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DescriptionSingle/dual/triple E3/ds3/sts-1 Line Interface Unit
CompanyConexant Systems, Inc.
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This document contains information on a product under development. The parametric information contains target parameters that are subject to change.

The is a three-channel, E3/DS3/STS-1 fully-integrated Line Interface Unit (LIU). It is configured via external pins and does not need a microprocessor interface. Each channel has an independent equalizer on the receive side requiring no user configuration. Also, each channel has a programmable transmit pulse shaper that can be set to ensure that the cross-connect pulse mask requirement is met for transmit cable length to 450 feet. The is a dual-channel, and the is a single-channel LIU with performance identical to the CX28333. The CX28333 gives the user new economies of scale in concentrator applications where three or STS-1 channels are concentrated into a single STS-3 channel. By including three independent transceivers on a chip, significant external components are eliminated, with the exception of 1:1 coupling transformers, termination resistors, and supply bypass capacitors.

Can be used as a data transceiver over a maximum of 900 feet of Type 734/728 coaxial cable or equivalent in an on-premise environment Programmable pulse filtering to meet cross-connect pulse masks (ANSI T1.102-1993) Meets jitter specifications of Bellcore GR499, GR253, and TBR24 (with external JAT). Large input dynamic range Alarms for coding violation and loss of signal Full diagnostic loopback capability Uses a minimum of external components Compatible with ITU-T G.703, G.823 Independent power down mode per channel Easily interfaced to the DS3/E3 Framer IC (CX28342/3/4/6/8 and CN8330) Selectable B3ZS/HDB3 encoding/decoding Superior input receiver sensitivity 25 mV) Transmit monitor inputs (CX2833i-3x series only)

In this document, "i" is used to represent the number of channels: 2 (CX28332), and 3 (CX28333).

80- and 100-pin ETQFP package Single 3.3 V power supply 1 W maximum power dissipation +85 C temperature range 5 V-tolerant pins TTL digital pins


Digital Cross-Connect Systems Routers ATM Switches Channelized Line Aggregation Units Test Equipment Channel Service Units Multiplexers

TX B3ZS/HDB3 analog out NRZTX DATA and CLK in CH1 NRZRX DATA and CLK out RX B3ZS/HDB3 analog TX B3ZS/HDB3 analog out NRZTX DATA and CLK in CH2 NRZRX DATA and CLK out

NRZTX DATA and CLK in CH3 NRZRX DATA and CLK out Loss of Signal Code Violation RX B3ZS/HDB3 analog in Clock Input Control

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Model Number CX28332-3x CX28333-3x Package 80-Pin ETQFP 80-Pin ETQFP 80-Pin ETQFP 100-Pin ETQFP 100-Pin ETQFP 100-Pin ETQFP Description Single-channel LIU Dual-channel LIU Triple-channel LIU Single channel with Transmit Monitoring Dual channel with Transmit Monitoring Triple channel with Transmit Monitoring Operating Temperature

Revision A Level Date May 5, 2000 Initial Release Description


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