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DescriptionPassive DIP Delay Lines, Tapped
CompanyRCD Components
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RCD's passive delay line series are a lumped constant design incorporating high performance inductors and capacitors in a molded DIP package. Provides stable transmission, low TC, and excellent environmental performance (application handbook avail.). TEST CONDITIONS @25C Input test pulse shall have a pulse amplitude of 2.5V, rise time of 2nS, pulse width of 5X total delay. Delay line to be terminated <1% of its characteristic impedance. Delay time measured from 50% of input pulse 50% of output pulse on leading edge with no loads on output. Rise time measured from 90% of output pulse.

Low cost and the industry's widest range, 5-5000nS Custom circuits, delay/rise times, impedance available Military screening per MIL-PRF-83531avail Option A: low profile package height Option G: gull wing lead wires for SM applications Type P0805, P0805A DIP

RCD TYPES P0805, P0805A, RCD TYPES P1410AG, SMP1410 Impedance TR: Max Rise TD: Delay Impedance Total TR: Max Rise TD: Delay (nS) Time (nS) per Tap (nS) Values (10% ) Time (nS) per Tap (nS) Values (10% )

RCD TYPES P2420, P2420G TR: Max Rise TD: Delay Time (nS) per Tap (nS)

Total Delay Tolerance Tap Delay Tolerance Temperature Coefficient Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Distortion Operating Temp. Range Operating Freq. (BW) Attenuation

or 2nS (whichever is greater) or 0.5nS (whichever is greater) 100ppm/C Max. 1000M min. C 10% Max. to 85C, ER= 1000) 5%-10% typ 10-20% 500nS

Type P1410, P2420) Options: A= low profile, G=gullwing, AG= low profile & gullwing, to 85C, ER= to +125C (leave blank if std.) Total Delay: 100NS, 1000NS, etc. Impedance in 3-digit code: 101=100, 201=100, etc. Circuit (A, F, G) Packaging: B=Bulk , T=Tape &Reel (SMP1410 only) Termination: W= Lead-free, Q= Tin/Lead (leave blank if either is acceptable)

RCD Components Inc, 520 E.Industrial Park Dr, Manchester, NH, USA 03109 Tel: 603-669-0054 Fax: 603-669-5455

FA107A Sale of this product is in accordance with GF-061. Specifications subject to change without notice.


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