Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N6587
CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => General Purpose => NPN
DescriptionNPN Transistor: 450v, 10a
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Microsemi Corporation
2N6588 NPN Transistor: 350v, 10a
2N6589 NPN Transistor: 400v, 10a
2N6590 NPN Transistor: 450v, 10a
2N6594 PNP Transistor: 40v, 12a
2N6609 PNP Transistor: 140v, 16a
2N6648 PNP Darlington Transistor, Package : TO-3
2N6666 PNP Transistor: 40v, 8a
2N6667 PNP Transistor: 60v, 10a
2N6668 PNP Transistor: 80v, 10a
2N6671 NPN Transistor: 300v, 8a
2N6672 NPN Transistor: 350v, 8a
2N6673 NPN Transistor: 400v, 8a
2N6674 NPN Transistor: 300v, 10a
2N6675 NPN Transistor: 400v, 10a
2N6676 NPN Transistor, Package : TO-3
2N6677 NPN Transistor: 350v, 15a
2N6678 NPN Transistor, Package : TO-3
2N6686 NPN Transistor: 160v, 25a
2N6687 NPN Transistor: 180v, 25a
2N6688 NPN Transistor: 200v, 20a
2N6689 NPN Transistor, Package : TO-61

1.0KE75A : Transient Voltage Suppressor

1N1821C : Zener Voltage Regulator Diode

1N3312RB : Zener Voltage Regulator Diode, Package : DO-5

JAN1N6042A : Transient Voltage Suppressor, Package : DO-13

1N4579A-1-2 : 6.4 Volt Temperature Compensated Zener Reference Diodes

1N4621CUR : Glass Surface Mount 0.5 WATT Zeners

E21160B1EB1S : Silicon Power Rectifier Assemblies Plate Heatsink

JANTX1N4574AUR : Silicon 500 mW Zener Diodes

JANTXMSPSMCJLCE22A : 1500 WATT LOW Capacitance Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressor

MZ881 : 3 WATT Glass Zener Diodes

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