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8/16-Bit Security Controller with enhanced instruction set for large memories 0.22 µm CMOS Technology 68-Kbytes ROM, 2304 Bytes RAM, 4-Kbytes EEPROM Dual Key Triple DES

This document contains preliminary information on a new product under development. Details are subject to change without notice. Revision History: Page Current Version 02.04 Previous Releases: 03.03

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SLE 66C44PE 8/16-Bit Security Controller with enhanced instruction set for large memories in 0.22µm CMOS Technology, 68-Kbyte ROM, 2304 Bytes RAM, 4-Kbyte EEPROM and Dual Key Triple DES Accelerator


8/16-bit microcomputer 0.22 µm CMOS technology Instruction set opcode compatible with standard SAB 8051 processor Downward compatibility to existing SLE 66CxxxP products for existing masks without using the new features Addressable memory to 16 Mbyte Additional enhanced instructions for direct physical memory access of >64kByte

Internal Clock with to 33 MHz: Programmable internal frequency (PLL x3, x4 and free running mode(s)). Adjustable internal frequency according to available power or required performance

Increased internal clock frequency for maximum performance Internal frequency is automatically adjusted to guarantee a given limited power consumption

Typically saves 90 % code space and increases execution speed 80 %

Two 16-bit Autoreload Timer Power saving sleep mode Ext. Clock freq. to 7.5 MHz for int. Clock to 33 MHz UART for handling serial interface in accordance with ISO/IEC 7816 part 3 supporting transmission protocols T=1 and T=0 Supply voltage 5.0 V Support of current consumption limits by GSM / UICC applications 1.98 V Operating Temperature range: to +85°C Storing temperature range: to +125°C ESD protection larger than 6 kV (HBM)

Dedicated, non-standard architecture with execution time 6 times faster than standard SAB 8051 processor at same external clock. (Up to 18 times faster using internal frequency PLL x 3 compared to external clock). 68 Kbytes User ROM for application programs 4 Kbytes MicroSlim-EEPROM 2Kbytes XRAM, 256 bytes internal RAM Enhanced Memory Management and Protection Unit (MMU) with application and user defined segments Dual Key Triple DES (DDES) CC EAL5+ certification according to BSI-PP-0002 planned True Random Number Generator with Firmware test function CRC Module

MicroSlim-EEPROM Typical Erase + Write time 2.9 ms Enhanced ECC module controlled by OS Reading and programming byte by byte Platform prepared for flash-like erasing of E²-segments 2 kB Flexible page mode for to 64 bytes write/erase operation 32 bytes security area (OTP) Fast personalization mode 1.0 ms Minimum of 500.000 write/erase cycles @ 25°C per page. Maximum of 16.500.000 write/erase cycles per sector Typical data retention of 10 years @ 25°C

16-bit Interrupt Module Code executions during E²-programming for faster personalization EEPROM programming voltage generated on chip


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BGB 540 E6327 : Rf Transistor (bjt) Discrete Semiconductor Product 30mA 3.5V 120mW NPN; TRANSISTOR RF ACT BIAS SOT-343 Specifications: Frequency - Transition: - ; Noise Figure (dB Typ @ f): 1.3dB ~ 2dB @ 900MHz ~ 1.8GHz ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 30mA ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: - ; Transistor Type: NPN ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 3.5V ; Gain: 16dB ~ 17.5dB ; Power - Max: 120mW

IPB65R099C6 : 650 V, 0.099 ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, TO-263AB Specifications: Polarity: N-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 650 volts ; rDS(on): 0.0990 ohms ; Package Type: TO-263, GREEN, PLASTIC, TO-263, D2PAK-3 ; Number of units in IC: 1

SAF-XE167H-96F66L : 16-BIT, FLASH, 66 MHz, RISC MICROCONTROLLER, PDSO38 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 40 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 28 ; Package Type: TSSOP, Other, 0.50 MM PITCH, GREEN, PLASTIC, TSSOP-38 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 38 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ;

SAK-XC836MT-1FRA : 8-BIT, FLASH, 25.6 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PDSO16 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 48 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 13 ; Package Type: TSSOP, Other, GREEN, PLASTIC, TSSOP-16 ; Operating Range: Auto ; Pin Count: 16 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F) ; Features: PWM

TLV493DA1B62GOKITTOBO1 : 3D MAGNETICS SENSOR 2GO KIT-TL Infineon's 3D magnetic sensor TLV493D-A1B6 offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption. Within its small 6-pin package, the sensor provides direct measurement of the x, y, and z magnetic field components, making it ideally suited for the measurement of

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728980 : 256 X 256 Time Slot Interchange Digital Switch, 5.0V. x 256 channel non-blocking switch Serial Telecom Bus Compatible (ST-BUS®) RX inputs--32 channels at 64 Kbit/s per serial line TX output--32 channels at 64 Kbit/s per serial line Three-state serial outputs Microprocessor Interface (8-bit data bus) 5V Power Supply Available in 44-pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC), 40-pin Plastic Dip (P-DIP) and 44-pin.

73K224L : . The is a highly integrated single-chip modem IC which provides the functions needed to construct a V.22bis compatible modem, capable of 2400 bit/s full-duplex operation over dial-up lines. The 73K224L offers excellent performance and a high level of functional integration in a single 28-pin DIP and 44-pin TQFP package. This device supports V.22, V.21,.

CS6702 : 200Mbps Fiber-optic Post-amplifier/quantizer. GENERAL The CS6702 postamplifier is a high-gain, widebandwidth limiting amplifier for to 200Mbps fiberoptic based communication applications. Inputs of the CS6702 are differential and AC-coupled from the transimpedance amplifier. Further, the inputs are self-biased by internal circuits and the input offset cancellation is accomplished using an external.

CXG1109EN : Receive Dual Low Noise Amplifier/mixer. The is a receive dual low noise amplifier/ mixer MMIC. This IC is designed using the Sony's GaAs J-FET process. High conversion gain: to 17dB (LNA Typ.) to 10dB (MIX Typ.) Low noise figure: = 1.5dB (LNA Typ.) to 5dB (MIX Typ.) Single 3V power supply operation Low LO input power operation PLO = ­12.5dBm Single CTL pin achieved by the built-in inverter.

CXG1134EN : High Power SPDT Switch With Logic Control. High Power SPDT Switch with Logic Control The is a high power and high Isolation SPDT switch MMIC. This IC can be used in wireless communication systems. The CXG1134EN can be operated by one CMOS control line. The Sony GaAs J-FET process is used for low insertion loss and on-chip logic circuit. Low insertion loss: 0.35dB @1.9GHz High linearity: IIP3.

DP83847 : DP83847 - DSPhyter ii - Single 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver, Package: Llp, Pin Nb=56.

HC5503PRC : Low Cost Slic For Large Telecom Switches. The is a low cost SLIC optimized for large Telecom switches. It combines a flexible voltage feed architecture with the Intersil latch-free DI bonded wafer process, to provide a low component count, carrier class solution at very low cost. The re-configurable design permits simple, economical solutions for campus-wide call center and PBX applications.

LAN83C183 : LAN83C183 10/100 MBPS TX/FX/10BT Fast Ethernet Physical Layer Device (PHY).

LYYT670-JO : Multi Topled. P-LCC-4 package color of package: white for use as optical indicator both chips can be controlled separately for backlighting, optical coupling into light pipes and lenses suitable for all SMT assembly and soldering methods available taped on reel (8 mm tape) load dump resistant acc. to DIN 40839 Gehäusebauform: P-LCC-4 Gehäusefarbe: weiß als optischer.

MAX336MJI : 16-channel/dual 8-channel, Low-leakage, CMOS Analog Multiplexers. The MAX336/MAX337 are monolithic, CMOS analog multiplexers (muxes). The MAX336 is designed to connect one of 16 inputs to a common output by control a 4-bit binary address. The dual, MAX337 is designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output by control a 3-bit binary address. Both devices can be used as either a mux or a demux. On-resistance.

MC92460ZU : HDLC. MC92460 HDLC Controller Hardware . This document contains detailed information on power considerations, DC/AC electrical characteristics, and AC timing s for the MC92460 Multichannel HDLC Controller. The following topics are addressed: Topic Section 1.1, " " Section 1.2, "Electrical and Thermal Characteristics" Section 1.2.1, "DC Electrical Characteristics" Section 1.2.2, "Thermal Characteristics".

SMDA12C-7TE : Bidirectional TVS Array For Protection of Seven Lines. The SMDAxxC-7 series of transient voltage suppressors are designed to protect components which are connected to data and transmission lines from voltage surges caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge), EFT (electrical fast transients), and lightning. TVS diodes are characterized by their high surge capability, low operating and clamping voltages, and fast.

STLC90114 : Line Card. VDSL DMT Chip Set. Adaptive frequency-domain equalization for better robustness in environment with bridgedtaps. Applicable to both ends of loop: LT and NT. Protection against 250µs duration impulsive noises thanks to Programmable Reed-Solomon Codec RS (N, K) and configurable triangular interleaver. Implements Discrete Multitone (DMT) modulation and Digital Frequency.

TDA8730 : PLL FM Demodulator For DBS Signals. Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 March 1991 Broadband IF amplifier PLL demodulator, consisting of: ­ a multiplier ­ a voltage controlled oscillator ­ a loop amplifier AGC detector and DC amplifier LOW impedance video and data output Power supply voltage stabilizer GENERAL The is a sensitive PLL demodulator for the second IF and direct.

TL16C752 : 3.3v Dual Uart With 64-byte Fifo. Pin Compatible With ST16C2550 With Additional Enhancements Supports to 3.125 Mbps Baud Rate to 2.1875 Mbps Baud Rate When Using Crystal (35 MHz Input Clock) to 3.125 Mbps Baud Rate When Using Oscillator or Clock Source (50 MHz Input Clock) 64-Byte Transmit FIFO 64-Byte Receive FIFO With Error Flags Programmable and Selectable Transmit and Receive FIFO.

TP13064BDW : POTS and Linecard Codecs. ti TP3064B, U-law, Differential Output, 1.536, 1.544, 2.048 Mhz, Enhanced Noise Reduction.

TP13067B : PCM Line Card->Codec. Monolithic Serial Interface Combined PCM Codec And Filter.

XE1030 : Certifications = Babt Approved ;; Countries = United Kingdom ;; Package = Single-in-Line, 1.6 ;; Special = Integrated Daa For United Kingdom ;; Max Rate = 33,600 BPS ;;.

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