Details, datasheet, quote on part number: M5M4V4405CJ-7S
DescriptionEDO (hyper PAGE Mode) 4194304-bit(1048576-word BY 4-bit) Dynamic RAM
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Features, Applications


This is a family by 4-bit dynamic RAMS, fabricated with the high performance CMOS process,and is ideal for large-capacity memory systems where high speed, low power dissipation , and low costs are essential. The use of quadruple-layer polysilicon process combined with silicide technology and a single-transistor dynamic storage stacked capacitor cell provide high circuit density at reduced costs. Multiplexed address inputs permit both a reduction in pins and an increase in system densities. Self or extended refresh current is low enough for battery back-up application.


A0 9 RAS CAS Address OE Cycle Power dissipaaccess access tion time (max.ns) (min.ns) (typ.mW) A3 12 VCC 13

Standard 26 pin SOJ, 26 pin TSOP(II) Single 3.3V0.3V supply Low stand-by power dissipation CMOS lnput level.................................................1.8mW(Max)* CMOS lnput level................................................180W(Max) Low operating power dissipation M5M4V4405Cxx-6, -6S.....................................288.0mW (Max) M5M4V4405Cxx-7, -7S....................................252.0mW (Max) Self refresh capabiility* Self refresh current..............................................100A(max) Extended refresh capability* Extended refresh current....................................100A(max) Hyper-page mode (1024-bit random access), Read-modify- write, RAS-only refresh CAS before RAS refresh, Hidden refresh, CBR self refresh(-6S,-7S) capabilities. Early-write mode and OE and W to control output buffer impedance 1024 refresh cycles every (A0~A9) 1024refresh cycle every128ms (A0~A9)* Applicable to self refresh version (M5M4V4405Cxx-6S,-7S: option) only

Lap top personal computer,Solid state disc, Microcomputer memory, Refresh memory for CRT

Pin name A0~A9 DQ1~DQ4 RAS CAS W OE VCC VSS Function Address inputs Data inputs / outputs Row address strobe input Column address strobe input Write control input Output enable input Power supply (+3.3V) Ground (0V)

In addition to normal read, write, and read-modify-write operations the M5M4V4405CJ,TP provide, a number of other functions, e.g., Hyper Page mode, RAS-only refresh, and delayed-write. The input conditions for each are shown in Table 1.

Inputs Operation RAS Read Write (Early write) Write (Delayed write) Read-modify-write RAS-only refresh Hidden refresh CAS before RAS refresh Self refresh* Stand-by ACT NAC CAS ACT NAC ACT DNC W NAC ACT DNC NAC DNC OE ACT DNC NAC ACT DNC ACT DNC Row Column address APD DNC APD AP D APD DNC Input/Output Refresh Input OPN APD DNC OPN DNC Output VLD OPN IVD VLD OPN VLD OPN YES NO Hyper Page mode identical Remark

Note : ACT : active, NAC : nonactive, DNC : don' t care, VLD : valid, IVD : Invalid, APD : applied, OPN : open


Symbol VCC IO Pd Topr Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Input voltage Output voltage Output current Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Conditions With respect to VSS Ratings Unit mW C

RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS (Ta=0~70C, unless otherwise noted)

Symbol VCC VSS VIH VIL Parameter Supply voltage Supply voltage High-level input voltage, all inputs DQ1~DQ4 Low-level input voltage others Min Limits Nom 3.3 0 Max 3.6 0

Note 1 : All voltage values are with respect to VSS.

Symbol VOH VOL IOZ II ICC1 (AV) Parameter High-level output voltage Low-level output voltage Off-state output current Input current Average supply current from VCC operating (Note 3,4,5) Supply current from VcC , stand-by (Note 6) Average supply current from VCC refreshing (Note 3,5) Average supply current from VCC Hyper-Page-Mode (Note 3,4,5) Average supply current from VCC, CAS before RAS refresh mode (Note 3)

RAS, CAS cycling tRC=tWC=min. M5M4V4405C-7,-7S output open RAS=CAS =VIH, output open

tRC=min. M5M4V4405C-7,-7S output open RAS cycling CAS0.2V or CAS before RAS refresh cycling VCC-0.2V W0.2V (Except for RAS falling edge) 0.2V orVCC-0.2V DQ=open tRC=125s, tRAS=tRAS min ~1s RAS=CAS0.2V output open

Average supply current from VCC Extended-Refresh cycle
Average supply current from VCC Self-Refresh cycle (Note 6)

Note 2: Current flowing into IC is positive, out is negative. 3: ICC1 (AV), ICC3 (AV), ICC4 (AV) and ICC6 (AV) are dependent on cycle rate. Maximum current is measured at the fastest cycle rate. 4: ICC1 (AV) and ICC4 (AV) are dependent on output loading. Specified values are obtained with the output open. 5: Column Addres can be changed once or less while RAS=VIL and CAS=VIH.


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