Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CMLDF001
CategoryLogic => Flip-Flops
DescriptionAmi 0.6 Micron CMOS Differential D Flip- Flop
CompanyAmerican Microsystems, Inc.
Some Part number from the same manufacture American Microsystems, Inc.
CMLDF021 Differential D Flip- Flop With Set
CMLDTS Differential to CMOS Converter
CMLINV1 Differential Inverter
CMLNA21 Differential 2 Input NAND
DAC04R01 4 Bit Rdac
DAC08R02 DAC08r02, +4.5v to +5.5v, 1.5 Ma, Rail-to-rail Voltage Output 8-bit 200 KSPS DAC
DAC10R03 DAC10r03, +4.5v to +5.5v, 10-bit 100msps Modifiedresistor String DAC
DETCK01 Ami 0.8 Micron CMOS CWL Double Poly
DETLV01 Ami 2.0 Micron CMOS Abo Double Poly
DETLV02 Ami 0.8 Micron CMOS CWL Double Poly
FLASHADC Ami 0.8 Micron CMOS CWB Double Poly
FS6011-02 Digital Audio/video Clock Generator ic
FS6012-02 Iic Digital Audio/video Clock Generator ic
FS6017-02 Five PLL Clock Generator ic
FS6050 Low-skew Clock Fanout Buffer ic
FS6058-01 Lvpecl to Hcsl/lvttl Motherboard Clock Driver ic
FS6070-01 1:4 HSTL to LVTTL Fanout Buffer ic
FS6108 Zero Delay Buffer ic

FS6251-01 : Clock Circuits Clock Generator ic For Intel Pentium ii 440BX PC100 System

FS6322-01 : General Purpose PLL 3-pll Clock Generator ic

IPC0011 : Rmii Interface For 10/100 Ethernet Mac

IPC2022 : Pcmcia PC Host Interface

S3506I : PCM Line Card->Codec CMOS Single Chip U-law/a-law Asynchronous Combo Codecs With Filters

PI409MC-A4 : 400dpi CIS Module

PI310MC-DR : 300dpi CIS Two Level Digital Output Module

PI207MC-A4 : 200dpi CIS Module

AMIS-710404-A8 : Ambient Light Sensor

AMIS-710616-AS : Ambient Light Sensor

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