Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MPSA56RLRP
DescriptionSmall Signal General Purpose Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Some Part number from the same manufacture ON Semiconductor
MPSA56ZL1 Small Signal General Purpose PNP
MPSA56ZL1 Small Signal General Purpose Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA62 Small Signal Darlington Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA70 Amplifier Transistor
MPSA70RLRM Amplifier Transistor Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA75 Small Signal Darlington Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA92 Small Signal High Voltage Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA92ZL1 Small Signal High Voltage PNP , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSA93 Small Signal High Voltage Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSH10 Small Signal Amplifier Npn, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSH11 NPN Silicon VHF/uhf Transistor
MPSH17 Catv Transistor, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSL51 Small Signal Amplifier Pnp, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW01 Small Signal High Current NPN A/p , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW05 One Watt Amplifier Transistors , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW13 One Watt Darlington Transistors , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW14 Small Signal Darlington Npn, Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW42 One Watt High Voltage Transistor , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3
MPSW45 Small Signal Darlington NPN , Package: TO-92 (TO-226), Pins=3

1PMT12A : Zener Transient Voltage Suppressor POWERMITE® Package

1SMB5955B : 3 Watt Plastic Surface Mount Silicon Zener Diodes

P6KE33CARL : Zener SUR40 Transient Voltage Suppressor Clipper 100V, Package: Axial Lead, Pins=2

NCV7513_07 : Flexmos Hex Low−side Mosfet Pre−driver

MC100EL15DR2G : 5 V TTL to Differential PECL and Differential PECL to TTL Translator

MPSA92G : Transistors Bipolar (BJT) 500mA 300V PNP Specifications: Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor ; Product Category: Transistors Bipolar (BJT) ; RoHS:  Details ; Transistor Polarity: PNP ; Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max: 300 V ; Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO: 5 V ; Maximum DC Collector Current: 0.5 A ; DC Collector/Base Gain hfe Min: 25 at 1

SCH2825-TL-E : Fet - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 1.6A 30V 600mW Surface Mount; MOSFET N-CH/DIODE SCHOTTKY SCH6 Specifications: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide ; Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 30V ; Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25 C: 1.6A ; Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs: 180 mOhm @ 800mA, 10V ; Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds: 88pF @ 10V ; Power - Max: 600mW ; Packaging:

NCP5106ADR2G AVAILABLE IN MULTISIM BLUE : Gate Drivers HIGH VOLT MOSFET DR LO MOSFET IGBT DRVR ON Semiconductor NCP5106 and NCP5109 High Voltage Side Drivers provide two outputs for direct drive of two N-channel power MOSFETs or Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) arranged in a half-bridge configuration. These high voltage, High Side and Low Side Drivers feature a dV/dt immunity of

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