Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CX20437VC
DescriptionSmart SCM Modem
CompanyConexant Systems, Inc.
Some Part number from the same manufacture Conexant Systems, Inc.
CX20441 Modem Device Set
CX20462 Crosspoint Switch
CX20463 Smart HSF Mobile Modem
CX20463LSD Smart SCM Modem
CX20464 2.5 GBPS Quad Clock
CX20468 Hsfi Pci Software Modem Device
CX20493 Smartdaa 3 Line Side Device
CX22490 Interactive TV Decoder ic
CX22496 Interactive TV Decoder ic
CX22700 Single-chip Solution For Dvb-t Systems (100-pin PQFP)
CX22702 Single-chip Solution For Dvb-t Systems
CX23415 MPEG-2 Codec
CX23416 MPEG-2 Audio/video Encoder
CX23880 Pci Video And Audio Decoder
CX24108 Digital Satellite Tuner RF ic
CX24109 Satellite Tuner RF ic
CX24110 Qpsk/bpsk Demodulator ic

BT8376KPF : Fully Integrated T1/E1 Framer And Line Interface

CX02066 :

CX02066B24 : Microcosm

CX06833 : SMXXD V.92, V.34, V.32 Data Modem Device With Discrete Daa, ROM/ram Integrated

CX25871 : Adaptive Flicker Filter Video Encoder

CX42053 :

R24BKJ :

CX24128 : Digital Satellite Dual Tuner RF IC The CX24128 is Conexant's innovative dual stream direct down-conversion satellite tuner RF IC intended for high-volume digital video, audio, and data receivers. The CX24128 offers excellent phase noise performance and very low implementation loss, required for ad

CX81801-84 : Smartv.xx Modem

BT860-BT861 : Multiport Ycrcb to NTSC / PAL / Secam Digital Video Encoder

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