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DescriptionSecurity & Chip Card Ics
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8-bit Security Controller with 17-Kbyte ROM, 256 byte RAM 2-Kbyte EEPROM and Sleep Mode

This document contains preliminary information on a new product under development. Details are subject to change without notice. Revision History: Current Version 10.01 Previous Releases: 07.99 Page

Important: Further information is confidential and on request. Please contact: Infineon Technologies AG in Munich, Germany, Security & Chip Card ICs, Tel Fax E-Mail:

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8-bit Security Controller with 17-Kbyte ROM, 256-byte RAM, 2-Kbyte EEPROM and Sleep Mode Features

8-bit microcomputer in CMOS technology Instruction set opcode compatible with standard SAB8051 processor Dedicated, non-standard architecture with execution time less than half of standard SAB 8051 processor 15-Kbyte User ROM for application programs 2-Kbyte manufacturer ROM for Chip M anagement System (CMS) 2-Kbyte EEPROM as program/data memory 256-byte RAM Power saving sleep mode Clock freq. = int. freq.: to 5 MHz to 4 MHz 10 % Contact configuration and serial interface in accordance with ISO 7816 Supply voltage range: 10 mA supply current at 5 MHz Temperature range: + 70 C. 2) ESD protection larger than 4 kV

Reading, erasing and writing byte by byte Flexible page mode for to 8 bytes write/erase operation 32 bytes security area Write time 3.5 ms, erase time 1.75 ms Frequency-adaptable programming time Minimum of 500,000 write/erase cycles 3) Data retention for minimum of ten years. EEPROM programming voltage generated on chip ROM code not visible due to implantation Low voltage sensor High voltage sensor Low-frequency sensor High-frequency protection 16 bytes security PROM, hardware protected Unique chip identification number for each chip Intelligent write/erase routines for N bytes programming < 256) Two serial interface modes according to ISO 9600 bit/s related to 3.57 MHz 9600 bit/s related to 4.91 MHz

Confidential Data Book SLE 44CxxS Instruction Set SLE44CxxS Quick Reference Qualification report Chip delivery specification for wafer with chip-layout (die size, orientation,...) Module specification containing description of package, etc. Qualification report module

HW-& SW-Tools (Emulator, Card Emulator, Simulator) Application notes

Extended frequency range to 7.5 MHz is available, see ordering information. Extended temperature range is available for certain applications, e.g. GSM, see ordering information. Values are temperature dependent for further information please refer to your Infineon Technologies Sales Office.


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KIT_XMC12_BOOT_001 : Development Boards & Kits - ARM Boot Kit for XMC1200 Series Specifications: Manufacturer: Infineon ; Product: Development Kits ; Tool Is For Evaluation Of: XMC1200 ; Core: ARM Cortex M0 ; Description/Function: Boot kit ; For Use With: XMC1200 ; Series: XMC1000 ; other name: KITXMC12BOOT001TOBO1

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AT94KSeries : RISC->RISC. Field Programmable System Level Integrated Circuit: 10k - 40k Gates of At40k Fpga With 8-bit Microcontroller And 36k Bytes of SRAM.

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CXP86540 : CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer. The CXP86540/86548/86560 are the CMOS 8-bit microcomputer integrating on a single chip an A/D converter, serial interface, timer/counter, time-base timer, on-screen display function, I2C bus interface, PWM output, remote control reception circuit, HSYNC counter, watchdog timer, 32kHz timer/counter besides the basic configurations of 8-bit CPU, ROM,.

H36A2 : 8-Bit Music Synthesizer MCU General The HT36A2 is an 8-bit High Performance Risc-like Microcontroller Specifically Designed For Music Applications. It Provides an 8-bit MCU And a 8 Channel Wavetable Synthesizer. The Program ROM is Composed of Both Program Control Codes And Wavetable Voice Codes, And CAN be Easily Programmed. The HT36A2 Has a Built-in.

HE80012M : for Speech Application. ROM Type = OTP ;; Application = Voice ;; Voice Duration = 12 Sec ;; ROM = 36KB ;; RAM = 128B ;; I/o = 16.

HT48C10 : 8-bit Microcontroller Series. Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.2V Bidirectional I/O lines with a selection 22, 32 and 56 lines One interrupt input Programmable timer/event counters with overflow interrupts and a selection of one 8-bit counter, one 8-bit and one 16-bit counters, or two 16-bit counters On-chip crystal and RC oscillator Watchdog timer Program ROM with size selection 2K14,.

P83C370 : Microcontrollers For NTSC TVS With On-screen Display (osd) And Closed Caption (cc).

PCB80C31-2A : CMOS Single-chip 8-bit Microcontrollers. The Philips is a high-performance microcontroller fabricated with Philips high-density CMOS technology. The CMOS 8XC51 is functionally compatible with the NMOS 8031/8051 microcontrollers. The Philips CMOS technology combines the high speed and density characteristics of HMOS with the low power attributes of CMOS. Philips epitaxial substrate minimizes.

S3C7335 : S3C7(KS57) Series. = S3C7335 ;; ROM(KB) = 8,16 ;; RAM Nibble = 512 ;; I/o Pins = 56 ;; Interrupt (Int/Ext) = 4/4 ;; Timer/counters = BT/WT/WDT/8T ;; Sio = Yes ;; LCD (Seg/Com) = 28/4 ;; ADC (BitxCh) = 8x4 ;; PWM(BitxCh) = - ;; Max. OSC.Freq. (MHz) = 6 ;; VDD(V) = 1.8~5.5 ;; Other = PLL Frequency Systhesizer,if Conuter ;; Package = 80QFP ;; Production.

S3P7559 : S3C7(KS57) Series. = S3P7559 ;; ROM(KB) = 32 ;; RAM Nibble = 1024 ;; I/o Pins = 55 ;; Interrupt (Int/Ext) = 4/3 ;; Timer/counters = BT/WT/WDT/8Tx2 ;; Sio = Yes ;; LCD (Seg/Com) = - ;; ADC (BitxCh) = - ;; PWM(BitxCh) = - ;; Max. OSC.Freq. (MHz) = 6 ;; VDD(V) = 1.8~5.5 ;; Other = Subsystem Clock,dtmf Generator ;; Package = 64SDIP,64QFP ;; Production Status.

ST72101 : ST7 Family. 8-BIT Microcontroller (MCU) With 4 to 8K ROM/OTP/EPROM, 256 Bytes RAM, ADC, Wgd, Timers, Spi - SO28, SDIP32.

TMP47C840F : CISC->TMP. CMOS 4-bit Microcontroller.

TMP87CK36 : CISC->TMP. CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller.

TMP88CP77F : TLCS-870/X Series. ROM Size = 48K X 8-Bit + 256 X 8-Bit ;; RAM Size = 1K X 8-Bit ;; Supply Voltage = - ;; I/o Count = 88 Pins ;; Unique = - ;; Additional Information = More Info.

UPD750006A : 4 Bit Single-chip Microcontroller. The PD750008 is one of the 75XL series 4-bit single-chip microcontrollers, which provide data processing capability equal to that an 8-bit microcontroller. The is an advanced model of the PD75008. It an enhanced CPU function and enables highspeed operation at a low voltage V. It can be substituted for the PD75008. In addition, it is best suited to applications.


HT82A832R : The HT82A832R is an 8-bit high performance RISC-like microcontroller designed for USB Phone product applications. The HT82A832R combines a 16-bit PCM ADC, USB transceiver, SIE (Serial Interface Engine), audio class processing unit, FIFO and an 8-bit MCU into a single chip. The DAC in the HT82A832R operates at a sampling rate of 48kHz/8kHz and the 16-bit.

S3C8285 : Samsung's S3C8 series of 8-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers offers a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and various mask-programmable ROM sizes. Among the major CPU are:.

HT46R064D : Enhanced A/D Type 8-Bit OTP MCU With LED Driver The Enhanced A/D MCUs are a series of 8-bit high performance, RISC architecture microcontrollers specifically designed for a wide range of applications. The usual Holtek microcontroller of low power consumption, I/O flexibility, timer functions, oscillator options, power down and wake-up functions, watchdog.

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