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CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN75C185
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MC145404 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 4 X 4
MC145404DW Driver/receiver
MC145405 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5 X 3
MC145405DW Driver/receiver
MC145406 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 3 X 3
MC145406DW Driver/receiver ( Eia 232-e And Ccitt V.28 ( Formerly Rs-232-d )
MC145406N Eia-232-d/v.28 Driver/receiver
MC145406P Driver/receiver
MC145406SD Driver/receiver ( Eia 232-e And Ccitt V.28 ( Formerly Rs-232-d )
MC145407 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5v Only, 3 X 3
MC145407DW 5 Volt Only Driver/receiver
MC145408 Eia-232/v.28 CMOS Driver/receiver, 5 X 5
MC145408DW Driver/receiver
MC145412P Pulse/tone Repertory Dialer Low Power Siilicon-gate CMOS
MC145416P Tone/pulse Dialler With 10-number Memory Plus 3 Emergency Numbers

56F8323 : Hybrid Controller

MC3361B : Low Power Narrowband FM if

MCM6706BJ8R : 32k X 8 Bit Static Random Access Memory

MMM5062R2 : Amplifiers->Power Amplifiers MMM5062 Technical Data Sheet: Quad-band GSM GPRS 3.5 V Power Amplifier


SN74LS398DW : Quad 2-port Register

SPAK56F807PY80 : DSP56800 DSP56F807 16-bit Digital Signal Processor

MPC8560FACT : Freescale’s leading PowerQUICC III architecture integrates two processing blocks. One block is a high-performance embedded e500 core. With 256 KB of Level 2 cache, the e500 core built on Power Architecture™ technology provides unprecedented levels of hardware and software debugging support. Th

MMA6222AEGR2 : Analog Dual Axis Micromachined Accelerometer The MMA62XXAEG series of dual axis (X and Y) silicon capacitive, micromachined accelerometers features a full digital signal processing for filtering, trim and data formatting. It has been optimized for analog output and offers an over-damped tra

MCIMX27MJP4A : I.MX27 And I.MX27L Data Sheet The i.MX27 and i.MX27L (MCIMX27/MX27L) Multimedia Applications Processors represents the next step in low-power, high-performance application processors. Unless otherwise specified, the material in this data sheet is applicable to both the i.MX27 and i.MX27

MTD3055E1 : TMOS IV N-channel Enhancement-mode Power Field Effect Transistor DPAK for Surface or Insertion Mount

TDA3301B : TV Color Processor

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