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DescriptionInteractive TV Decoder ic
CompanyConexant Systems, Inc.
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Conexant's interactive TV decoder products provide complete system solutions for the core electronics of high-performance set top boxes deployed in digital satellite, cable or terrestrial TV networks. The CX22490 and CX22496 offer an advanced, embedded 32-bit RISC CPU, an MPEG-2 audio/video decoder and 2D graphics performance. This combination enables consumer electronics manufacturers to build low-cost digital TV set top boxes to support a wide range of advanced, interactive, consumer entertainment services.

MPEG-2 A/V decoding, Dolby Digital decoding Dedicated RISC-based transport stream processor High-performance 32-bit 175 MIPS integrated CPU (ARM940T) High-performance 2D graphics rendering acceleration Multiplane video/graphics compositing and display engine High-performance unified memory controller architecture Full suite of set top peripheral I/O interface controllers

The CX22490 and CX22491 combine an MP@ML MPEG-2 video decoder, a digital audio decoder, a programmable MPEG-2/DVB/ ATSC/DSS transport stream demultiplexer, a high-speed 2D graphics rendering engine, and an advanced display compositing engine with a high-performance, embedded 32-bit 175 MIPS ARM940T RISC processor and integrated peripheral I/O ports. These secondgeneration interactive TV decoders share a common core feature set. The CX22490 adds USB and IDE multiword DMA support to the core features, while the CX22496 adds NDS CA hardware support.

The CX22490/22496's powerful 32-bit RISC processor and advanced video/graphics display controller provide a platform ideally suited to support Internet access and interactive multimedia applications. The CPU core easily handles computationally intensive host signal processing tasks for Internet applications, such as codecs for streaming audio, Internet telephony, speech and video. Additionally, the CX22490/22496 provides ample CPU processing power to support implementation of a complete, low-speed modem datapump and controller in software. An enhanced TV set top box requires more memory than a basic box for TV viewing. Conexant's interactive TV decoders feature an innovative, unified memory architecture that reduces memory costs by servicing all system requirements in a single, flexible, Entry-level interactive TV lets viewers do more than just watch programs. It upgrades the TV's user navigation interface from a simple Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to a more sophisticated application for both digital TV programming and enhanced information services. The services typically offered include local news and weather, interactive advertising and simple games.

Conexant's interactive TV decoders feature all the major subsystems required to implement the core system and decoder electronics of a digital interactive TV set top box. This includes an MPEG-2 A/V decoder (Dolby Digital audio is optional), a 32-bit RISC CPU, a 2D graphics accelerator, a video/graphics display compositing controller and a set of peripheral I/O ports for set top box front and back panel connectors. For a complete system hardware design, you only need to add a TV encoder, tuner/demodulator, modem codec, audio DAC, SDRAM and flash memory ICs.

external 4 MB SDRAM buffer. System hardware costs are further minimized by implementing analog modem return path functionality in software running on the 175 MIPS embedded ARM940T CPU. This embedded CPU offers ample resources to power a 2,400-baud software modem datapump and controller, in addition to servicing all interactive TV system requirements.

Moving beyond the entry level, many operators are offering a "walled garden" suite of truly interactive online applications accessible through the TV. They

This high level of system-on-chip integration delivers the low-cost system bill of materials sought after by mainstream digital, multichannel TV operators. At the same time, our ICs offer an advanced hardware capability for entry-level interactive or enhanced TV.

deliver services using both the digital broadcast stream and an analog telco modem, typically or V.90. Interactive applications for this class of platform include banking and shopping from home, and possibly limited Internet access and e-mail

An interactive TV decoder is a device that enables a set top box connected to a digital TV network, to deliver both digital TV programming and information services a TV set. The basic functions performed by an interactive TV decoder include identifying and filtering specific programs embedded in a compressed digital TV data stream, and

capabilities. Conexant's interactive TV decoders offer CPU and graphics performance ideally suited for such mid-range interactive TV set top boxes, in which a system can be implemented using MB of SDRAM, depending on the functionality desired. Conexant's powerful video/graphics display compositing engine supports up to six independent image planes to enable the rich visual interface required for simultaneous TV viewing and application interaction. In addition, Conexant's 2D graphics rendering engine can composite an unlimited number of graphics planes with transparency into a single displayable OSD plane.

decompressing the video and audio data associated with the selected program. This generates the TV program's picture and sound. An interactive TV decoder can also identify and filter information sent in the digital TV data stream. Data pertaining to interactive applications is processed by the interactive TV decoder's embedded CPU under OS control, and generates a graphical user interface that can be navigated using the set top box's remote control unit.

More advanced interactive systems on high-bandwidth cable networks go even further. They offer full Internet access, including Web browsing, e-mail and chat applications. Conexant's architecture scales up to satisfy the requirements of this computer-centric set top box model with a high-performance, 133 MHz, 32-bit SDRAM memory controller and a 160 MHz, 32-bit CPU providing 160 MIPS dedicated to OS and application execution.

a variety of video/graphics image scaling, filtering and blending techniques. The interactive TV decoder must also provide a return channel data communications mechanism The interactive TV decoder's graphics-controller function allows both the TV picture and application user interface graphics to be presented as a single image on the TV, using

A high-performance 2D graphics rendering engine accelerates 8/16/32bpp graphics screen updates to support multiple overlapping graphics screen surfaces. The display-compositing engine enables picture-in-graphics, flicker filtering, alpha blending and other effects. The CX22490 supports direct attachment to an IDE hard disk drive for video pause and Web-browser caching applications.

decrypt TV program and application content which has been encrypted by the service provider to protect against unauthorized access to services. Support for this kind of conditional-access system is usually implemented via smart card technology, combined with an embedded decryption circuit. to allow the application to interact with the broadcast data source. This is typically done via a telco or cable modem. Finally, the interactive TV decoder should be able to


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