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The MC145442 and MC145443 silicon­gate CMOS single­chip low­speed modems contain a complete frequency shift keying (FSK) modulator, demodulator, and filter. These devices are with CCITT V.21 (MC145442) and Bell 103 (MC145443) specifications. Both devices provide full­duplex or half­duplex 300­baud data communication over a pair of telephone lines. They also include a carrier detect circuit for the demodulator section and a duplexer circuit for direct operation on a telephone line through a simple transformer. MC145442 Compatible with CCITT V.21 MC145443 Compatible with Bell 103 Low­Band and High­Band Band­Pass Filters On­Chip Simplex, Half­Duplex, and Full­Duplex Operation Originate and Answer Mode Analog Loopback Configuration for Self Test Hybrid Network Function On­Chip Carrier Detect Circuit On­Chip Adjustable Transmit Level and CD Delay Timing On­Chip Crystal Oscillator (3.579 MHz) Single 5 V Power Supply Operation Internal Mid­Supply Generator Power­Down Mode Pin Compatible with MM74HC943 Capable of Driving ­ 9 dBm into a 600 Load


Rating Supply Voltage DC Input Voltage DC Output Voltage Clamp Diode Current, per Pin DC Output Current, per Pin Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol VDD Vin Vout IIK, IOK Iout PD TA Tstg Value 0.5 to VDD to VDD + 150 Unit mW °C This device contains circuitry to protect the inputs against damage due to high static voltages or electric fields; however, it is advised that normal precautions be taken to avoid application of any voltage higher than maximum rated voltages to this high impedance circuit. For proper operation it is recommended that Vin and Vout be constrained to the range VSS (Vin or Vout) VDD). Unused inputs must always be tied to an appropriate logic voltage level (e.g., either VSS or VDD).

Parameter Supply Voltage DC Input or Output Voltage Input Rise or Fall Time Crystal Frequency* Symbol VDD Vin, Vout tr, tf fcrystal Min 0 3.2 Max 5.5 VDD 500 5.0 Unit V ns MHz

* Changing the crystal frequency from 3.579 MHz will change the output frequencies. The change in output frequency will be proportional to the change in crystal frequency.

Characteristic High­Level Input Voltage Low­Level Input Voltage High­Level Output Voltage IOH 20 µA IOH 2 mA IOH 20 µA Low­Level Output Voltage IOL 20 µA IOL 2 mA IOL 20 µA Input Current LB Xin, TxD, Mode, SQT LB Xin, TxD, Mode, SQT CD, RxD CD, RxD Xout VOL CD, RxD CD, RxD Xout LB, TxD, Mode, SQT RxA1, RxA2 Xin Iin Xin All Other Inputs Cin VAG VCDA Rf µA Symbol VIH VIL VOH VDD 0.1 3.7 VDD 0.05 V Min VDD 0.8 3.15 Typ Max 0.8 1.1 Unit V

Quiesent Supply Current (Xin or fcrystal = 3.579 MHz) Power­Down Supply Current Input Capacitance VAG Output Voltage (IO ± 10 µA) CDA Output Voltage (IO ± 10 µA) Line Driver Feedback Resistor

(VDD + 85°C, Crystal Frequency = 3.579 MHz ± 0.1%; See Figure 1) Characteristic TRANSMITTER Power Output on TxA 1.2 k, RTLA 1.2 k, RTLA 5.5 k Second Harmonic Power 1.2 k RECEIVE FILTER AND HYBRID Hybrid Input Impedance RxA2 FB Output Impedance Adjacent Channel Rejection DEMODULATOR Receive Carrier Amplitude Dynamic Range Bit Jitter (S/N = 30 dB, Input ­ 38 dBm, Bit Rate = 300 baud) Bit Bias Carrier Detect Threshold (CDA V or CDA grounded through 0.1 µF capacitor) On to Off to On dBm µs % dBm k dBm Min Typ Max Unit


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