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CategoryPower Management => Supervisory Circuits
DescriptionLow Noise Dual op Amp ( The A4558 is a Monolithic Integrated Circuit Designed For Dual Operational Amplifier. )
CompanyAUK Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a monolithic Integrated Circuit designed for dual operational amplifier.

Power consumption as small as about 50mW (typ.) Built-in output short-circuit protecting circuit. Internal phase consumption type. No latch-up Wide same phase mode and differential voltage ranges High gain. low noise

Active filters Audio amplifiers VCOs Other electronic circuits

Supply voltage Differential input voltage Input voltage Power Dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature

(Unless otherwise specified. VCC +5V, VEE=-5V and Parameter Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current Input Bias Current Input Common Mode Voltage Range Maximum Output Voltage Common Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio Supply Current Slew Rate Unity Gain Cross Frequency Large Signal Voltage Gain Output Sink Current Output Source Current Symbol VIOS IIOS IIB VICR VOM CMRR PSRR ICC fT GV ISINK ISOURCE RL 2 Open Loop = 25 C) Min. Typ. Max. Unit V dB uV/V mA V/us MHz dB mA Test Conditions 10 -


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HT0440 : Switch/Translator. Level Translator. HT0440 Dual High Voltage Isolated MOSFET Driver Input to Output Isolation Voltage 400V Package Option 8-Pin Narrow Body SOIC HT0440LG 400V input to output isolation 700V isolation between outputs No external voltage supply required Dual isolated output drivers Option of internal or external clock The Supertex is a dual high voltage isolated driver.

MAX1601 : Dual-channel Cardbus And Pcmcia Power Switches With Smbus Serial Interface.

MAX6359__UT-T : Dual/triple-voltage P Supervisory Circuits. The MAX6351MAX6360 microprocessor (P) supervisors with multiple reset voltages significantly improve system reliability and accuracy compared to separate ICs or discrete components. If any input supply voltage drops below its associated preset threshold, all reset outputs are asserted. In addition, the output(s) is valid as long as either input supply.

MXP1023-PS : Position Sensing Photo Detectors. Low Cross Talk Excellent Stability Low Noise Ultra High Positioning Accuracy Machine Tool Alignment Angle Measurement Targeting Remote Optical Alignment Guidance Systems Applications EACH ACTIVE AREA GAP RSH UNIFORM. 850nm 1mm dia. SPOT nA V .

NCP551SN15T1 : 150mA, 1.5V CMOS Low Dropout Regulator With Enable, Package: SOT-23 / TSOP-5, Pins=5.

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UA78L09 : . 3-Terminal Regulators Output Current mA No External Components Internal Thermal-Overload Protection Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting Direct Replacements for Fairchild A78L00 Series This series of fixed-voltage integrated-circuit voltage regulators is designed for a wide range of applications. These applications include on-card regulation for elimination.

LTC3728L-1 : Dual, 550kHz, 2-Phase Synchronous Regulator The LTC3728L-1 is a dual high performance step-down switching regulator controller that drives all N-channel synchronous power MOSFET stages. A constant frequency current mode architecture allows phase-lockable frequency of up to 550kHz. Power loss and noise due to the ESR of the input capacitors are minimized.

LM25010 : The LM25010 all the functions needed to implement a low cost, efficient, buck regulator capable of supplying in excess of 1A load current. This high voltage regulator integrates an N-Channel Buck Switch, and is available in thermally enhanced LLP-10 and TSSOP-14EP packages. The constant on-time regulation scheme requires no loop compensation resulting.

BQ2024 : 1.5K Bit Serial EPROM with SDQ Interface The bq2024 is a 1.5K-bit serial EPROM containing a factory-programmed, unique 48-bit identification number, 8-bit CRC generation, and the 8-bit family code (09h). A 64-bit status register controls write protection and page redirection..

REF5030ID : Low Noise, Very Low Drift, Precision VOLTAGE REFERENCE The REF50xx is a family of low-noise, low-drift, very high precision voltage references. These references are capable of both sinking and sourcing, and are very robust with regard to line and load changes..

MAX6453 : P Supervisors With Separate VCC Reset And Manual Reset Outputs The MAX6453MAX6456 are low-power, dual-voltage P supervisors featuring separate VCC reset and manual reset outputs. The dual outputs support both soft-system reset (interrupt) and hard-system reset (reboot) functions. The reset output asserts when any of the monitored voltages falls below.

XRP2997 : 2A DDR I/II/III Bus Termination Regulator The XRP2997 is a Double Data Rate (DDR) termination voltage regulator supporting all power requirements of DDR I, II and III memories and is capable of sinking or sourcing 2A continuously. Tightly regulating its output voltage within 20mV, the XRP2997 converts input voltages as low as 1.1V while the output.

BQ77910A : Standalone 4-10 Cell Precision Protector For Li-Ion Chemistries The bq77910A is a battery protection and cell balancing device intended for Li-ion and Li-Polymer battery packs. The bq77910A monitors 4- to 10-series individual cell voltages and provides fast-acting outputs which may be used to drive N-channel MOSFETs to interrupt the power path. Activation.

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