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TitleGeneral Purpose
Description6-Pin P Reset Circuit With Power-fail Comparator
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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Features, Applications

The MAX6342MAX6345 family of microprocessor (P) supervisory circuits monitors power supplies in digital systems. These devices significantly improve system reliability and accuracy compared to separate ICs or discrete components. The MAX6342MAX6345 provide factory-trimmed VCC reset threshold voltages from to 4.63V and operate with supply voltages between +1V and A +1.25V threshold detector allows for a power-fail warning, for low-battery detection, or for monitoring another power supply. The MAX6342 contains an MR input and an active-low push-pull reset. The MAX6343 and MAX6344 are identical to the MAX6342 except they provide an active-low, open-drain reset and an active-high, pushpull reset, respectively. The MAX6345 provides a second reset output in place of the MR input to give it an activehigh push-pull reset and an active-low push-pull reset. All of the devices are packaged in a miniature SOT23. o Small 6-Pin SOT23 Package o Precision Factory-Set VCC Reset Thresholds Between 2.33V and 4.63V o Guaranteed RESET Valid to VCC o 100ms min Reset Pulse Width o Debounced CMOS-Compatible Manual-Reset Input o Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low-Battery Warning


Portable Computers Telecom Equipment Networking Equipment Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment Multivoltage Systems Embedded Control Systems

Note: The MAX6342MAX6345 are available with factory-set reset thresholds from to 4.63V (see Selector Guides 1, 2). Insert the letter corresponding to the desired nominal reset threshold into the blank following the part number. There a 2500 piece order increment required for the SOT package. SOT Top Marks table appears at end of data sheet.

Typical Operating Circuit appears at end of data sheet.


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VCC to +6V RESET, RESET -0.3V to (VCC + 0.3V) RESET to +6V MR, PFI, PFO..............................................-0.3V to (VCC + 0.3V) Input Current, VCC..............................................................50mA Output Current, RESET, RESET..........................................50mA Continuous Power Dissipation (TA 6-Pin SOT23 (derate 4mW/C above +70C).............320mW Operating Temperature to +125C Junction Temperature......................................................+150C Storage Temperature to +150C Lead Temperature Range (soldering, 10s)..................... +300C

Stresses beyond those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

(VCC to +125C, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are = +25C and VCC = +3V.) (Note 1) PARAMETER Supply Voltage Range SYMBOL VCC to +125C VCC to +85C VCC +85C No load VCC to +125C VCC to +125C VCC = VTH to (VTH - 100mV) VCC > 1.2V, ISINK = 100A VCC > 2.7V, ISINK = 1.2mA VCC > 4.5V, ISINK = 3.2mA VCC > 1.2V, ISOURCE = 50A VCC > 2.7V, ISOURCE 500A (MAX6342/MAX6345 only) VCC > 4.5V, ISOURCE 800A (MAX6342/MAX6345 only) CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX VCC 0.8 VCC 0.8 VCC V UNITS V

VCC to Reset Delay VOL RESET and RESET Outputs Drive Capability (Note 2) VOH

(VCC to +125C, unless otherwise noted. Typical values are = +25C and VCC = +3V.) (Note 1) PARAMETER Reset Timeout Period Open-Drain RESET Output Leakage Current (Note 3) MR Input Low MR Input High MR Pull-Up Resistance MR Minimum Pulse Width MR Glitch Rejection MR to Reset Delay PFI Input Threshold PFI Leakage Current (Note 3) PFO Output Voltage PFO Output Voltage PFO Output Short-Circuit Current PFI to PFO Delay VOL VOH to +125C VCC = 4.5V, ISINK = 3.2mA VCC = 4.5V, ISOURCE = 800A Output sink current Output source current VOVERDRIVE 15mV 0.8 VCC SYMBOL tRP ILKG VIL VIH 0.7 VCC CONDITIONS +125C MAX6343 only, VCC > VTH(MAX) MIN 100 80 TYP 180 MAX VCC UNITS mA s

Note 1: Overtemperature limits are guaranteed by design and not production tested. Note 2: Apply to each part in accordance with threshold voltage, output configuration, and manual reset status selected. Note 3: Leakage parameters are guaranteed by design and not production tested.

VCC 5V 25 SUPPLY CURRENT (A) VCC 15 10 VCC 1V 1sec/div TEMPERATURE (C) VCC 2.5V 1V/div RESET 0 RESET 1V/div


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