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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
DescriptionLow-Voltage, Single Supply, Dual Spst, SPDT Analog Switches
CompanyIntersil Corporation
DatasheetDownload ISL43122IH-T datasheet
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Features, Applications

Low-Voltage, Single Supply, Dual SPST, SPDT Analog Switches

The Intersil ISL43121, ISL43122 and ISL43210 devices are precision, bidirectional, dual analog switches designed to operate from a single to +12V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from the devices' low power consumption (5W), low leakage currents (100pA max), and fast switching speeds (tON = 28ns, tOFF = 20ns). Cell phones, for example, often face ASIC functionality limitations. The number of analog input or GPIO pins may be limited and digital geometries are not well suited to analog switch performance. This family of parts may be used to "mux-in" additional functionality while reducing ASIC design risk. Some of the smallest packages are available, alleviating board space limitations, and making Intersil's newest line of low-voltage switches an ideal solution. The ISL43121, ISL43122 are dual singlepole/single-throw (SPST) devices. The ISL43120 has two normally open (NO) switches; the ISL43121 has two normally closed (NC) switches; the ISL43122 has one NO and one NC switch and can be used as an SPDT. The is a committed SPDT, which is perfect for use in 2-to-1 multiplexer applications.

TABLE 1. FEATURES AT A GLANCE ISL43121 ISL43122 Number of Switches 2 3.3V RON 3.3V tON/tOFF 5V RON 5V tON/tOFF 12V RON 12V tON/tOFF Packages NO/NO 2 NC/NC 2 NO/NC ISL43210 1 SPDT x 1 MUX Ld SOT-23


Fully specified 12V, 5V, and 3.3V supplies for 10% tolerances ON resistance (RON). 19 RON matching between channels. <1 Low charge injection. 5pC (Max) Single supply operation. to +12V Low power consumption (PD).<5W Low leakage current. 10nA Fast switching action - tON. 28ns - tOFF. 20ns Guaranteed break-before-make (ISL43122/ISL43210 only) Minimum 2000V ESD protection per method 3015.7 TTL, CMOS compatible Available in SOT-23 packaging


Battery powered, handheld, and portable equipment - Cellular/mobile phones - Pagers - Laptops, notebooks, palmtops Communications systems - Radios, ADSL Modems - PBX, PABX Test & measurement equipment - Ultrasound - Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner - Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) - Position Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner - Electrocardiograph Heads-up displays Audio and video switching

Technical Brief TB363 "Guidelines for Handling and Processing Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Devices (SMDs)" Application Note AN557 "Recommended Test Procedures for Analog Switches"

Various circuits - +3V/+5V DACs and ADCs - Sample and hold circuits - Digital filters - Operational amplifier gain switching networks - High frequency analog switching - High speed multiplexing - Integrator reset circuits

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is a registered trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. 2003. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

PART NO. (BRAND) ISL43122IH-T (122I) FUNCTION ISL43210IH-T (123I) TEMP. RANGE (oC) to 85 PACKAGE Ld SOT-23 Tape and Reel Ld SOT-23 Tape and Reel Ld SOT-23 Tape and Reel Ld SOT-23 Tape and Reel PKG. DWG. P8.064 P6.064

PIN V+ GND IN COM NO NC N.C. System Power Supply Input to +12V) Ground Connection Digital Control Input Analog Switch Common Pin Analog Switch Normally Open Pin Analog Switch Normally Closed Pin No Internal Connection

V+ to GND. -0.3 to15V Input Voltages IN (Note -0.3 to ((V+) + 0.3V) NO, NC (Note -0.3 to ((V+) + 0.3V) Output Voltages COM (Note -0.3 to ((V+) + 0.3V) Continuous Current (Any Terminal). 30mA Peak Current NO, NC, or COM (Pulsed 1ms, 10% Duty Cycle, Max). 40mA ESD Rating (Per MIL-STD-883 Method 3015).>2kV

Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 3) JA (oC/W) Ld SOT-23 Package. Ld SOT-23 Package. 215 Maximum Junction Temperature (Plastic Package). 150oC Moisture Sensitivity (See Technical Brief TB363) Other Package. Level Ld SOT-23 Package. Level 2 Maximum Storage Temperature Range. to 150oC Maximum Lead Temperature (Soldering 10s). 300oC (Lead Tips Only)

CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

NOTES: 2. Signals on NC, NO, COM, or IN exceeding V+ or GND are clamped by internal diodes. Limit forward diode current to maximum current ratings. JA is measured with the component mounted on a low effective thermal conductivity test board in free air. See Tech Brief TB379 for details.

Test Conditions: to +5.5V, GND = 0V, VINH = 2.4V, VINL = 0.8V (Note 4), Unless Otherwise Specified TEST CONDITIONS TEMP (oC) (NOTE 5) MIN TYP (NOTE 5) MAX UNITS

PARAMETER ANALOG SWITCH CHARACTERISTICS Analog Signal Range, VANALOG ON Resistance, RON Matching Between Channels, RON Flatness, RFLAT(ON) or NC OFF Leakage Current, INO(OFF) or INC(OFF) COM OFF Leakage Current, ICOM(OFF) COM ON Leakage Current, ICOM(ON) DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Turn-ON Time, tON Turn-OFF Time, tOFF Break-Before-Make Time Delay ISL43210), tD Charge Injection, Q OFF Isolation Crosstalk (Channel-to-Channel) Power Supply Rejection Ratio

Full = 4.5V, ICOM = 1.0mA, VNO or VNC = 3.5V (See Figure = 5V, ICOM = 1.0mA, VNO or VNC= = 5V, ICOM = 1.0mA, VNO or VNC = 5.5V, VCOM 1V, 4.5V, VNO or VNC 4.5V, 1V (Note = 5.5V, VCOM 4.5V, 1V, VNO or VNC 1V, 4.5V (Note = 5.5V, VCOM 4.5V, or VNO or VNC 4.5V, or Floating (Note 6) 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full

VNO or VNC = 35pF, VIN to 3V (See Figure 1) VNO or VNC = 35pF, VIN to 3V (See Figure = 35pF, VNO = VNC = 3V, VIN to 3V (See Figure = 0 (See Figure = 1MHz (See Figure = 1MHz (See Figure = 1MHz, VNO or VNC = VCOM = 0V (See Figure 7)

or NC OFF Capacitance, COFF = 1MHz, VNO or VNC = VCOM = 0V (See Figure 7) COM OFF Capacitance, CCOM(OFF)


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