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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
DescriptionLow-Voltage, Single And Dual Supply, Quad Spst, High Performance Analog Switches
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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Features, Applications

Low-Voltage, Single and Dual Supply, Quad SPST, High Performance Analog Switches

The Intersil ISL43143­ISL43145 devices are CMOS, precision, quad SPST analog switches designed to operate from a single to +12V supply or from to ±6V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from the devices' low power consumption (<1µW), low leakage currents (5nA max), and fast switching speeds (tON = 52ns, tOFF A 5 maximum RON flatness ensures signal fidelity, while channel-to-channel mismatch is guaranteed to be less than 2. The ISL43143/ISL43144/ISL43145 are quad single-pole/ single-throw (SPST) devices. The ISL43143 has four normally closed (NC) switches; the ISL43144 has four normally open (NO) switches; the ISL43145 has two NO and two NC switches and can be used as a dual SPDT, or a dual 2:1 multiplexer. Table 1 summarizes the performance of this family.

TABLE 1. FEATURES AT A GLANCE ISL43143 Number of Switches Configuration ±4.5V RON ±4.5V tON/tOFF 10.8V RON 10.8V tON/tOFF 4.5V RON 4.5V tON/tOFF 3V RON 3V tON/tOFF Packages 4 All ISL43144 4 All 51 120ns/50ns


Fully Specified for 10% Tolerances = ±5V and 12V, 5V and 3.3V Four Separately Controlled SPST Switches Pin Compatible with DG411/DG412/DG413 ON Resistance (RON Max.). 25 RON Matching Between Channels. <1 Low Power Consumption (PD).<1µW Low Off Leakage Current (Max 85oC). 2.5nA Fast Switching Action - tON. 52ns - tOFF. 40ns Minimum 2000V ESD Protection per Method 3015.7 TTL, CMOS Compatible


Battery Powered, Handheld, and Portable Equipment - Barcode Scanners - Laptops, Notebooks, Palmtops Communications Systems - Radios - XDSL and PBX / PABX - RF "Tee" Switches - Base Stations Test Equipment - Medical Ultrasound - Electrocardiograph - ATE Audio and Video Switching General Purpose Circuits - +3V/+5V DACs and ADCs - Digital Filters - Operational Amplifier Gain Switching Networks - High Frequency Analog Switching - High Speed Multiplexing

Technical Brief TB363 "Guidelines for Handling and Processing Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Devices (SMDs)" AN557 "Recommended Test Procedures for Analog Switches"

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is a registered trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright © Intersil Americas Inc. 2003. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

PART NO. (BRAND) (NOTE ISL43144IV ISL43144IR FUNCTION Positive Power Supply Input Negative Power Supply Input. Connect to GND for Single Supply Configurations. Ground Connection Digital Control Input Analog Switch Common Pin Analog Switch Normally Open Pin Analog Switch Normally Closed Pin No Internal Connection ISL43145IV ISL43145IR NOTE: 2. Most surface mount devices are available on tape and reel; add "-T" to suffix. TEMP. RANGE (oC) to 85


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0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z