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Description512k X 8 Bit Static Random Access Memory
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The a 4,194,304 bit static random access memory organized as 524,288 words of 8 bits. Static design eliminates the need for external clocks or timing strobes, while CMOS circuitry reduces power consumption and provides for greater reliability. The MCM6246 is equipped with chip enable (E) and output enable (G) pins, allowing for greater system flexibility and eliminating bus contention problems. Either input, when high, will force the outputs into high impedance. The MCM6246 is available a 400 mil, 36­lead surface­mount SOJ package. Single ± 10% Power Supply Fast Access Time: 17/20/25/35 ns Equal Address and Chip Enable Access Time All Inputs and Outputs are TTL Compatible Three­State Outputs Power Operation: 205/200/185/170 mA Maximum, Active AC

A. Address Inputs W. Write Enable G. Output Enable E. Chip Enable DQ. Data Input/Output NC. No Connection VCC. 5 V Power Supply VSS. Ground

Mode Not Selected Output Disabled Read Write I/O Pin High­Z Dout High­Z Cycle Read Write Current ISB1, ISB2 ICCA

Rating Power Supply Voltage Relative to VSS Voltage Relative to VSS for Any Pin Except VCC Output Current (per I/O) Power Dissipation Temperature Under Bias Ambient Temperature Symbol VCC Vin, Vout Iout PD Tbias TA Value 0.5 to VCC + 70 Unit W °C This device contains circuitry to protect the inputs against damage due to high static voltages or electric fields; however, it is advised that normal precautions be taken to avoid application of any voltage higher than maximum rated voltages to these high impedance circuits. This CMOS memory circuit has been designed to meet the dc and ac specifications shown in the tables, after thermal equilibrium has been established. The circuit in a test socket or mounted on a printed circuit board and transverse air flow of at least 500 linear feet per minute is maintained.

Storage Temperature Plastic Tstg 150 °C NOTE: Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS are exceeded. Functional operation should be restricted to RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS. Exposure to higher than recommended voltages for extended periods of time could affect device reliability.


Parameter Supply Voltage (Operating Voltage Range) Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Symbol VCC VIH VIL Min Typ 5.0 Max 5.5 VCC 0.3** 0.8 Unit V

* VIL (min) 0.5 V dc; VIL (min) V ac (pulse width 2.0 ns). VIH (max) = VCC 0.3 V dc; VIH (max) = VCC V ac (pulse width 2.0 ns).

Parameter Input Leakage Current (All Inputs, Vin 0 to VCC) Output Leakage Current (E = VIH, Vout 0 to VCC) Output Low Voltage (IOL + 8.0 mA) Output High Voltage (IOH ­ 4.0 mA) Symbol Ilkg(I) Ilkg(O) VOL VOH Min 2.4 Max Unit µA V

Parameter AC Active Supply Current (Iout = 0 mA, VCC = max) MCM6246­17: tAVAV ns MCM6246­20: tAVAV ns MCM6246­25: tAVAV ns MCM6246­35: tAVAV ns MCM6246­17: tAVAV ns MCM6246­20: tAVAV ns MCM6246­25: tAVAV ns MCM6246­35: tAVAV 35 ns Symbol ICC Min Typ Max Unit mA

AC Standby Current (VCC = max, E = VIH, No other restrictions on other inputs)
CMOS Standby Current (E VCC 0.2 V, Vin VSS V or VCC 0.2 V) (VCC = max, = 0 MHz)
CAPACITANCE = 1.0 MHz, = 25°C, Periodically Sampled Rather Than 100% Tested)

Parameter Input Capacitance Input/Output Capacitance All Inputs Except Clocks and DQs W DQ Symbol Cin Cck CI/O Typ 4 5 Max 6 8 Unit pF

Input Pulse Levels. 3.0 V Input Rise/Fall Time. 2 ns Input Timing Measurement Reference Level. 1.5 V Output Timing Measurement Reference Level. 1.5 V Output Load. See Figure 1

MCM6246­17 Parameter Read Cycle Time Address Access Time Enable Access Time Output Enable Access Time Output Hold from Address Change Enable Low to Output Active Output Enable Low to Output Active Enable High to Output High­Z Output Enable High to Output High­Z Power Up Time Power Down Time Symbol tAVAV tAVQV tELQV tGLQV tAXQX tELQX tGLQX tEHQZ tGHQZ tELICCH tEHICCL Min Max MCM6246­20 Min Max MCM6246­25 Min Max MCM6246­35 Min Max Unit ns Notes 2, 3

NOTES: W is high for read cycle. 2. Product sensitivities to noise require proper grounding and decoupling of power supplies as well as minimization or elimination of bus contention conditions during read and write cycles. 3. All read cycle timings are referenced from the last valid address to the first transitioning address. 4. Addresses valid prior to or coincident with E going low/E going high. 5. At any given voltage and temperature, tEHQZ max tELQX min, and tGHQZ max tGLQX min, both for a given device and from device to device. 6. Transition is measured 500 mV from steady­state voltage. 7. This parameter is sampled and not 100% tested. 8. Device is continuously selected (E VIL, G VIL).

The table of timing values shows either a minimum or a maximum limit for each parameter. Input requirements are specified from the external system point of view. Thus, address setup time is shown as a minimum since the system must supply at least that much time. On the other hand, responses from the memory are specified from the device point of view. Thus, the access time is shown as a maximum since the device never provides data later than that time.


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