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CategoryPower Management => Voltage References
DescriptionProgrammable Voltage Reference
CompanyAUK Corporation
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Programmable output voltage to 36 volts Sink current capability to 100mA Low dynamic impedance 0.15 typical Temperature compensated for operation over full rated operating temperature Equivalent full-range temperature coefficient of 50ppm/C (Typical) Low output Noise voltage Voltage reference tolerance 1.0% (Ta=25)

(Operating ambient temperature range applies unless other specified)

Cathode to Anode voltage Cathode current range Reference input current range Power dissipation Operating temperature range Storage temperature range

* With PCB(88mm copper area) at glass epoxy board(t=1.7mm, area : 2020mm)
Cathode to Anode voltage Cathode current range

Reference input voltage (Fig. 1, Note 1) Deviation of reference input voltage Over temperature(Fig. 1, Note 1,2) Ratio of change in reference input Voltage to the change in cathode Voltage(Fig. 2) Reference input current(Fig. 2) Deviation of reference input current over temperature(Fig. 2) Minimum cathode current for Regulation(Fig. 1) Off-state cathode current(Fig. 3) Dynamic impedance(Fig. 1, Note 3)

VKA=Vref, IKA=10mA SLF431ASF VKA=Vref , IKA=10mA @Ta=TLOW to THIGH R1=10K, R2= VKA=Vref VKA=36V, Vref=0V VKA=Vref, f1.0KHz IKA=1.0mA-100mA

<Note THIGH=+85C , <Note 2> : Vref= Vref Max. - Vref Min. , <Note 3> : ZKA= VKA/ IKA


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