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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => RF
DescriptionN-channel Automatic Gain Controlled Rf-mosFET in Reverse Pinout Package Version
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: BF1105R
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Features, Applications

Operating voltage 5V Integrated stabilized bias network

ESD: Electrostatic discharge sensitive device, observe handling precaution! Class - 4000V) pin to pin Human Body Model Type BF1005R Marking MZs 1=D 2=S Pin Configuration 3=G1 4=G2 Package SOT143R

Maximum Ratings Parameter Drain-source voltage Continuous drain current Gate 1/ gate 2-source current Gate 1 (external biasing) Total power dissipation, TS 76C Storage temperature Channel temperature Symbol VDS ID Value mW C Unit V mA

Thermal Resistance Parameter Channel - soldering point1) Symbol Rthchs Value Unit K/W
1For calculation of R thJA please refer to Application Note Thermal Resistance
Note: It is not recommended to apply external DC-voltage on Gate 1 in active mode.

Electrical Characteristics Parameter DC Characteristics Drain-source breakdown voltage = 650 A, V Gate1-source breakdown voltage = 10 mA, 0 V, VDS V Gate2 source breakdown voltage mA V V(BR)DS 12 V Symbol min. Values typ. max. Unit

Gate1-source leakage current 0 V Gate 2 source leakage current

Drain current VDS 4 V Operating current (selfbiased) VDS V Gate2-source pinch-off voltage VDS 100 A

Electrical Characteristics Parameter AC Characteristics Forward transconductance VDS V Gate1 input capacitance VDS = 1 MHz Output capacitance VDS = 100 MHz Power gain (self biased) VDS = 800 MHz Noise figure (self biased) VDS = 800 MHz Gain control range VDS = 800 MHz 19 dB Cdss 2.5 pF gfs 24 mS Symbol min. Values typ. max. Unit


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