllers. Controls Zero Current Switched (ZCS) The UC1861-1868 family of ICs is optimized for the control of Zero Current or Zero Voltage Switched (ZVS) Switched and Zero Voltage Switched quasi-resonant converters. DifferQuasi-Resonant Converters ences between members of this device family result from the various combinations of UVLO thresholds and output options.

TPS65800 : Integrated Single-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery and Power Management IC The TPS65800 is designed to provide, in a single monolithic IC, flexible charge and system power-path management for a USB-port and AC-adapter supply; as well as multiple power supply outputs, and a number of value-added circuit options to supply an integrated solution for applications.

TL2575-05 : The TL2575 and TL2575HV greatly simplify the design of switching power supplies by conveniently providing all the active functions needed for a step-down (buck) switching regulator in an integrated circuit. Accepting a wide input voltage range of up to 60 V (HV version) and available in fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, or an adjustable-output.

A6281 : 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver With Programmable PWM Control The A6281 is a 3-channel constant current LED driver that has a wide range of output currents. The A6281 controls LED brightness with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) scheme that gives the application the capability of displaying a billion colors in an RGB cluster. The maximum current.

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