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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Telephone Dialer
DescriptionPulse/tone Repertory Dialer Low Power Siilicon-gate CMOS
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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MC145413P Pulse/tone Repertory Dialer Low Power Siilicon-gate CMOS
MC145416P Tone/pulse Dialler With 10-number Memory Plus 3 Emergency Numbers
MC14541BCL Programmable Timer
MC145421DW MC145421 Isdn Universal Digital Loop Transceivers ii
MC145422DW Universal Digital-loop Transceivers
MC145423 Universal Digital Loop Transceiver (UDLT-3)
MC145423DT Documentation
MC145425DW MC145421 Isdn Universal Digital Loop Transceivers ii

KMC908SR12MB : M68HC08 Family 68HC908SR12, 68HC08SR12 Technical Data

MC68HC001 : Low Power Hcmos 8-/16-/32-bit Microprocessor

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MPXAZ6115AC6U : Integrated Media Resis And hi Temp Silicon Pressure Sensor

MC33999EK/R2 : 16-output Switch with SPI and PWM Control

MCZ14467EG : Low-power CMOS Ionization Smoke Detector IC

MMA6901 : High Accuracy Low G Inertial Sensor MEMS Sensing, State Machine ASIC The MMA690xQ is a dual axis, Low g, XY, Sensor based on Freescale’s HARMEMS technology, with an embedded DSP ASIC, allowing for additional processing of the digital signals.

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CA3277E : Dual 5v Regulator With Serial Data Buffer Interface For Microcontroller Applications.

GT-64115 : System Controller For RC4640, RM523X, And VR4300 Cpus. Please contact Galileo Technology for possible updates before finalizing a design. Integrated PCI system controller for highperformance cost sensitive embedded applications. Support the following 32-bit bus CPUs: - 5 chip selects. - Programmable timing for each chip select. - Supports several types of standard memories (ROM/Flash/SRAM) and I/O. to 160MB.

H-81-4BNC : 180 Two-way Power Divider 5 - 1000 MHZ. Broadband Frequency Range Low Loss ­ Less Than 1.3 dB Max VSWR ­ 1.4:1 Max Dimensions ( ) are in mm. Unless Otherwise = ±0.015 (.xx = ±0.4) WEIGHT (APPROX.): 5.47 OUNCES 155 GRAMS * All s apply with 50 ohm source and load impedance. AMP and Connecting at a Higher Level are trademarks. s subject to change without notice. .

HC5502B : . EIA/ITU PABX SLIC with 30mA Loop Feed The Intersil SLIC incorporates many of the BORSHT functions on a single IC chip. This includes DC battery feed, a ring relay driver, supervisory and hybrid functions. This device is designed to maintain transmission performance in the presence of externally induced longitudinal currents. Using the unique Intersil.

ICS1890 : Fast Ethernet. 10 Base-t/100 Base-tx Integrated Phyceiver. The is a fully integrated physical layer device supporting 10 and 100Mb/s CSMA/CD Ethernet applications. DTE (adapter cards or motherboards), switching hub, repeater and router applications are fully supported. The ICS1890 is compliant with the ISO/IEC 8802-3 Ethernet standard for 10 and 100Mb/s operation. A Media Independent Interface allowing direct.

IH5022 : Virtual Ground Analog Switch. CT T ODU CEMEN R P Virtual Ground Analog Switch EP OB NDE 1-80 m MME ications p NO ntral A entapp ai 20 Volts Peak-to-Peak all r Up Switches Analog C Signals to The IH5009 series of analog switches were designed to fill o em Each Channel Complete - Interfaces with Most Integrated Logic Switching Speeds Less Than 0.5µs ID(OFF) Less Than 500pA.

LC72707E : FM Multiplex Receiver ic Supporting All Worldwide Standart.

MAX2840EVKIT : MAX2840EVKIT, MAX2841EVKIT Evaluation Kits For The MAX2840/MAX2841. The MAX2840/MAX2841 evaluation kits (EV kits) simplify evaluation of the MAX2840/MAX2841 power amplifiers (PAs). They enable testing of the devices' RF performance and require no additional support circuitry. The EV kits' signal inputs and outputs use SMA connectors to facilitate the connection of RF test equipment. o Easy Evaluation of the to +3.6V.

MSM6691 : DRAM Interface ic. DRAMs can be used for voice storage by connecting the MSM6691 with OKI's integrate R/W (Read/Write) ICs, the MSM6388, and the MSM6588. The MSM6691 translates the signals associated with the dedicated serial register interface of the MSM6388 and MSM6588 driver interface when used in a stand-alone mode. DRAM 1-bit configuration) 1-Mbit DRAM M511001A).

MSP50C33N : Mixed-signal Processors. Dual Programmable LPC-12 Speech Synthesizers Simultaneous LPC and PCM Waveforms 8-Bit Microprocessor with 61 instructions 32 Twelve-Bit Words and 224 Bytes of RAM to 6.5V CMOS Technology for Low Power Dissipation Direct Speaker Drive Capability Mask Selectable Internal or External Clock Internal Clock Generator that Requires No External Components Two Software-Selectable.

MT8840AE : Data Modems. = Data Over Voice Modem ;; Package Type = Pdip ;; No. Of Pins = 18.

SAT-1312 : Transformer For Adsl Modem.

SE4100L : Pointcharger GPS Receiver ic Preliminary Information. Applications Mobile phone & PDA accessories Portable navigation Personal security Security systems Asset tracking Telematics equipment The is an integrated GPS receiver designed to receive the L1 signal at 1575.42MHz. The receiver has a low IF architecture, and integrates all of the amplifier, oscillator, mixer and demodulation functions. The external.

ST3222E : 15kv Esd-protected, 3 to 5.5v, Low Power, up to 250kbps, Rs-232 Drivers And Receivers.

TC9223P : PLL Frequency Synthesizer Lsi For Communication Use.

TNETE100APCM : Broadband/Networking Components. ti TNETE100A, Thunderlan Pci Fast Ethernet Controller.

UPD17062 : 4-bit Single-chip Microcontroller Containing PLL Frequency Synthesizer And Image Display Controller.

W89C841D : 3-IN-1 100Base-TX/FX & 10Base-T Ethernet Controller , PQFP 128,LQFP 128.

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