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OCTAL LINE RECEIVER FOR: - EIA STD RS422A - CCIT X.26 NO EXTERNAL COMPONENTS INPUT FAIL SAFING CAPABILITY HIGH CROSSTALK REJECTION L6180 DATA RATE 100KBIT/S L6181 DATA RATE 1MBIT/S 50V EOS OUTPUT PROTECTION DESCRIPTION is an octal line receiver in a plastic DIP or PLCC designed to meet a wide range of digital communications requirements as outlined in the EIA standards RS232A without additional components, as well as the low speed applications of RS422A. BLOCK DIAGRAM

The receiver meets the CCIT recommendations V.11, X.26 and V.28 low speed applications (below 100KBS). A low pass filter on the input starts to roll off at a frequency of 100KHz.

This is advanced information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice.

Symbol VCC VDD VSS CRR VID Ptot IOS t Top Tstg Supply Voltage Supply Voltage Logic Supply Voltage Common Mode Range Differential Input Voltage Power Dissipation (PLCC 28) Power Dissipation (DIP 28) Output Sink Current Output Short Circuit Time Operating Free Air Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range ESD Input Transient Protection Parameter Value 150 2KV max ESD 50J 50V min EOS 100s Unit mW mA sec C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC 5V 5%; VCM to 7V; Tamb to 70C; VSS to 13.5V; VDD to 13.5V; unless otherwise specified.)

Symbol VIN Parameter Input Current Test Condition (See Fig.1 and note2) VCC to 5.25V; VSS, VDD to 13.5V VIN to 10V VIN to 15V VIA or VIB to 15V; (see fig.1) [(VIA or VIN) -VIOC] RI = IIN VFS VOH VOL VH VIOC1 Failsafe Output Voltage High Level Output Voltage Low Level Output Voltage VIOH Comparator Threshold Voltage High Operating Threshold Voltage Low Operating Threshold Voltage Input Hysteresis Voltage Open Circuit Input Voltage = -440A (See Fig.3) VCC = 4.75V; VID = -1V; IOH = -440A VCC = 5.25V; VID = -1V; IOL = 2mA (See Fig.4) VOL = 0.4V; IOL = 2mA; (See Fig.4) VOH = -440A (See - VTH1| Measured in accordance with V.28 and RS-232D (see note 4 and 7) Measured in presence of AC Input Signal (see note 7) VCC = 0; VID = 1V; (see note 5) (see Figure 7 and note 11) VCC to 5.25V; (see note 6) Vdd to 3.5V; (see note 6) VSS to 13.5V; (see note 6) VCC = 0; VID = 1V; (see note = 50pF; |VIN = 1V|; (see fig 5 test Circuit Fig. = 50pF; |VIN = 1V|; (see fig 5 test Circuit Fig. 6) (see note 7A) (see note = 50pF; |VIN| = 1V;(see fig. 5; Test Circuit Fig. = 50pF; |VIN| = 1V;(see fig. 5; Test Circuit Fig. 6) VIN = 200mVpp; (see fig. 8 and note V 3 Min. Typ. Max. Unit

Open Circuit Input Voltage Open Short Circuit Current Input for Balance Test Input Capacitance Supply Current Supply Current Supplyt Current Open Short Circuit Current Propagation Delay Low to High

Delay VIOCL to VIOCH Switching Delay VIOCH to VIOCL Switching |Tplh - Tphl|
Skew between rec's in PKg (2) hl/1h Frequency Accepted (Receiver will Output)


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