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DescriptionTechnical Summary 8-bit Microcontroller
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The M68HC11 K-series microcontroller units (MCUs) are high-performance derivatives of the MC68HC11F1 and have several additional features. The MC68HC11K3, MC68HC11K4 and MC68HC711K4 comprise the series. These MCUs, with a nonmultiplexed expanded bus, are characterized by high speed and low power consumption. Their fully static design allows operation at frequencies from 4 MHz to dc. This document contains information concerning standard, custom-ROM, and extended-voltage devices. Standard devices include those with disabled ROM (MC68HC11K1), disabled EEPROM (MC68HC11K3), disabled ROM and EEPROM (MC68HC11K0), or EPROM replacing ROM (MC68HC711K4). Custom-ROM devices have a ROM array that is programmed at the factory to customer specifications. Extended-voltage devices are guaranteed to operate over a much greater voltage range (3.0 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc) at lower frequencies than the standard devices. Refer to the device ordering information tables for details concerning these differences.

M68HC11 CPU Power Saving STOP and WAIT Modes 768 Bytes RAM (All Saved During Standby) 24 Kbytes ROM or EPROM 640 Bytes Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) Optional Security Feature Protects Memory Contents On-Chip Memory Mapping Logic Allows Expansion to Over 1 Mbyte of Address Space PROG Mode Allows Use of Standard EPROM Programmer (27C256 Footprint) Nonmultiplexed Address and Data Buses Four Programmable Chip Selects with Clock Stretching (Expanded Modes) Enhanced 16-Bit Timer with Four-Stage Programmable Prescaler Three Input Capture (IC) Channels Four Output Compare (OC) Channels One Additional Channel, Selectable as Fourth IC or Fifth OC 8-Bit Pulse Accumulator Four 8-Bit or Two 16-Bit Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Timer Channels Real-Time Interrupt Circuit Computer Operating Properly (COP) Watchdog Clock Monitor Enhanced Asynchronous Nonreturn to Zero (NRZ) Serial Communications Interface (SCI) Enhanced Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Eight-Channel 8-Bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter Seven Bidirectional Input/Output (I/O) Ports (54 Pins) One Fixed Input-Only Port (8 Pins) Available in 84-Pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC), 84-Pin Windowed Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier (CLCC), and 80-Pin Quad Flat Pack (QFP)

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

Package 84-Pin PLCC Temperature + 85C CONFIG $DF $DD Description BUFFALO ROM No ROM Frequency 4 MHz 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DD No ROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 125C $DD No ROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 85C $DC No ROM, No EEPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DC No ROM, No EEPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 125C $DC No ROM, No EEPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 85C $DF OTPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DF OTPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 125C $DF OTPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz 80-Pin QFP X 14 mm) + 85C $DF $DD BUFFALO ROM No ROM 4 MHz 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DD No ROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 85C $DC No ROM, No EEPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DC No ROM, No EEPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz MC Order Number MC68HC11K0VFU3 MC68HC11K0VFU4

Table 1 Standard Device Ordering Information (Continued)

Package 84-Pin CLCC (Windowed) Temperature + 85C CONFIG $DF Description EPROM Frequency 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 105C $DF EPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz + 125C $DF EPROM 2 MHz 3 MHz 4 MHz MC Order Number MC68HC711K4MFS3 MC68HC711K4MFS4

Table 2 Extended Voltage (3.0 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc) Device Ordering Information

Package 84-Pin PLCC Temperature + 70C Description Custom ROM No ROM No ROM, No EEPROM Custom ROM, No EEPROM 80-Pin QFP + 70C Custom ROM No ROM No ROM, No EEPROM Custom ROM, No EEPROM Frequency 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz 1 MHz 3 MHz MC Order Number MC68L11K3FU1 MC68L11K3FU3


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