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Title1 Watt Power Amplifier
Descriptionku Band Products, 13.75-14.5 GHZ
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Features, Applications

Features 32 dBm (Typ.) Saturated Output Power 34.5 dB (Typ.) Linear Gain Fully Matched Unconditionally Stable Copper/Molybdenum Flange Package for Optimum Thermal dissipation Applications Ku-Band VSAT Transmit Subsystems


The is a four-stage pHEMT GaAs MMIC power amplifier that is ideally suited for transmit subsystems designed for Ku-Band VSAT applications. The CMM1430-KU provides 34.5 dB linear gain and delivers 1.5 watts of output power at saturation operating from to 14.5 GHz frequency. The unconditional stability and internal matching provides for reduction of external components making this product a simple and low-cost solution. The package is designed with a base material of gold-plated copper/molybdenum composite that offers excellent thermal properties and minimum mechanical stress.

Frequency Range Saturated Output Power Saturated Output Power Variation Linear Gain Linear Gain Variation Input Reflection Coefficient Output Reflection Coefficient Gate Supply Voltage Drain Current Power Added Efficiency

Pin = 3.0 dBm Over operating frequency Over operating frequency
Saturated Power Output Linear Gain Variation Stability
Variation from room temperature value Variation from room temperature value
Maximum Ratings (TA to +70°C) Operation outside these limits can cause permanent damage.
Drain Voltage (+Vdd) Gate Voltage (Vgg) Drain Current (Id) Gate Current (Ig) 3236 Scott Boulevard
RF Input Power (Pin) Storage Temperature Operating Backside Temperature

The CMM1430-KU is available in plastic trays. Package Part Number for Ordering CMM1430-KU Leaded flange package in plastic trays

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VPC323xD : Comb Filter Video Processor With Component Interface And Pip. Subject: Data Sheet Concerned: Supplement: Edition: The VPC 3230D-C5 is hardware- and software-compatible to VPC 3230D-B3. Problems 15 and 21 have been corrected in this version. It provides the following new functions: 1. Additional horizontal and vertical sync outputs HSYA, VSYA to support analog RGB insertion (e. g. PIP or OSD/ Text) 2. Improved.

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