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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Filters
DescriptionLow Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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LTC1164ACJ LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1164ACS Low Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
LTC1164ACSW LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1164AM Low Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
LTC1164AMJ LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1164C Low Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
LTC1164CJ LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1164CS Low Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
LTC1164CSW LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1164M Low Power, Low Noise, Quad Universal Filter Building Block
LTC1164MJ LTC1164-5, 8th Order, 20kHz, Butterworth or Bessel, Low Pass Filter
LTC1165 LTC1165, Triple 1.8V to 6V High-side MOSFET Drivers
LTC1165C Triple 1.8v to 6v High-side MOSFET Drivers
LTC1165CN8 LTC1165, Triple 1.8V to 6V High-side MOSFET Drivers
LTC1174 LTC1174, 500mA, High Efficiency Step-down And Inverting DC/DC Converter
LTC1177-12 ISOlated MOSFET Drivers
LTC1196 8-Bit, SO-8, 1MSPS ADCs With Auto-shutdown Options
LTC1196-1AC 8-bit, So-8, 1msps ADCs With Auto-shutdown Options
LTC1196-1ACS8 8-Bit, SO-8, 1MSPS ADCs With Auto-shutdown Options

LT1469IS8 : LT1469, Dual 90MHz, 22V/s 16-Bit Accurate Operational Amplifier

LTC1452IS8 : Voltage Output LTC1451, 5V, 0.5LSB Dnl, Micropower, Serial, Reference, SO-8

LTC4410 : USB Chargers LTC4410, Usb Power Manager in Thinsot

LT3652HVIDD#TRPBF : Power Tracking 2A Battery Charger The LT3652HV is a complete monolithic step-down battery charger that operates over a 4.95V to 34V input range. The LT3652HV provides a constant-current/constant-voltage charge characteristic, with maximum charge current externally programmable up to 2A. The charger

LTC3109EUF#PBF : Pmic - Power Management - Specialized Integrated Circuit (ics) Tray 6mA 30mV ~ 500mV; IC BOOST CONVERTER PMU 20QFN Specifications: Applications: Energy Harvesting ; Current - Supply: 6mA ; Voltage - Supply: 30mV ~ 500mV ; Package / Case: 20-WFQFN Exposed Pad ; Packaging: Tray ; Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 125C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

LT1490ACMS8#PBF : LT1490A, Dual Micropower Rail-to-rail Input And Output op Amp

LTC2851HS8#PBF : Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceiver Integrated Circuit (ics) Transceiver Tube 3 V ~ 3.6 V; IC TXRX RS485 20MBPS 8-SOIC Specifications: Number of Drivers/Receivers: 1/1 ; Type: Transceiver ; Voltage - Supply: 3 V ~ 3.6 V ; Package / Case: 8-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width) ; Packaging: Tube ; Protocol: RS422, RS485 ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

LT1934IDCB#TR : 0.49 A SWITCHING REGULATOR, PDSO6 Specifications: Configuration / Function: Buck ; Package Type: Other, 2 X 3 MM, 0.80 MM HEIGHT, PLASTIC, MO-229, DFN-6 ; Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; IOUT: 0.4900 amps ; VIN: 10 volts ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F)

LTC2635HUD-LMO10#TRPBF : SERIAL INPUT LOADING, 4.3 us SETTLING TIME, 10-BIT DAC, PDSO10 Specifications: Package Type: LEAD FREE, PLASTIC, MSOP-10 ; Screening Level: Commercial ; Pins: 10 ; Operating Temperature: 0.0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F)

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CS8191 : . CS8191 Precision Air-Core Tach/Speedo Driver with Short Circuit Protection The CS8191 is specifically designed for use with 4 quadrant aircore meter movements. The IC includes an input comparator for sensing input frequency such as vehicle speed or engine RPM, a charge pump for frequency to voltage conversion, a bandgap reference for stable operation.

KA293 : Dual Comparator. Single Supply Operation: to 36V Dual Supply Operation: to 18V Allow Comparison of Voltages Near Ground Potential Low Current Drain 800A Typ. Compatible with all Forms of Logic Low Input Bias Current 25nA Typ. Low Input Offset Current 5nA Typ. Low Offset Voltage 1mV Typ. The KA293 series consists of two independent voltage comparators designed to operate.

LM2903FK : Dual Differential Comparators. Single Supply or Dual Supplies Wide Range of Supply Voltage. 36 V Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage. 0.4 mA Typ Per Comparator Low Input Bias Current. 25 nA Typ Low Input Offset Current. 3 nA Typ (LM193) Low Input Offset Voltage. 2 mV Typ Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated.

LV1150 : . The is a virtual surround system Bi-CMOS IC for video soundtracks and audio. The main feature of this IC is the ability to create an audio ambience equivalent to that of a multichannel system by adding a signal to which virtual surround processing has been applied to the left and right channel input signals. It furthermore allows modification of this.

MAX294C/D : 8th-order, Lowpass, Elliptic, Switched-capacitor Filters.

MT8960 : ISO2-cmos Integrated PCM Filter Codec. ST-BUS TM compatible Transmit/Receive filters & PCM Codec in one I.C Meets AT&T D3/D4 and CCITT G711 and G712 -Law: MT8960/62/64/67 A-Law: MT8961/63/65/67 Low power consumption: Op.: 30 mW typ. Stby.: 2.5 mW typ. Digital Coding Options: MT8964/65/66/67 CCITT Code MT8960/61/62/63 Alternative Code Digitally controlled gain adjust of both filters Analog.

OP481 : Single. Ultralow Power, Rail-to-rail Output Operational Amplifiers. Low Supply Current: 4 A/Amplifier max Single-Supply Operation: 12 V Wide Input Voltage Range Rail-to-Rail Output Swing Low Offset Voltage: mV No Phase Reversal APPLICATIONS Comparator Battery Powered Instrumentation Safety Monitoring Remote Sensors Low Voltage Strain Gage Amplifiers Ultralow Power, Rail-to-Rail Output Operational Amplifiers OP181/OP281/OP481.

OPA380 : High Speed Precision Transimpedance Amplifier. > 1MHz TRANSIMPEDANCE BANDWIDTH EXCELLENT LONG-TERM VOS STABILITY BIAS CURRENT: 50pA (max) OFFSET VOLTAGE: 25V (max) INPUT CURRENT RANGE: to 1mA DRIFT: 0.1V/C (max) GAIN BANDWIDTH: 90MHz QUIESCENT CURRENT: 6.5mA SUPPLY RANGE: to 5.5V SINGLE AND DUAL VERSIONS MicroSize PACKAGE: MSOP-8 The OPA380 family of transimpedance amplifiers provides high-speed.

STR84145 : Power. Latched, Universal Input Voltage Switches. Intended for power supplies with universal inputs 265 V rms), the STR83145 and STR84145 latched, universal input-voltage switches incorporate timing, control, and drive circuitry with a high-current triac (bidirectional triode thyristor) switch. Each device senses the applied ac line potential and automatically switches the rectifier and associated.

TL051CD : ti TL051, Enhanced JFET Precision Operational Amplifier. Direct Upgrades to TL07x and TL08x BiFET Operational Amplifiers Faster Slew Rate (20 V/s Typ) Without Increased Power Consumption On-Chip Offset-Voltage Trimming for Improved DC Performance and Precision Grades Are Available (1.5 mV, TL051A) The TL05x series of JFET-input operational amplifiers offers improved dc and ac characteristics over the TL07x.

TS487-1 : 100mw Stereo Headphone Amplifier With Standby Mode. 100mW STEREO HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER WITH STANDBY MODE s OPERATING FROM 5.5V s STANDBY MODE ACTIVE LOW or s OUTPUT POWER: @5V, 38mW HIGH (TS487) @3.3V into 16 with 0.1% THD+N max (1kHz) PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) s LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION: 2.5mA max s High Signal-to-Noise ratio: 5V s High Crosstalk immunity: (F=1kHz) s PSRR: dB (F=1kHz), inputs grounded.

X2N4338-41 : N-channel JFET Low Noise Amplifier. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA = 25oC unless otherwise noted) Gate-Source or Gate-Drain Voltage. -50V Gate Current. 50mA Storage Temperature Range. to +200oC Operating Temperature Range. to +175oC Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10sec). +300oC Power Dissipation. 300mW Derate above 2.0mW/ oC NOTE: Stresses above those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings".

X9429 : Single 64 Tap Xdcp, Low Power Two-wire Interface, Single Supply. Single Voltage Potentiometer 64 Resistor Taps 2-wire Serial Interface for write, read, and transfer operations of the potentiometer Wiper Resistance, 150 Typical at 5V Non-Volatile Storage of Multiple Wiper Positions Power On Recall. Loads Saved Wiper Position on Power Up. Standby Current < 5A Max VCC to 5.5V Operation 2.5K, 10K Total Pot Resistance.

MAX4991 : Low RON, Dual-SPDT/Single-DPDT Analog Switches With Slow Turn-On Time he MAX4991MAX4994 low on-resistance analog switches operate from a single +1.8V to +5.5V supply. The MAX4991/MAX4993 feature a slow turn-on time to reduce clicks and pops due to coupling capacitors and audio amplifiers with a DC output bias. This feature provides click-and-pop reduction.

ISL28217 : 40V Precision Low Power Operational Amplifiers The ISL28117 and ISL28217 are a family of very high precision amplifiers featuring very low noise, low offset voltage, low IBIAS current and low temperature drift making them the ideal choice for applications requiring both high DC accuracy and AC performance. The combination of precision, low noise, and small.

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