Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC145404P
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN65C1154N
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MC145405 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5 X 3
MC145405DW Driver/receiver
MC145406 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 3 X 3
MC145406DW Driver/receiver ( Eia 232-e And Ccitt V.28 ( Formerly Rs-232-d )
MC145406N Eia-232-d/v.28 Driver/receiver
MC145406P Driver/receiver
MC145406SD Driver/receiver ( Eia 232-e And Ccitt V.28 ( Formerly Rs-232-d )
MC145407 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5v Only, 3 X 3
MC145407DW 5 Volt Only Driver/receiver
MC145408 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5 X 5
MC145408DW Driver/receiver
MC145412P Pulse/tone Repertory Dialer Low Power Siilicon-gate CMOS
MC145416P Tone/pulse Dialler With 10-number Memory Plus 3 Emergency Numbers
MC14541BCL Programmable Timer

MAC229A6FP : Triacs 8 Amperes RMS 200 Thru 800 Volts

MC10114P : Triple Line Receiver

MC74ACT648N : Octal Transceiver/register With 3-state Outputs ( Inverting )

PC68HC711G5 :

SPAKMC332CFVV20 : 32-Bit Modular Microcontroller, 20 MHZ

MW7IC18100NR1 : RF LDMOS Wideband Integrated Power Amplifiers The MW7IC18100N wideband integrated circuit is designed with on-chip matching that makes it usable from 1805 to 2050 MHz. This multi -stage structure is rated for 24 to 32 Volt operation and covers all typical cellular base station modulations includ

PPC5602CEVLU : Microcontroller

MC68HC711D3CFU1 : Technical Summary 8-bit Microcontroller

MGW20N60D : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor with Anti-parallel Diode

MPXA4250A : Integrated Pressure Sensor 20 TO 250 kPA (2.9 TO 36.3 psi) 0.2 TO 4.9 V Output

MMA5112KW : PSI5 Inertial Sensor The MMA51xxWR2 family of devices are AKLV27 and PSI5 Version 1.3 compatible overdamped Z-axis satellite accelerometers.

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