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DescriptionDvb-s2 Demodulator and Forward Error Correction Decoder
CompanyConexant Systems, Inc.
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Conexant's portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor solutions for broadband communications, enterprise networks, and the digital home. The CX24116 is based on an open DVB-S2 standard and offers an alternate path for service providers to use advanced modulation (8PSK) with LDPC/BCH FEC. This will realize increased satellite throughput that can be used to offer additional programming and services.

The CX24116 can demodulate and decode signals transmitted in accordance with the new DVB-S2, DVB-S and DIRECTV specifications. It has an automatic acquisition algorithm that searches and acquires the carrier within a 10 MHz range during initial acquisition and performs a smart search to reacquire under fade condition. The CX24116 has an on-chip microcontroller for fast-signal acquisition, Es/No estimation, and system monitoring. In addition, the on-chip microcontroller saves software integration time by minimizing the external driver code. The CX24116 has integrated signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and bit error rate (BER) monitors for channel-performance measurements that simplify production testing.

8PSK/H-8PSK/QPSK/BPSK DVB-S/DSS backward compatible Nonbackward-compatible mode - Symbol Rates QPSK/LDPC/BCH: 20-30 Msps 8PSK/LDPC/BCH: 10-30 Msps - Code Rates QPSK: 8PSK: Automatic acquisition 10 MHz acquisition range Internal microcontroller Serial/parallel output data intermediate frequency (IF) Integrated SNR and BER monitor DiSEqCTM 2.x compliant Power-down mode 1.2-V core voltage 3.3-V I/O voltage 100-pin exposed thin quad flat pack (ETQFP)

The CX24116 can be used in conjunction with the Conexant's CX24118 Tuner IC to create a complete satellite AMC front-end solution.

Conexant's advanced modulation front-end solution enables satellite STB providers to deliver cost-effective, digital STBs that support a wide range of consumer video services, such as transmitting additional local channels and high-definition television (HDTV) channels.

The company's broad portfolio of semiconductor products also includes client-side digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem solutions, home network processors, broadcast video encoders and decoders, digital STB components and systems solutions, and dial-up modems. In addition to its IEEE 802.11a/b/gcompliant wireless local area network (WLAN) chipsets, software,

and reference designs, Conexant offers a suite of networking components that includes solutions for applications based on HomePlug and HomePNA. Additional products include a complete line of asymmetric and symmetric DSL central office solutions, which are used by service providers worldwide to deliver broadband data, voice, and video over copper telephone lines.


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