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[ /Title (CA31 89) /Subject (FM IF System) /Autho r /Keywords (Harris Semiconductor, FM IF amplifier, quadrat ure detector, tuning meter output, limiter, AFC circuit, AGC circuit, muting circuit, industrial tempera-


Includes IF Amplifier, Quadrature Detector, AF Preamplifier, and Specific Circuits for AGC, AFC, Tuning Meter, Deviation-Noise Muting, and ON Channel Detector FM IF Amplifier Applications in High-Fidelity, Automotive, and Communications Receivers Exceptional Limiting Sensitivity -12V (Typ) at -3dB Point Low Distortion -0.1% (Typ) (with Double-Tuned Coil) Single-Coil Tuning Capability Improved S + N/N Ratio Externally Programmable Recovered Audio Level Provides Specific Signal for Control of Interchannel Muting (Squelch) Provides Specific Signal for Direct Drive of a Tuning Meter On Channel Step for Search Control Provides Programmable AGC Voltage for RF Amplifier Provides a Specific Circuit for Flexible Audio Output Internal Supply Voltage Regulators Externally Programmable "On" Channel Step Width, and Deviation at Which Muting Occurs


The Harris is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides all the functions of a comprehensive FM-lF system. The block diagram of the CA3189E includes a three-stage FM-lF amplifier/limiter configuration with level detectors for each stage, a doubly-balanced quadrature FM detector and an audio amplifier that features the optional use of a muting (squelch) circuit. The advanced circuit design of the IF system includes desirable deluxe features such as programmable delayed AGC for the RF tuner, an AFC drive circuit, and an output signal to drive a tuning meter and/or provide stereo switching logic. In addition, internal power-supply regulators maintain a nearly constant current drain over the voltage supply range to +16V. The CA3189E is ideal for high-fidelity operation. Distortion a CA3189E FM-lF System is primarily a function of the phase linearity characteristic of the outboard detector coil. The CA3189E has all the features of the CA3089E plus additions. See CA3189E features compared to the CA3089E in Table 1.


CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Users should follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 407-727-9207 | Copyright

DC Supply Voltage (Between Terminals 11 and 4). 16V (Between Terminals 11 and 16V DC Current (Out of Terminal 15). 2mA

Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 1) JA (oC/W) PDIP Package. 90 Maximum Junction Temperature (Plastic Package). 150oC Maximum Storage Temperature Range. to 150oC Maximum Lead Temperature (Soldering 10s). 300oC

CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

NOTE: JA is measured with the component mounted on an evaluation PC board in free air.

PARAMETER DC SPECIFICATIONS Quiescent Circuit Current DC Voltages Terminal 1 (IF Input) Terminal 2 (AC Return to Input) Terminal 3 (DC Bias to Input) Terminal 15 (RF AGC) Terminal 10 (DC Reference) DYNAMIC SPECIFICATIONS Input Limiting Voltage (-3dB Point) AM Rejection (Terminal 6) Recovered AF Voltage (Terminal 6) Total Harmonic Distortion (Note 2) Single Tuned (Terminal 6) Double Tuned (Terminal 6) Signal Plus Noise to Noise Ratio (Terminal 6) Deviation Mute Frequency RF AGC Threshold On Channel Step

No Signal Input, Non Muted No Signal Input, Non Muted

NOTE: 2. THD characteristics are essentially a function of the phase characteristics of the network connected between Terminals 8, 9, and 10.

TABLE 1. FEATURES Low Limiting Sensitivity (12V Typ) Low Distortion Single-Coil Tuning Capability Programmable Audio Level S/N Mute Deviation Mute Flexible AFC Programmable AGC Threshold and Voltage Typical S + N/N 70 dB Meter Drive Voltage Depressed at Very Low Signal Levels On-Channel Step Control Voltage CA3189E FEATURES COMPARED CA3089E CA3189E Yes CA3089E Yes No Yes No Yes No

10F 0.05F SIGNAL 0.01F INPUT VOLTAGE 51 3 AUDIO OUT 33K 150A FULL SCALE 0.33F TO PIN 33K 150A FULL SCALE 11 T (NOTE 8.2K 10 AFC 5K 7 OUT C 12 (NOTE 470 0.33F AUDIO OUT 8.2K 10F

NOTES: 6. All resistance values are in ohms. 7. T: PRI. - Q0 (unloaded) 75 (tunes with 7/ " dia. form. SEC. - Q (unloaded) 75 (tunes with on 7/32" dia. form. kQ (percent of critical coupling) 70% (Adjusted for coil voltage (VC) 150mV). 8. Above values permit proper operation of mute (squelch) circuit "E" type slugs, spacing = 0.01F for 50s deemphasis (Europe) = 0.015F for 75s deemphasis (USA). FIGURE 2. TEST CIRCUIT FOR CA3189E USING A DOUBLETUNED DETECTOR COIL

NOTES: 3. All resistance values are in ohms. 4. L tunes with 100pF (C) 10.7MHz. Q0 (unloaded) 75 (TOKO No. KACS K586HM or equivalent). = 0.01F for 50s deemphasis (Europe). = 0.015F for 75s deemphasis (USA). FIGURE 1. TEST CIRCUIT FOR CA3189E USING A SINGLETUNED DETECTOR COIL


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