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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => Multi-Ports
Description128K X 8 Dual-port RAM
CompanyIntegrated Device Technology, Inc.
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True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simultaneous reads of the same memory location High-speed access ­ Commercial: 15/20ns (max.) Low-power operation ­ IDT7009L Active: 1W (typ.) Standby: 1mW (typ.) Dual chip enables allow for depth expansion without external logic IDT7009 easily expands data bus width to 16 bits or more using the Master/Slave select when cascading more than one device

M/S = VIH for BUSY output flag on Master, M/S = VIL for BUSY input on Slave Interrupt Flag On-chip port arbitration logic Full on-chip hardware support of semaphore signaling between ports Fully asynchronous operation from either port TTL-compatible, single 5V (±10%) power supply Available a 100-pin TQFP Industrial temperature range +85°C) is available for selected speeds

NOTES: 1. BUSY is an input as a Slave (M/S = VIL) and an output when is a Master (M/S = VIH). 2. BUSY and INT are non-tri-state totem-pole outputs (push-pull).


The is a high-speed x 8 Dual-Port Static RAM. The IDT7009 is designed to be used as a stand-alone 1024K-bit Dual-Port RAM as a combination MASTER/SLAVE Dual-Port RAM for 16-bit-ormore word systems. Using the IDT MASTER/SLAVE Dual-Port RAM approach 16-bit or wider memory system applications results in fullspeed, error-free operation without the need for additional discrete logic. This device provides two independent ports with separate control, address, and I/O pins that permit independent, asynchronous access for reads or writes to any location in memory. An automatic power down feature controlled by the chip enables (CE0 and CE1) permit the on-chip circuitry of each port to enter a very low standby power mode. Fabricated using IDT's CMOS high-performance technology, these devices typically operate only1W of power. The IDT7009 is packaged a 100-pin Thin Quad Flatpack (TQFP).

NOTES: 1. All Vcc pins must be connected to power supply. 2. All GND pins must be connected to ground. 3. Package body is approximately 1.4mm. 4. This package code is used to reference the package diagram. 5. This text does not indicate orientation of the actual part marking.

Left Port CE0L, CE1L R/WL OEL - I/O7L SEML INTL BUSYL Right Port CE0R, CE1R R/WR OER - I/O7R SEMR INTR BUSYR M/S VCC GND Names Chip Enables Read/Write Enable Output Enable Address Data Input/Output Semaphore Enable Interrupt Flag Busy Flag Master or Slave Select Power Ground

Symbol VTERM(2) Rating Terminal Voltage with Respect to GND Temperature Under Bias Storage Temperature DC Output Current Commercial & Industrial to +7.0 Military to +7.0 Unit V

Symbol VCC Parameter Supply Voltage Ground Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Min. Typ. 5.0 0

NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability. 2. VTERM must not exceed Vcc + 10% for more than 25% of the cycle time or 10ns maximum, and is limited < 20mA for the period of VTERM > Vcc + 10%.

NOTES: 1. VIL > -1.5V for pulse width less than 10ns. 2. VTERM must not exceed Vcc + 10%.

Param eter (1) Inp ut Cap acitanc e Outp ut Cap acitanc e Conditions 3d V OUT 3d V Max. 9 10 Unit pF

NOTES: 1. This parameter is determined by device characterization but is not production tested. 2. 3dV represents the interpolated capacitance when the input and output signals switch from 3V or from to 0V.

NOTES: 1. Industrial Temperature: for specific speeds, packages and powers contact your sales office. 2. This is the parameter TA. This is the "instant on" case temperature.


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SN75ALS191 : Differential Line Driver. Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI Standard EIA/TIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11 Designed to Operate at 20 Mbaud or Higher TTL-and CMOS-Input Compatibility Single 5-V Supply Operation Output Short-Circuit Protection Improved Replacement for the µA9638 The is a dual, high-speed, differential line driver designed to meet ANSI Standard EIA/TIA-422-B.


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