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CategoryMicrocontrollers => 8 bit => M68HC08 Family
TitleM68HC08 Family
DescriptionMC68HC908GR8 Technical Data
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
DatasheetDownload MC68HC908GR8VFA datasheet
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DSP56F801 :

MC100E175FN : 9-bit Latch With Parity

MC3371 :

MC68EC040RC33A :

MCM63P631TQ4.5R : 64k X 32 Bit Pipelined Burstram Synchronous Fast Static RAM

MPC9600FA : Documentation

MPX2700A : 0 to 700 Kpa ( 0 to 100 Psi ) 40 MV Full Scale Span ( Typical )

MRF19120S : Power MRF19120, MRF19120S 1990 Mhz, 120 W, 26 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFETs

MCIMX27 : The i.MX27 (MCIMX27) Multimedia Applications Processor represents the next step in low-power, high-performance application processors. Based on an ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core, the i.MX27 processor provides the performance with low-power consumption required by modern digital devices such a

MC68HC811F1FN3 : 16-bit Device Composed of Standard On-chip Peripheral Modules Connected by an Intermodule bus. Modules Include

MRF9045NR1 : RF Power Field Effect Transistor N-channel Enhancement-mode Lateral Mosfet

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