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CategoryData Conversion => Multiplying Data Converters
Description50 Watt Single Output Eighth Brick DC/DC Converter
CompanyC & D Technologies
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50 Watt Single Output Eighth Brick DC/DC Converter

z Industry Standard Footprint & Size 9.0mm) z High Efficiency 91% z Wide Input Voltage Range: 75VDC z Output Voltages: 5.0V z Remote Output Sense z Remote ON/OFF (Positive or Negative Logic) z Output Overcurrent Protection Hiccup Mode z Input Side "L" Filter z No Minimum Load Required z Isolation Voltage of 1500 VDC z High Reliability z Fixed Frequency Operation z Safety per UL/CUL EN 60950, Operational Insulation Meets TNV-SELV Isolation Requirements z Meets Conducted Emissions Requirements of FCC Class B and EN55022 Class B with External Filter z C&D Technologies, Power Electronics Division is ISO9001:2000 Certified z No Heatsinks z Low Profile and Low Weight z Thermal Shutdown

The WPA50 Series a 50 Watt single output, low-profile DC-DC converter in an industry standard package x 9.0mm). The WPA50 uses unique proprietary technologies to deliver ultrahigh efficiencies and excellent thermal performance. It includes extensive control and protection features for maximum flexibility and provides a

versatile solution for a whole range of applications with its input voltage range of 36-75 VDC and output voltages between 1.2VDC and 5.0VDC. The power dissipation of the WPA50 series is so low that a heat sink is not required. The product features fast dynamic response characteristics and low output ripple critical for low voltage

applications. WPA DC-DC converter modules are certified to UL/CUL 60950, and VDE EN60950. It meets CISPR22/ EN55022/FCC15J Class B specs for EMI levels with external filtering. This high quality and highly reliable product is competitively priced and an ideal solution for distributed power, telecoms and datacom applications.

Output Short-Circuit Duration Internal Power Dissipation Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 seconds max) Continuous Input Voltage Storage Temperature Input to Output Isolation Continuous As low as 5 Watts +300C 75 VDC +125C 1500 VDC

Specifications are = +25C, Airflow (1.5m/s) at nominal input voltage unless otherwise specified.

INPUT Voltage Range Reflected Ripple Current Inrush Charge Maximum Input Current 1.2 Vout 1.5 Vout 1.8 Vout 2.2 Vout 2.5 Vout 3.3 Vout 5.0 Vout INPUT CONTROL Temperature Shutdown Temperature Hysteresis Quiescent Standby Current Power Dissipation Undervoltage Shutdown Undervoltage Hysteresis ISOLATION Input/Output Isolation Voltage Resistance Capacitance Leakage Current OUTPUT Rated Power

Voltage Setpoint Accuracy Output Voltage Trim Range Temperature Coefficient Output Voltage Regulation Line Regulation Load Regulation Ripple & Noise (NOTE 1) Transient Response - 2.5 Vout - 5.0 Vout Turn-On Time Remote Sense Compensation Overcurrent Protection GENERAL Switching Frequency MTTF per ML-HDBK-217 Ground Benign

Vin - 75V, Iout = Max Vin = 48V, Iout = 0-Max Vin < 20Mhz bandwidth Step change in output current (50%-100% Step s) Vin = 48V Vin = 48V Vin = 48V Vin 105 380 Circuit Stress Method = +25

NOTE 1: Measured at 20 MHz bandwidth across a 10f multi layer ceramic capacitor located approximately 1" from output terminals.

Rev B1 of the WPA50 Datasheet will include extensive performance curves and graphs.


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