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DESCRIPTION The STM376-2 module is designed to be used as a linear RF Power Amplifier for WLL or other fixed radio a ccess subscriber applications. This particular model is one of several in design covering the 300-5 00 MHz freque ncy range in individual bandwidths of 25 MHz each. Band splits and corresponding part numbers for all bands are as follows:

DC Supply Voltage Quiescent Current (pin 7) Operating Current (pin 7) RF Input Power RF Output Power Storage Temperature Operating Case Temperature

Symb ol Parameter Test Con dition s Value Min. Typ. Max. Unit

Frequency Range Power Gain Efficiency Input VSWR Quiescent Current Collector Supply Current Bias Current Harmonics Intermodulation Distortion Load Mismatch Stability POUT 1.0 W* POUT 1.0 W* POUT 1.0 W* PIN 0 W POUT 1.0 W* POUT 1.0 W* POUT 1.0 W* POUT 1.0 W* Load VSWR = :1 POUT 1.0 W* Load VSWR = 5:1 POUT 1.0 W* (All phase angles) (All phase angles) = 350 MHz ZS, = 50

No Degradation in Output Power after Load Restoration All Spurious outputs more than 50dB below carrier

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