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TitleMPEG Encoders/Codecs
DescriptionMPEG-2 Codec
CompanyConexant Systems, Inc.
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The is a low-cost, full-duplex MPEG-2 codec that integrates the functionality of several ICs in a single device

Conexant's broadband communications portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor solutions that enable the digital home and information network. The CX23415 codec is the industry's first device to integrate such features as MPEG-2 audio/video encoding and decoding, Transport stream generation, and OSD control in a single chip. The versatile, full-duplex CX23415 actually incorporates the functionality up to five different chips, allowing ConexantTM to deliver this device at a price point that will enable consumer electronics and personal computer companies to reduce dramatically the cost of designing and manufacturing their next-generation digital video products. Pre-filtering improvements in the CX23415 include built-in linear filters that dynamically change or soften images in the pre-processing stage. As a result, end-users obtain the best possible picture, even as the data rate is reduced and the recording time is lengthened. Other video quality improvements include a dramatically increased motion search range, the de-coupling of motion estimation from encoders, and an adaptive quantization scheme. To reduce the overall cost of the CX23415 and achieve the highest video quality, Conexant devoted significant engineering resources to determining the optimal balance between hardware and software implementation of these processing improvements. The CX23415 incorporates an OSD for graphics control and advanced GUI acceleration to support user interfaces and the display of advanced menus containing broadcast and service information from electronic program guides. The controller includes a BITBLT acceleration engine and deflicker filter. It supports a variety of pixel formats, including 8-bit color index and 32-bit RGBA 8:8:8:8.

High-quality real-time encoding Supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 Programmable GOP lengths Increased motion search range Reduced data rate and lengthened recording time 452-ball PBGA

Video Encoding High-quality real-time encoding (I-, B-, and P-frames) Supports MPEG-2 (MP@ML, SP@ML) and - 525/60 (NTSC) @ 30 fps - 625/50 (PAL) @ 25 fps Variable and constant bit rate to 15 Mbit/sec Programmable GOP lengths Adaptive field/frame (motion compensation type 8 DCT) Field/frame motion estimation - B-frame: ±184(V) - P-frame: ±202(V) - Half-pel accuracy to 4:2:0 conversion Speckle noise reduction Sharpness control Recursive noise reduction Inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown) Scene change detection Adaptive quantization Supports elementary, program and transport streams VBI extraction Video Decoding Supports MPEG-2 and - 525/60 (NTSC) @ 30 fps - 625/50 (PAL) @ 25 fps 144-tap horizontal up and down filter 64-tap vertical up and down filter Letterbox conversion from 4:3, 3:2 pulldown Supports elementary, Program and Transport streams Picture-in-picture (PIP) Closed captioning Audio Encoding and Decoding Dolby Digital 2-channel, 5.1-channel (decode only) MPEG-1 Layer II Sampling rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz Compressed bit rates to 448 kbit/sec Encode supports 16-bit samples Decode supports or 20-bit output (Dolby Class A) On-Screen Display (OSD) Supports a variety of pixel formats - 8-bit color index - 32-bit ARGB 8:8:8:8 Full screen or windowed Per-pixel alpha blend between OSD and video display Deflicker filter Hardware BITBLT acceleration Interfaces Video input: 4:2:2 YUV CCIR-656 Video output: 4:2:2 YUV CCIR-656 Audio input: Stereo Sony I2S Audio output: Stereo Sony I2S or SP/DIF MPEG input and output supports one of the following PCI DMA master or PCI slave 8-bit parallel program data 8-bit parallel SPI transport data 1-bit serial transport data

Two 64-Mbit SDRAMs for encode and decode Host interface supports one of the following 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI - 8-bit microcontroller General-purpose input/output with 16 programmable pins Package 452-ball PBGA

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BT445K-135 :

BT860KRF : Multiport YCRCB to Ntsc/pal/secam Digital Encoder

CX24154 : Digital Broadcast TV Decoder ic Family

RC336LD : Integrated V.90/k56flex/v.34/v.32bis Modem Device Sets for Low Power Applications

CX86202 : Network Processor with Integrated Ethernet Switch and Usb2.0 Support

CX2427X : Dual Decode HDTV Mpeg-2/h.264/vc-1 Video Decoder

SC14-E310-001 : 14.4 kbps DATA, 14.4 kbps FAX, MODEM-DATA/FAX, DMA31 Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Data Rate: 14.4 kbps ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Package Type: 64.54 X 26.54 MM, 11.95 MM HEIGHT, PACKAGE-64/31 ; Pins: 31

SC43-E310-001 : 56 kbps DATA, 14.4 kbps FAX, MODEM-DATA/FAX, DMA31 Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Data Rate: 56 kbps ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Package Type: 64.54 X 26.54 MM, 11.95 MM HEIGHT, PACKAGE-64/31 ; Pins: 31

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BH7236AF : . The BH7236AF converts analog RGB signals into color TV signals in the NTSC and PAL formats. From inputs of analog RGB signals, a composite synch signal, burst pulses and a color carrier, this IC generates a color TV signal, and can be adapted for either NTSC or PAL standards, which are selected externally. When set to PAL, chroma phase is switched for each.

CS6652 : MPEG-2 Video. 2-stream Video Decoder. The CS6652/CS6654 MPEG-2 multi-stream video decoders provide high performance solutions for applications requiring simultaneous real-time decoding and display of multiple video streams. The CS6652 and CS6654 provide to 2 and 4 MPEG-2 MP@ML or 4:2:2P@ML video elementary streams respectively. These high performance application specific cores can be configured.

DAC3560C : Stereo Audio DAC With Power Amplifiers And Power Management. Contents Page Section Title Introduction Target Systems Functional Digital Audio Interface (I2S) Clock System Control Interface Registers I2C Bus Interface SPI Bus Interface Noise Shaper and Multibit DAC Analog Low-Pass Analog Input Analog Audio Driver Output LDO Charge Pump Reference Block Temperature Overload Protection Power Management Click and Pop Suppression.

gm6010 : Digital TV Controller.

M52775FP : NTSC. Vif,Sif,video,chroma, Deflection For NTSC. VIF, SIF, VIDEO, CHROMA, DEFLECTION FOR NTSC The M52775FP is desinged to provide a solution to NTSC color television system. I C bus controlled NTSC 1 chip. It consists of various processing blocks such as video IF, sound IF, luminance, chrominance, mono-sound, OSD display, interface, H and V deflection. At each block, I2C control is possible and a total.

NJM2581 : Dual Supply Wide Band 3ch Video Amplifier. DUAL SUPPLY WIDE BAND 3ch VIDEO AMPLIFIER s GENERAL The is a dual supply voltage wide band 3ch video amplifier. It is suitable for Y, Pb, and Pr signal because frequency range is 50MHz. The NJM2581 is suitable for Set Top Box, AV amplifier, and other high quality AV systems. NJM2581D s q Operating Voltage ±5.5V q Wide frequency range at 0dB typ. q Internal.

NJM2772 : Low-voltage Headphone Amplifier For Portable-audio. s GENERAL The is a low voltage headphone amplifier for portable audio. The NJM2772 includes mute circuit, center amplifier and beep input, reduce the external parts, standby circuit and center amplifier with ON/OFF, applies to low current consumption. The mute function reduces the turn-noise at standby mode. The NJM2772 is suitable for portable MD, CD, and others.

PCM3002 : . For most current data sheet and other product information, visit 16-/20-Bit Single-Ended Analog Input /Output STEREO AUDIO CODECs MONOLITHIC 20-BIT ADC AND DAC 16-/20-BIT INPUT/OUTPUT DATA SOFTWARE CONTROL: PCM3002 HARDWARE CONTROL: PCM3003 STEREO ADC: Single-Ended Voltage Input 64 X Oversampling High Performance THD+N: ­86dB SNR:.

S1D2140B03 : Display & Video. = S1D2140B03 R/g/b Video Amplifier With Osd Interface For Monitors ;; Function = Video Pre-amp(110MHz) ;; = 3-Channel RGB Video Pre-amp,dc Control 50MHz Osd Input ;; Package = 24DIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

SM8613 : CD Laser Driver. The is a portable CD player laser diode (LD) driver IC. Conventional portable CD players use a fixed-current LD drive method, but this increases the power dissipation and limits battery life. The SM8613AV employs an intermittent LD driver duty operation to reduce the laser power dissipation, which greatly reduces the current consumption when reading.

STMP3400 : Audio Decoder With Usb Interface And Voice Record.


TDA7465 : Digitally Controlled Audio Processor With SRS Surround Sound And Voice CANceller.

TDA8177 : Sync/Deflection. Vertical Deflection Booster. POWER AMPLIFIER FLYBACK GENERATOR THERMAL PROTECTION OUTPUT CURRENT TO 3.0APP FLYBACK VOLTAGE TO 70V (on Pin 5) SUITABLE FOR DC COUPLING APPLICATION Designed for monitors and high performance TVs, the TDA8177 vertical deflection booster delivers flyback voltages to 70V. The TDA8177 operates with supplies to 35V and provides to 3APP output current to drive.

TEF6890H : Car Radio Integrated Signal Processorthe TEF6890H is a Monolithic Bimos Integrated Circuit Comprising The Stereo Decoder Function, Weak Signal Processing And Ignition Noise Blanking Facility For am And FM Combined With Input Selector And Tone/volume Control For am And FM Car Radio Applications. The Rds/rbds Demodulator Function is Included. The Device.

NB6N14S : 3.3V 1:4 AnyLevel Input to LVDS Fanout Buffer / Translator Product The NB6N14S is a differential 1:4 Clock or Data Receiver and will accept AnyLevel input signals: LVPECL, CML, LVCMOS, LVTTL, or LVDS. These signals will be translated to LVDS and four identical copies of Clock or Data will be distributed, operating up to 2.0 GHz or 2.5 Gb/s, respectively.

L5959 : Car Entertainment ICs Multifunction voltage regulator for car radio. Four outputs @ 1000mA selectable @ 100mA permanent (VSTBY) @ 800mA (VREGSW) Two protected high side driver (HSD1, HSD2) Reset function Battery voltage (under/over) warning output Load dump protection Independent thermal shutdown on all regulators and HSDs Overcurrent limitation Storage CAP output (STCAP) Small CAP required by stability of regulators.

SGM9123 : Triple, 8MHz, 3rd Order, SDTV Video Filter Drivers SGM9123 is a video buffer which integrates triple 6dB Gain rail-to-rail output driver and triple 3rd output reconstruction filter, it has 8MHz -3dB bandwidth and 44V/µs slew rate. SGM9123 provides improved image quality compared with passive LC filters and discrete drivers solution. Operating from single.

PCM2906CDBR : Stereo USB CODEC With Line Out And S/PDIF, Bus-powered The PCM2906C is Texas InstrumentsâEUR(TM) single-chip, USB, stereo audio codec with a USB-compliant full-speed protocol controller and S/PDIF. The USB protocol controller requires no software code. The PCM2906C employs SpActâ,,˘ architecture, TIâEUR(TM)s unique system that recovers the audio clock.

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