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8/16-Bit Security Controller with enhanced instruction set for large memories 0.22 µm CMOS Technology 68-Kbytes ROM, 2304 Bytes RAM, 16-Kbytes EEPROM Dual Key Triple DES

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SLE 66C168PE 16-Bit Security Controller with enhanced instruction set for large memories in 0.22µm CMOS Technology, 68-Kbyte ROM, 2304 Bytes RAM, 16-Kbyte EEPROM, Dual Key Triple DES Accelerator


8/16-bit microcomputer 0.22 µm CMOS technology Instruction set opcode compatible with standard SAB 8051 processor Downward compatibility to existing SLE 66CxxxP products for existing masks without using the new features Addressable memory to 16 Mbyte Additional enhanced instructions for direct physical memory access of >64kByte

Internal Clock with to 33 MHz: Programmable internal frequency (PLL x3, x4 and free running mode(s)). Adjustable frequency according to available power or required performance

Increased internal clock frequency for maximum performance Internal frequency is automatically adjusted to guarantee a given limited power consumption

Typically saves 90 % code space and increases execution speed to 80

Two 16-bit Autoreload Timer Power saving sleep mode Ext. Clock freq. to 7.5 MHz for int. Clock to 33 MHz UART for handling serial interface in accordance with ISO/IEC 7816 part 3 supporting transmission protocols T=1 and T=0 Supply voltage 5.0 V Support of current consumption limits by GSM / UICC applications 1.98 V Operating Temperature range: to +85°C Storing temperature range: to +125°C ESD protection larger than 6 kV (HBM)

Dedicated, non-standard architecture with execution time 6 times faster than standard SAB 8051 processor at same external clock. (Up to 18 times faster using internal frequency PLL x 3 compared to external clock). 68 Kbytes User ROM for application programs 16 Kbytes MicroSlim-EEPROM 2 Kbytes XRAM, 256 bytes internal RAM Enhanced Memory Management and Protection Unit (MMU) with application and user defined segments Dual Key Triple DES (DDES) CC EAL5+ certification according to BSI-PP-0002 planned True Random Number Generator with Firmware test function CRC Module

MicroSlim-EEPROM Typical Erase + Write time 2.9 ms Enhanced ECC module controlled by OS Reading and programming byte by byte Platform prepared for flash-like erasing of E²-segments 2 kB Flexible page mode for to 64 bytes write/erase operation 32 bytes security area (OTP) Fast personalization mode 1.0 ms Minimum of 500.000 write/erase cycles @ 25°C per page. Maximum of 16.500.000 write/erase cycles per sector Typical data retention of 10 years @ 25°C

16-bit Interrupt Module Code executions during E²-programming for faster personalization EEPROM programming voltage generated on chip


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