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Integrating seven high-voltage, high-current npn Darlingtons into a monolithic power array, the ULN7003A AND ULN7003LW are designed for interfacing between TTL or CMOS logic and a variety of peripheral loads. The seven open-collector Darlington outputs are specified for 135 V minimum breakdown and 90 V minimum sustaining. Included are integral power diodes for switching inductive loads. Typical applications include relays, lamps, print heads and hammers, solenoids, and level shifting to power discretes. The ULN7003A/LW include input current-limiting resistors compatible with the drive capabilities of TTL and (most) CMOS operating at a nominal logic supply 5 V. Operation with 12 V CMOS may require additional input current limiting. The high sustaining voltage rating of this power array makes it ideal for inductive load applications where Zener diode flyback techniques are used. The increased flyback voltage provides a much faster inductive load turn-off current decay that is especially useful with dc stepper motors, solenoids, and print heads. Both devices are pinned with outputs opposite inputs to facilitate ease of circuit board layout. The ULN7003A is supplied a 16-pin plastic dual in-line package with a copper lead frame to maximize device power dissipation capabilities. The ULN7003LW is furnished a 16-lead small-outline wide-body package for surface-mount applications.

Note the ULN7003A (DIP) and the ULN7003LW (SOIC) are electrically identical and share a common terminal number assignment.

Output Voltage, VCEX. 135 V Output Sustaining Voltage,
VCE(sus). 90 V Output Current, IC. 300 mA Package Power Dissipation, Input Current, IIN. 25 mA
PD. See Graph Operating Temperature Range, Storage Temperature Range,

Output current may be limited by duty cycle, number of drivers operating, ambient temperature, and heat sinking. Under any set of conditions, do not exceed the specified maximum current rating or a junction temperature of 150°C.


135 V Minimum Output Breakdown 90 V Minimum Sustaining Voltage 300 mA Output Current s Internal High-Current Clamp Diodes s Logic-Compatible Inputs

A Zener diode can be used to increase the flyback voltage. This gives a much faster inductive load turnOFF current decay. The maximum Zener voltage plus the load supply voltage plus the internal diode forward voltage must not exceed the device's rated sustaining voltage.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 1985, 2001 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

Characteristic Output Leakage Current Symbol ICEX Test Conditions VCE 135 V VCE = +70°C Output Sustaining Voltage Output Saturation Voltage VCE(sus) VCE(SAT) = 250 mA, = 100 mA, IIN = 250 mA, IIN 350 µA Input Current IIN(ON) IIN(OFF) Input Voltage VIN(ON) VIN = 500 µA, = +70°C VCE 200 mA VCE 250 mA Input Capacitance Switching Delay CIN tpd Turn On, 250 mA Turn Off, 250 mA Clamp Diode Leakage Current = +70°C Clamp Diode Forward Voltage Typical Data is for design information only. 250 mA Min. 90 50 Typ. Limits Max. Units µA V



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