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DescriptionHigh Efficiency Step-down Switching Regulator Controllers
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: LM5021, TL2842, TL2842B, TL2843, TL2843B, TL2844, TL2845, TL2845B, TL3842, TL3842B
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Features, Applications
LTC1147-3.3 LTC1147-5/LTC1147L High Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulator Controllers

Very High Efficiency: Over 95% Possible Wide VIN Range: to 16V Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response High Efficiency Maintained Over Three Decades of Output Current Low 160µA Standby Current at Light Loads Logic Controlled Micropower Shutdown: < 20µA Short-Circuit Protection Very Low Dropout Operation: 100% Duty Cycle High Efficiency in a Small Amount of Board Space Output Can Be Externally Held High in Shutdown Available 8-Pin SO Package

The LTC®1147 series are step-down switching regulator controllers featuring automatic Burst ModeTM operation to maintain high efficiencies at low output currents. These devices drive an external P-channel power MOSFET at switching frequencies exceeding 400kHz using a constant off-time current mode architecture providing constant ripple current in the inductor. The operating current level is user-programmable via an external current sense resistor. Wide input supply range allows operation from 14V (16V maximum). Constant off-time architecture provides low dropout regulation limited by only the RDS(ON) of the external MOSFET and resistance of the inductor and current sense resistor. The LTC1147 series incorporates automatic power saving Burst Mode operation to reduce switching losses when load currents drop below the level required for continuous operation. Standby power is reduced to only 2mW at VIN = 10V (at IOUT = 0). Load currents in Burst Mode operation are typically to 300mA. For applications where even higher efficiency is required, refer to the LTC1148 data sheet and Application Note 54.

, LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. Burst Mode is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. *LTC1147L and LTC1147L-3.3 only.

Notebook and Palmtop Computers Portable Instruments Battery-Operated Digital Devices Cellular Telephones DC Power Distribution Systems GPS Systems

Operating Ambient Temperature Range to 85°C Extended Commercial Temperature Range (Note to 85°C Junction Temperature (Note 1)............................ 125°C Storage Temperature Range................ to 150°C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec)................. 300°C

Input Supply Voltage (Pin ­ 0.3V Continuous Output Current (Pin 8)...................... 50mA Sense Voltages (Pins 4, 5) VIN ­ 0.3V VIN < 12.7V............................... (VIN ­ 0.3V


SYMBOL V6 I6 VOUT PARAMETER Feedback Voltage (LTC1147L) Feedback Current (LTC1147L) Regulated Output Voltage LTC1147L-3.3 LTC1147-5 Output Voltage Line Regulation Output Voltage Load Regulation LTC1147L-3.3 LTC1147-5 Burst Mode Output Ripple IQ Input DC Supply Current (Note 2) LTC1147 Series Normal Mode Sleep Mode Sleep Mode (LTC1147-5) Shutdown LTC1147L Series Normal Mode Sleep Mode Shutdown (LTC1147L-3.3)

CONDITIONS VIN = 9V VIN = 9V ILOAD = 700mA ILOAD = 700mA VIN to 12V, ILOAD 5mA < ILOAD 5mA < ILOAD < 2A ILOAD = 0A (Note 4V < VIN 4V < VIN 5V < VIN < 12V VSHDN 4V < VIN 3.5V < VIN 3.5V < VIN < 12V VSHDN 3.5V < VIN < 12V

SYMBOL V 4 PARAMETER Current Sense Threshold Voltage (Note I6 I2 tOFF tr, tf SHDN Pin Threshold LTC1147-3.3/LTC1147-5/LTC1147L-3.3 SHDN Pin Input Current LTC1147-3.3/LTC1147-5/LTC1147L-3.3 CT Pin Discharge Current Off-Time (Note 3) Driver Output Transition Times

CONDITIONS VSENSE­ = VOUT + 100mV (Forced) VSENSE­ = VOUT ­ 100mV (Forced) VSENSE­ = VOUT + 100mV (Forced) VSENSE­ = VOUT ­ 100mV (Forced) VSENSE­ + 25mV (Forced) VSENSE­ ­ 25mV (Forced)

SYMBOL V6 VOUT PARAMETER Feedback Voltage (LTC1147L) Regulated Output Voltage LTC1147-3.3/LTC1147L-3.3 LTC1147-5 Input DC Supply Current (Note 2) LTC1147 Series Normal Mode Sleep Mode Sleep Mode (LTC1147-5) Shutdown LTC1147L Series Normal Mode Sleep Mode Shutdown (LTC1147L-3.3) Current Sense Threshold Voltage (Note LTC1147L V6 tOFF SHDN Pin Threshold LTC1147-3.3/LTC1147-5/LTC1147L-3.3 Off-Time (Note 3) CONDITIONS VIN = 9V VIN = 9V ILOAD = 700mA ILOAD = 700mA (Note 4V < VIN 4V < VIN 5V < VIN < 12V VSHDN 4V < VIN 3.5V < VIN 3.5V < VIN < 12V VSHDN 3.5V < VIN < 12V VSENSE ­ = VOUT + 100mV (Forced) VSENSE ­ = VOUT ­ 100mV (Forced) VSENSE ­ = VOUT + 100mV (Forced) VSENSE ­ = VOUT ­ 100mV (Forced) VSENSE­ + 25mV (Forced) VSENSE­ ­ 25mV (Forced) 0V < VSHDN < 8V, VIN = 390pF, ILOAD V µs

The q denotes specifications which apply over the full specified temperature range. Note TJ is calculated from the ambient temperature TA and power dissipation PD according to the following formulas: + (PD)(150°C/W) Note 2: Dynamic supply current is higher due to the gate charge being delivered at the switching frequency. See Applications Information.

Note 3: In applications where RSENSE is placed at ground potential, the offtime increases approximately 40%. Note 4: The LTC1147C is guaranteed to meet specified performance from to 70°C and is designed, characterized and expected to meet these extended temperature limits, but is not tested ­ 40°C and 85°C. The LTC1147I is guaranteed to meet the extended temperature limits. Note 5: The LTC1147L/LTC1147L-3.3 allow operation to VIN = 3.5V. Note 6: The LTC1147L is tested with external feedback resistors resulting in a nominal output voltage of 2.5V.


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