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CategoryDiscrete => IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) => Medium Voltage 600-1199 Volts
TitleMedium Voltage 600-1199 Volts
DescriptionInsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Fast-switching N-channel insulated gate bipolar power transistor in a plastic envelope. The device is intended for use in motor control, DC/DC and AC/DC converters, and in general purpose high frequency switching applications.

SYMBOL VCE IC Ptot VCEsat Eoff PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage Collector current (DC) Total power dissipation Collector-emitter on-state voltage Turn-off energy Loss MAX. UNIT mJ

Limiting values in accordance with the Absolute Maximum System (IEC 134) SYMBOL VCE VCGR VGE IC ICLM ICM Ptot Tstg Tj PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage Collector-gate voltage Gate-emitter voltage Collector current (DC) Collector current (DC) Collector Current (Clamped Inductive Load) Collector current (pulsed peak value, on-state) Total power dissipation Storage temperature Junction Temperature CONDITIONS RGE 20 k Tmb 25 C Tmb C Tj Tjmax. VCL V Tj Tjmax. Tmb 25 C MIN. - 55 MAX. UNIT C

SYMBOL Rth j-mb Rth j-a PARAMETER Junction to mounting base Junction to ambient CONDITIONS In free air TYP. 60 MAX. 1.0 UNIT K/W

Tmb 25 C unless otherwise specified SYMBOL V(BR)CES VGE(TO) ICES IECS IGES VCEsat PARAMETER Collector-emitter breakdown voltage Gate threshold voltage Zero gate voltage collector current Zero gate voltage collector current Reverse collector current Gate emitter leakage current Collector-emitter saturation voltage CONDITIONS VGE 0.25 mA VCE = VGE; 1 mA VCE 800 V; VGE 25 C VCE 800 V; VGE =125 C VCE -5 V; VGE 0 V VGE 30 V; VCE 0 V VGE 12 A VGE 24 A MIN. 800 3 TYP. MAX. UNIT nA V

Tmb 25 C unless otherwise specified SYMBOL gfe Cies Coes Cres on tr Eon td off tf Eoff on tr Eon td off tf Eoff PARAMETER Forward transconductance Input capacitance Output capacitance Feedback capacitance Turn-on delay time Turn-on rise time Turn-on Energy Loss Turn-off delay time Turn-off fall time Turn-off Energy Loss Turn-on delay time Turn-on rise time Turn-on Energy Loss Turn-off delay time Turn-off fall time Turn-off Energy Loss CONDITIONS VCE 6 A VGE 0 V; VCE = 1 MHz MIN. 3 TYP. MAX. UNIT ns mJ

12 A; VCC 500 V; VGE = 25C; Inductive Load Energy Losses include all 'tail' losses 12 A; VCC 500 V; VGE = 125C; Inductive Load Energy Losses include all 'tail' losses

Fig.1. Transient thermal impedance Z th j-mb = f(t) ; parameter D = tp/T
Fig.5. Typical on-state characteristics IC=f(VCE); parameters Tj,VGE
Fig.3. Turn-off Safe Operating Area conditions: Tj Tjmax. = 50
Fig.6. Typical transfer characteristics IC=f(VGE) ; conditions: VCE=15 V; parameter Tj


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BD329 : NPN. BD329; NPN Power Transistor. Product Supersedes data of September 1994 File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC04 1997 Mar 07 High current (max. 3 A) Low voltage (max. 20 V). APPLICATIONS Especially for battery equipped applications. NPN power transistor TO-126; SOT32 plastic package. PNP complement: BD330. PINNING PIN 2 3 emitter collector, connected to metal part of mounting surface.

DTB114EK : . F 1) Built-in bias resistors enable the configuration of an inverter circuit without connecting external input resistors (see equivalent circuit). 2) The bias resistors consist of thinfilm resistors with complete isolation to allow positive biasing of the input. They also have the advantage of almost completely eliminating parasitic effects. 3) Only.

ZXT10P12DE6TA : 12v PNP Silicon Low Saturation Switching Transistor. This new 4th generation ultra low saturation transistor utilises the Zetex matrix structure combined with advanced assembly techniques to give extremely low on state losses. This makes it ideal for high efficiency, low voltage switching applications. Low Equivalent On Resistance Extremely Low Saturation Voltage hFE characterised 10A IC=3A Continuous.

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GB155Z101MA6N : CAP,CERAMIC,100PF,50VDC,20% -TOL,20% +TOL,X7S TC CODE,-22,22% TC,0101 CASE. s: Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes.

HCGWA2W423XK183 : CAPACITOR, ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC, NON SOLID, POLARIZED, 450 V, 42000 uF, CHASSIS MOUNT. s: RoHS Compliant: Yes ; : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 42000 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 450 volts ; Leakage Current: 189000 microamps ; ESR: 10 milliohms ; Mounting Style: CHASSIS MOUNT ; Operating Temperature: -10 to 85 C (14 to 185 F).


RJH1CV5DPK-00T0 : IGBT. s: Transistor Type / Technology: IGBT. Short circuit withstand time (5 s typ.) Low collector to emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat) 1.8 V typ. (at 25 A, VGE = 25C) Built-in fast recovery diode (trr 170 ns typ.) in one package Trench gate and thin wafer technology High speed switching 165 ns typ. (at VCC 600 V, VGE = 25C, inductive load) R07DS0746EJ0300 Rev.3.00 Feb 14, 2013 Item Collector.

RN4987AFS : 80 mA, 50 V, 2 CHANNEL, NPN AND PNP, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: Complementary ; Package Type: LEAD FREE, 2-1F1D, FS6, 6 PIN.

TSD2444CXRF : 800 mA, 25 V, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: ROHS COMPLIANT PACKAGE-3.

US104N-4 : 4 A, 400 V, SCR, TO-220AB. s: VDRM: 400 volts ; VRRM: 400 volts ; IT(RMS): 4 amps ; IGT: 15 mA ; Package Type: TO-220, TO-220, 3 PIN ; Pin Count: 3.

2N5484LEADFREE : VHF BAND, Si, N-CHANNEL, RF SMALL SIGNAL, JFET, TO-92. s: Polarity: N-Channel ; V(BR)DSS: 25 volts ; PD: 310 milliwatts ; Package Type: TO-92, TO-92, 3 PIN ; Number of units in IC: 1.

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