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CategoryCommunication => Wireless => ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical)
DescriptionIsm Band RF ic Products, 2.4-2.5 GHZ
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Features, Applications

Vd1 8 N/C Back plane is ground and must be soldered to thermally conductive ground plane.

Features t 48% Power Added Efficiency t 31.5 dBm Output Power t Low Distortion t Low Cost SO-8 Surface Mount Package Applications t Wireless Datacom t Wireless Bar Code Scanners t Inter-Building Campus Networks


The is a power amplifier intended for use in 2.4 GHz ISM band applications such as wireless datacom equipment, wireless bar code scanners and inter-building campus networks. This flexible amplifier can be biased to support the requirements of frequency hopping or direct sequence sys-

tems. The CMM2321 is packaged in a low-cost, space efficient SO-8 power package that gives excellent electrical stability and thermal handling performance with R of less than 18 C/W. The part is designed to require minimal external circuitry for bias matching, simplifying design and keeping board space and cost to a minimum.

Parameter Rating Parameter Rating Parameter Rating
Drain Voltage (+Vd) Drain Current (Id) RF Input Power DC Gate Voltage (-Vg)
Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature Channel Temperature Soldering Temperature

* Max (+Vd) and (-Vg) under linear operation. Max potential difference across the device in RF compression (2Vd + |-Vg|) not to exceed the minimum breakdown voltage (Vbr) of +18V.

The following specifications are guaranteed at room temperature with drain voltage (+Vd) @ 2.45 GHz in Celeritek test fixture.

Frequency Range P-1dB POUT Saturated Efficiency (PAE) Gain Harmonics Noise Figure Return Loss Negative Supply Current (-Ig) Positive Supply Current (Id)

The is a two stage amplifier that requires a positive and negative supply voltage for proper operation. It is essential when turning on the device that the negative supply be applied before the positive supply. When turning the device off, the positive supply should be removed before the negative supply is removed. The CMM2321 can be operated over a range of supply voltages and bias points. It is important that the maximum power dissipation of the package be observed at all times.

Their placement and value provide tuning. Vd2 is fed through a /4 trace. All other capacitors shown in the schematic are used for decoupling. Note: Circuit board is a multiple-use test board. The portions of the board that are used with the CMM2321 are shown as solid traces on the board layout drawing on Page 3. The interface/conversion points in the evaluation board schematic are shown. These connection points may not be labeled identically on Celeritek's PB-CMM2321 evaluation board. Contact the factory for assistance in translating the external match to a specific application. Supply Ramping To obtain the necessary power ramp, supply side switching should be used. Both drain voltages should be tied together and ramped to produce the required power vs. time response. Thermal 1. The copper pad on the backside of the CMM2321 must be soldered to the ground plane. 2. All 8 leads of the package must be soldered to the appropriate electrical connection. 3. A large ground plane area with plated thru-holes as shown on the PCB layout should be used as a backside connection. Contact the factory for a copy of a manufacturing application note containing more detailed information.

Biasing A negative voltage supply is needed to bias the gates of the 2-stage GaAs FET power amplifier. Gate 1 bias is applied through pin 3 (Vg1) and gate 2 bias is applied through pin 4 (Vg2). Under most operating conditions gates 1 and 2 may be tied together. The positive supply voltage is applied to pins 5 and 6 (Vd2) and pin 7 (Vd1). The negative voltage supply should be adjusted to achieve a drain current 600 mA with no RF input power to obtain P1dB of approximately 30.5 dBm. Matching Circuits Input and output matching circuits are required. The schematic and the PCB layout for the test board are shown on Page 3. The matching circuits for the CMM2321 are highlighted on the PCB layout. A single shunt capacitor is used to match the output.

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V/X? ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?3=?O&@? ?V/X W.Y? W.Y?hf?W.Y ?V/X @@@@@@@@V@@@@@@@ ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?V4@0M V/X? ?W.Y W.Y? V/X? ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?V/X W.Y? W.Y?hf?W.Y ?S,? @?he?O2@6K @@@@@@@X@@@@@@@@ ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ V/X? ?W.Y W.Y? @?h?O20M?I46X ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ @K ?V/X W.Y? W-X?eW.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y @?g?W20M?fB1 @@@@@>@@@@@@@@X@ ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ @@6K V/X? ?W.Y ?W.R/X?W.Y W.Y? @?g?7<?g?3L? ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ @?I46X ?V/X W.Y? W.Y?V/T.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y @?gJ5h?N1? ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?J5?eS, V/X? ?W.Y ?W.Ye?V+Y W.Y? @?g7Hhe3L ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@hfO26X ?7H??O.Y ?V/X W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@?heN1 @V@@@@@@@@V@@@@@ ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@heW20MB1 ?@?W20Y? V/X? ?W.Y W.Y? @?g3LheJ5 ?@h?@hf?@ ?@f?@ O2@6K?e?@W.M? 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W.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y W.Y? @?g@? ?@hf?@ @?h?7H? ?3L?h7H ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ 3L ?J5?fV/e.Y@?e7H ?W.Y W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@? ?@hf?@ 3LhJ5 ?N1?g?J5? ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ N1 ?7H?he@?e@W2@6XhfW.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y W.Y? @?g@? ?@hf?@ N)X?g7H 3=g?7H? ?@f?@ ?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?@fS@@? ?@hf@?e@0M?I/X?h?W.Y W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@? ?@hf?@ ?@)Kf?C5? V46KfC5 ?@f?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?@eO20R'L J5 ?@hf@?g?V/XhW.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y W.Y? @?g@? ?@hf?@ I46K?O20Y? I46KO20Y @?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ 7H ?3L?he@?hN1g?W.Y W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@? ?@hf?@ I4@0M? I40M @?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?@0Mf?@ ?N1?he@?hJ5gW.Y?hf?W.Y ?W.Y W.Y? @?g@? ?@hf?@ @?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?J5? @?fW.f@?e@?f7Hg7H W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@? ?@hf?@ @?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?7H? 3=e?O.Yf@?e3=e?C5?f?J5?hf?W.Y ?W.Y W.Y? @?g@? ?@hf?@ @?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ J5 V4@@@0Y?f3LeV4@@@0Y?fW.Y?hfW.Y? W.Y? ?W.Y @?g@? ?@hf?@ ?@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?f@?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ V/X? ?W.Y S)X?he?W.Yhf?W.Y ?W.Y ?*U? 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I46Xe?@f?3L?f?@f@?g@? ?W20M? ?@hf?@ ?O2@@@@@@6K? O2@@@? @?f@?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ ?N1?h?J5??@h?@@@@@@@@@he?3L?eW.Y? W.Y?V/X? ?W.Y J5h?N1?g?@he@? ?W.M I/X??@f?V/?f?@f@?g@? W.M? ?@hf?@ ?O2@@0M?f?I4@@6K? ?W2@@@0M @?f@?he?@he?@he?@f?@g?@f?@he?@ 3Lh?7H??3L?f@?g@?hf?V/X?W.Y ?W.Ye?V/X W.Y? 7Hhe3Lg?@he@? O.Y? ?V/X @?g@? ?W.Y ?@hf?@ ?O20M?hf?I46X? W.M? @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?f@?h

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Related products with the same datasheet
Some Part number from the same manufacture Celeritek
CMM2321-AK Ism Band RF ic Products, 2.4-2.5 GHZ
CMM3020-BD Fiber Optic Driver Amplifier, 20 KHz-20 GHZ
CMM3030-BD Fiber Optic Driver Amplifier, 30 KHz-30 GHZ
CMM3566-LC Ism Band RF ic Products, 3.45-3.5 GHZ
CMM6001-SC High Dynamic Range Amplifier, 60 MHz-3.0 GHZ
CMM6004 Cellular RF ic Mmic Power Amplifiers, 0.25-6.0 GHZ
CMM6004-SC High Dynamic Range Amplifier, 0.25-3.0 GHZ
CMM6025-AH Driver Amplifiers Mmic, .25-6.0 GHZ
NE3508M04 L to S BAND LOW NOISE AMPLIFIERN-CHANNEL HJ-FETFEATURES- Super Low Noise Figure & Associated Gain :NF=0.45dB TYP. Ga=14dB TYP. @f=2GHz, VDS=2V, ID=10mA- Flat-lead 4-pin tin-type super mini-mold(M04)
NE3509M04 L to S Band Low Noise Amplifier N-Channel HJ-FET- Super Low Noise Figure & Associated Gain :NF=0.4dB TYP. Ga=17.5dB TYP. @f=2GHz, VDS=2V,ID=10mA- Flat-lead 4-pin tin-type super mini-mold(M04) package
NE52418 LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER NPN GaAs HBTNEC's NE52418 is a low cost NPN GaAs HBT(InGaP)suitable for front end LNA's in L/S band mobile communicationsapplications. The NE52418 is housed in a 4-pin supermini-mold
NE650103M 10 W, L & S-Band Power GaAs MESFETNEC's NE650103M is a 10 W GaAs MESFET designed forPCS, W-CDMA, WLL transmitter applications. It is capable ofdelivering 10 Watts of output power with high linear
NE5511279A NEC's 7.5 V UHF Band RF Power Silicon LD-MOSFET NEC's NE5511279A is an N-Channel silicon power laterally diffused MOSFET specially designed as the transmission power amplifier for 7.5 V radio systems.
NE5520279A NEC's 3.2 V, 2 W, L&S Band Medium Power Silicon LD-MOSFETNEC's NE5520279A is an N-Channel silicon power laterally diffused MOSFET specially designed as the power amplifier for mobile and fixed wireless
NE552R479A NEC's 3.0 V, 0.25 W, L&S Band Medium Power Silicon LD-MOSFETNEC's NE552R479A is an N-Channel silicon power laterallydiffused MOSFET specially designed as the transmission power amplifier for mobile
NE55410G N-Channel Silicon Power LDMOS FET For 2 W + 10 W VHF to L-Band Single-End Power AmplifierThe NE55410GR is an N-channel enhancement-mode LDMOS FET designed for driver 0.1 to 2.6 GHz PA, such as, cellular
NE58219 NPN Silicon Expitaxial Transistor 3 Pins Ultra Super Mini MoldNEC's NE58219 is a low supply voltage transistor designed forUHF Mixer and oscillator applications. The 3 pin ultra supermini mold package
NE662M16 NPN Silicon High Frequency TransistorNEC's NE662M16 is fabricated using NEC's UHS0 25 GHz fTwafer process. With a typical transition frequency of 25 GHzthe NE662M16 is usable in applications from
NE664M04 NEC's Medium Power NPN Silicon High Frequency TransistorNEC's NE664M04 is fabricated using NEC's state-of-the-artUHS0 25 GHz fT wafer process. With a transition frequency of20 GHz, the NE664M04 is usable
NE677M04 NEC's NE677M04 is fabricated using NEC's HFT3 waferprocess. With a transition frequency of 15 GHz, the NE677M04is usable in applications from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. The NE677M04provides P1dB of 15 dBm,

CFA0101 : GaAs Space Qualified Devices, 1-18 GHZ

CFH2162-P5 : Discrete GAAS Fets, 2.3-2.5 GHZ

CFK2162-P1-000T : Discrete GAAS Fets, 800-900 MHZ

CHP0232 : Module Cellular Truetype Poweramplifiers, 824-849 MHZ

CMM-10 : GaAs MMIC Chips Wideband Devices, 2-20 GHZ

CMM1330-AK-000T : PCS RF ic Mmic Power Amps, 1.85-1.91 GHZ

NE678M04 : NEC's NE678M04 is fabricated using NEC's HFT3 wafer process. With a transition frequency of 12 GHz, the NE678M04 is usable in applications from 100 MHz to 3 GHz. The NE678M04 provides P1dB of 18 dBm, even with low voltage and low current, making this device an excellent choice for the driver st


UPG2024TQ : NEC's GaAs MMIC DPDT Switches For 5 GHz Band Wireless LAN NEC's UPG2024TQ is a GaAs MMIC DPDT switch for 5 GHz band wireless LAN. Low insertion loss and high handling power contribute to user's system design.

UPG2155TB : NEC's L-Band 4 W High Power SPDT Switch The μPG2155TB is an L-band SPDT GaAs FET switch developed for digital cellular or cordless telephone applications. The device can operate from 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz, with low insertion loss and high linearity.

PS7142-1C : 8 PIN DIP 400 V Breakdown Voltage, Transfer Type 2-CH Optical Coupler MOSFET The PS7142-1C and PS7142L-1C are transfer type solid state relays containing normally open (N.O.) contact and normally close (N.C.) contact on output side. They are suitable for analog signal control because of their low

PS7431-1A : 4 PIN SOP High Isolation Voltage 3000 V.r.m.s. 1-CH Optical Coupled MOSFET The PS7431-1A is a solid state relay containing GaAs a LED on the light emitting side (input side) and normally open (N.O.) contact MOS FETs on the output side. It is suitable for analog signal control because of its low of

Same catergory

232LPTTL : Port Powered Rs-232 to TTL Converter. The 232LPTTL converts RS-232 to TTL/CMOS compatible levels. Two channels are used to convert from to +5 VDC signals and two channels are used to convert from to +5 VDC signals to RS-232. This converter supports TD, RD, RTS, and CTS. The DB9S female connector is for the RS-232 side. The DB9P male connector is for the TTL/CMOS side. This unit is powered.

AAT4670IAS-B1 : Dual-input, Dual-output Load Switches. Dual-Input, Dual-Output Load Switches General The AAT4670 SmartSwitchTM is part of the Analogic Tech Application Specific Power MOSFET (ASPMTM) line of products. The AAT4670 consists of dual, independent, 1A current limited, slew rate controlled P-channel MOSFET power switches with a dedicated source and drain pin assigned to each switch. The internal.

AL101 : Fast Ethernet. 8-port Rox Switch ic. AL101 Advance Information 8 Port 10/100 Mbit/s Dual Speed Fast Ethernet Switch Supports eight 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports with RMII interface Capable of trunking for to 800 Mbit/s link Full- and half-duplex mode operation Speed auto-negotiation through MDIO Built-in storage of 1K MAC addresses Designed to utilize low cost SGRAM Scalable design for stackable.

AM79C978A : Pcnet(tm)- Home Single-chip 1/10mb Per Second Pci Home Networking Controller.

BZW06Series : General Purpose. Transzorb Transient Voltage Suppressor. Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0 Glass passivated junction Uni and Bidirectional Types Available Excellent Clamping Capability Low incremental surge resistance Fast response time: theoretically (with no parisitic inductance) less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to V(BR) for unidirectional and 5.0ns for bidirectional.

GP2D15 : Distance Measuring Sensor.

HFBR1426C : Low Cost, Miniature Fiber Optic Components With St, Sma, SC And FC Ports.

LA7160M : VHF Band RF Modulator. The an RF modulator which generates, from a unit: mm baseband video and audio signal, PLL frequency 3035A-MFP16 (SOP16) synthesized RF TV channel signal in VHF band. 5V operation. PLL synthesized RF VCO (US 3ch, 4ch, JPN 1ch, 2ch only), channel selection accomplished using a single pin. PLL synthesized and tankless audio FM. The or 3.58MHz (color subcarrier).

LM2335LTM : Pllatinum Low Power Dual Frequency Synthesizer For RF Personal Communications.

MT90528AG : AAL1 SAR Processors. = 28-Port Primary Rate Circuit Emulation AAL1 Sar ;; Package Type = Pbga ;; No. Of Pins = 456.

PEB2255 : E1/t1/j1 Framer And Line Interface Component For Long And Short Haul Applications.

S3032 : Sonet/sdh/atm OC-3/12 Transceiver W/cdr. SONET/SDH/ATM OC-3/OC-12 TRANSCEIVER BiCMOS LVPECL OC-12 CLOCK GENERATOR SONET/SDH/ATM OC-3/OC-12 TRANSCEIVER TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER GENERAL Complies with Bellcore and ITU-T s On-chip high-frequency PLL for clock generation Supports 155.52 Mbps (OC-3) and 622.08 Mbps (OC-12) Selectable reference frequencies or 77.76 MHz Interface to both LVPECL and TTL logic.

SMDA24C-5TB : Bidirectional TVS Array For Protection of Five Lines.

ST723217 : 8-bit MCU With Nested Interrupts, Flash, 10-bit ADC, Five Timers, Spi, Sci, I2c Interface.

TD7623AFN : 3-wire And I2c Bus System, 2.3 GHZ Direct Two Modulus-type Frequency Synthesizer For Catv.

TEA1114A : Interface/transmission. TEA1114A; Low Voltage Telephone Transmission Circuit With Dialler Interface And Regulated Strong Supply;; Package: SOT109 (SO16).

TI380C25 : Lan Token Ring Processor. IEEE 802.5 and IBM Token-Ring NetworkTM Compatible With TI380FPA FNL PacketBlasterTM Token-Ring or 4-Megabit-per-Second Data Rates Supports to 18K-Byte Frame Size (16-Mbps Operation Only) Supports Universal- and Local-Network Addressing Early Token-Release Option (16-Mbps Operation Only) Compatible With the TMS38054 Expandable Local LAN-Subsystem.

TNETE210 : 10base-t/100base-tx/100base-fx Low-power Physical-layer Interface. Integrated, Single-Chip, EthernetTM Physical-Layer (PHY) Interface for Full-Duplex or Half-Duplex Connection 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-FX Networks Low-Power 3.3-V CMOS Design With Power-Down Capability for CardBus and Other Applications Requiring Low Power Integrated Transmit Filtering and Receive Equalization Provide for Minimal External Component.

WL800G : Frequency Synthesizers (50MHz to 3GHz). WL800 - 2.5GHz Frequency Synthesizer.

0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z