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Overview.14 Features.15 Logic Symbol.16 Pin Configuration.17 Pin Definitions and Functions.18 Functional Block Diagram.26 System Integration.27 Functional Description.32 B-Channel Operation.32 Non-Auto Mode (MODEB: = 01).32 Transparent Mode 1 (MODEB: MDS1, MDS0, ADM = 101).33 Transparent Mode 0 (MODEB: MDS1, MDS0, ADM = 100).33 Extended Transparent Modes 0, 1 (MODEB: = 11).33 Receive Data Flow.34 Transmit Data Flow.35 Serial Interface.36 Clock Mode 5 (Time-Slots).36 Data Encoding.38 Fully Transparent Transmission and Reception.39 Cyclic Transmission (Fully Transparent).39 Continuous Transmission (DMA Mode only).40 Receive Length Check Feature.40 Data Inversion.41 D-Channel Operation.42 Layer-2 Functions for HDLC.42 Message Transfer Modes.42 Reception of Frames.45 Transmission of Frames.49 Control Procedures.52 Activation Initiated by Exchange (LT-S).52 Activation Initiated by Terminal (TE/LT-T).52 Deactivation.53 D-Channel Access Control.54 TIC Bus D-Channel Control in TE.55 S-Bus Priority Mechanism for D-Channel.56 S-Bus D-channel Control in TEs.57 S-Bus D-Channel Control in LT-T.59 D-Channel Control in the Intelligent NT (TIC- and S-Bus).59 IOM-2 Interface Channel Switching.65


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