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DescriptionCX20470: Baseband Analog Processor
CompanyAlpha Industries
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The is a dual-mode Baseband Analog Processor (BAP) for use in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Frequency Modulated (FM) portable telephones. The device is designed to interface between the RF section and the digital processing circuitry of the telephone. The CX20470 CDMA BAP includes all of the circuitry needed to support baseband signal processing and conversions between analog and digital signals in a dual mode CDMA and FM phone. The receive section accepts analog baseband in-phase (I) and quadrature-phase (Q) signals, performs channel selection lowpass filtering, and converts the analog baseband signals into digital signals. The transmit section function provides the reverse conversions for digital input signals. In addition, the transmit section also accepts differential analog I and Q signals from baseband. The CX20470 CDMA BAP also includes digital and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) clock synthesis for 19.2 MHz, 19.68 MHz, and 19.8 MHz system clocks, general purpose Analog-to-Digital (A/D) conversions for battery and signal strength monitoring, and two PLL synthesizers The CX20470 CDMA BAP integrates an audio Coder/Decoder (CODEC) that provides signal translation between an analog voice band signal and a Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) digital signal. The CODEC is designed to perform the transmit encoding A/D conversion, together with transmit and receive filtering, for voiceband communication systems. The CODEC's audio interface consists of 3 microphone inputs, 3 audio speaker outputs, and DTMF/tone(s)/ring/side tone generation. The CODEC operation and configuration registers can be programmed by a microcontroller via an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) compatible or 3-wire bus interface at any time. The CODEC also integrates the microphone amplifier and speaker post amplifier on-chip. The post amplifier is capable of driving a 32 load directly. The device is available in 100-pin BGA and 56-pin Land Grid Array (LGA) packages: 100-pin BGA CDMA, FM, dual VHF synthesizers, 7-input monitor ADC, audio CODEC 56-pin LGA CDMA, single VHF synthesizer, 2-input monitor ADC.

Dual mode for CDMA and FM operation. Receive signal path includes: - Separate CDMA, and FM filters and ADCs - Offset control loop Transmit signal path includes: - Configurable input interface to either digital or analog I/Q signals from the baseband modem - Selectable conversion of digital I-Q data to analog signals - Separate CDMA filters and FM filters Two VHF PLL synthesizers: - Programmable charge pump current - Lock detector output - Operate in concert with CDMA mode operation System clock generation and support includes: - 19.2/19/68/19.8 MHz system clock support - External CHIPx8 clocks (input to BAP) - TCXO/4 and CHIPx8 clocks powerdown capability Audio CODEC includes: - 14-bit linear CODEC with on-chip filters meet ITU-T G.712 requirements - Switchable 3 microphone inputs with pre-amplifier gain control from 2 dB steps - Switchable 3 speaker outputs with programmable post-amplifiers from 2 dB steps, and capable of driving 32 load directly. - Programmable frequency and gain for DTMF/Tone(s)/Ring/Sidetone generation - Separate ringer output with gain control 8-bit general purpose ADC with 7 input channels Independent mode and operation controls for BAP and CODEC functions Low power consumption in all operation modes Baseband modem interface compatibility includes: - MSM3100 Single supply voltage from 3.6 V Operating temperature to +85 Package options include: - 100-pin BGA - 56-pin LGA

The device package pinout for each of these are shown in Figures 1 and 2. A general block diagram of the CX20470 BAP is shown in Figure 3.


Cellular and Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) band phones Dual band PCS/cellular CDMA Dual mode/dual band



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