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DescriptionCellular RF ic Mmic Power Amplifiers, 800-2700 MHZ
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Features t +17 dBm Output Power <2.2 dB Noise Figure t Low Current: 70 mA, Typ. t Single to +6V Supply t DC Blocked >2:1 VSWR t Low-Cost SOIC-8 Plastic Package Applications t Power Amplifier Drivers t PCS Medium Power Amplifiers t Medium Power WLANs t Base Station Receivers


The Celeritek is a high dynamic range, pin-compatible, second source for the TriQuint® 9132 and the Mini-Circuits® VNA. Providing comparable gain and lower noise figure than either of the existing standard amplifiers at

25% less drain current, the is an excellent choice for power sensitive applications, while delivering more design margin. Packaged in a low-cost surface mount SOIC-8 package, the CMM2308 will drop into existing designs and offers improved features and performance.

Parameter Rating Parameter Rating Parameter Rating
Drain Voltage (+Vd) Drain Current (Id) RF Input Power
Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature Channel Temperature Soldering Temperature

The following specifications are guaranteed at room temperature with drain voltage (+Vd) at 2.5 GHz.

Frequency Range Small Signal Gain Noise Figure Power Output 1 dB Compression Output 3rd Order Intercept Input Return Loss Output Return Loss DC Supply Current Supply Voltage

TriQuint and Mini-Circuits are trademarks of their respective corporations.

Description Drain voltage. Connect to positive supply. Ground. RF input (Internally DC blocked). Ground. RF output (Internally DC blocked). Ground.

The following typical performance parameters were tested in the test circuit shown at room temperature and with a drain voltage (+Vd) 5 V, unless otherwise specified.

Power Output (P-1) vs Frequency @ 25°C Power Output (P-1) (dBm)
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SN65LBC180 : Low-power Differential Line Driver And Receiver Pairs. SN65LBC180, SN75LBC180 LOW-POWER DIFFERENTIAL LINE DRIVER AND RECEIVER PAIRS Designed for High-Speed Multipoint Data Transmission Over Long Cables Operate With Pulse Durations as Low 30 ns Low Supply Current. 5 mA Max Meet or Exceed the Requirements of ANSI Standard RS-485 and ISO 8482:1987(E) 3-State Outputs for Party-Line Buses Common-Mode Voltage.

SN74LS297 : Digital Phase-locked Loop. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. .

SY88983V : 3.3V/5V CML Low Power Limiting Post Amplifier w/ TTL SD. Single or 5V power supply to 3.2Gbps operation Low noise 50 CML data outputs; 60ps edge rates 1ps(p-p) max DJ, 1ps(rms) max RJ OC-TTL SD output with internal 5k pull-up resistor TTL EN input Internal input 50 termination at inputs and outputs Programmable SD level set Available in a tiny 10-pin (3mm) MSOP and 16-pin MLFTM x 3mm) packages The SY88983V.

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