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1N962A : Zener Voltage Regulator Diode, Package : DO-35.

UC3845D1 : SMPS Controller. Low Start up Current Maximum Duty Clamp UVLO With Hysteresis Operating Frequency to 500KHz The UC3842/UC3843/UC3844/UC3845 are fixed frequencycurrent-mode PWM controller. They are specially designed for Off-Line and to DC converter applications with minimum external components. These integrated circuits feature a trimmed oscillator for precise duty.

YG339C4 : . Insulated package by fully molding High voltage by mesa design High reliability JEDEC EIAJ Item Repetitive peak reverse voltage Non-repetitive peak reverse voltage Isolating voltage Average output current Surge current Operating junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VRRM VRSM Viso IO IFSM Tj Tstg Conditions *Average forward current of centertap.

K9K8G08U0A : 1G x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory Offered in 1G x 8bit, the K9K8G08U0A is a 8G-bit NAND Flash Memory with spare 256M-bit. Its NAND cell provides the most costeffective solution for the solid state application market. A program operation can be performed in typical 200s on the (2K+64)Byte page and an erase operation can be performed in typical 1.5ms on a (128K+4K)Byte.

LM25010 : The LM25010 all the functions needed to implement a low cost, efficient, buck regulator capable of supplying in excess of 1A load current. This high voltage regulator integrates an N-Channel Buck Switch, and is available in thermally enhanced LLP-10 and TSSOP-14EP packages. The constant on-time regulation scheme requires no loop compensation resulting.

SPD5623 : 1.0 AMP 200 - 1000 Volts FAST Recovery Rectifier. 14701 Firestone Blvd * La Mirada, Ca 90638 Phone: 404-4474 * Fax: (562) 404-1773 * Screening 2/ = Not Screened = TX Level TXV = TXV = S Level Package Type = Axial Leaded SMS = Surface Mount Square Tab Fast Recovery: 150-500 ns Maximum 4/ Single Chip Construction PIV to 1000 Volts Low Thermal Resistance Low Reverse.

ST4130F : Crystal Clock Oscillator. Frequency Range: Frequency Stability: 32 MHz to 125 MHz or 100 ppm over all conditions: calibration tolerance, operating temperature, input voltage change, load change, aging*, shock and vibration. *1 year @ +40C average ambient operating temperature to +125C Temperature Range: Operating: Storage: Supply Voltage: Recommended Operating: Supply Current:.

401C183M075AF8 : Low-esr, Wide Temperature Grade The Ultimate in Cold Performance and ESR.

PLC-RPIT- 60DC/21 : PLC RELAY, D/RAIL 60DC 1 PDT. s: Coil Voltage VAC Nom: - ; Control Voltage Range: - ; Coil Voltage VDC Nom: 60V ; Operating Voltage Range: - ; Contact Current Max: - ; Contact Voltage AC Nom: - ; Load Current: - ; Contact Voltage DC Max: 250V ; Coil Resistance: - ; Relay Terminals: - ; Contact Configuration: - ; Average Power Consumption: - ; Relay.

H3CWH-3406G : Socket to Plug Rectangular Cable Assembly 0.500' (152.40mm, 6.00") Polarizing Key (Socket); Flange, Polarizing Key (Plug); IDC CABLE - HKC34H/AE34G/HPL34H. s: Connector Type: Socket to Plug ; Number of Positions: 34 ; Contact Finish: Gold ; Number of Rows: 2 ; : Polarizing Key (Socket); Flange, Polarizing Key (Plug) ; Color: Gray, Ribbon ; Length: 0.500'.

2306-3420-3478 : 4.7 Ohm 5W Through Hole Resistors; LINEAR RES 4.7OHM STAND UP. s: Resistance (Ohms): 4.7 ; Power (Watts): 5W ; Tolerance: 5% ; Packaging: Bulk ; Composition: Wirewound ; Temperature Coefficient: - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

RT0805BRD072K2L : 2.2K Ohm 0.125W, 1/8W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 2.20K OHM 1/8W .1% SMD 0805. s: Resistance (Ohms): 2.2K ; Power (Watts): 0.125W, 1/8W ; Tolerance: 0.1% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thin Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 25ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

F2X4WH6 : White PVC Wire Ducts, Raceway Cables, Wire - Management 6.00' (1.83m) -; DUCT SLOT TYPE F PVC WHT FT. s: Color: White ; : - ; Height: 3.98" (101.00mm) ; Length: 6.00' (1.83m) ; Material: PVC ; Mounting Type: Screw ; Wire Duct Type: Vented ; Width: 2.25" (57.2mm).

2SB0953AQ : Transistor (bjt) - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 7A 40V 2W PNP; TRANS PNP 40VCEO 7A TO-220F. s: Transistor Type: PNP ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 40V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 7A ; Power - Max: 2W ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 90 @ 2A, 2V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 600mV @ 160mA, 5A ; Frequency - Transition:.

05002120CFMC : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 200 V, BP, 0.000012 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 1.20E-5 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 1 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 200 volts ; Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/°C ; Mounting Style: Surface.

SBR3A150SA-13 : 1 A, 150 V, SILICON, SIGNAL DIODE. s: Package: GREEN, PLASTIC, SMA, 2 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; IF: 1000 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

2066-1321-00 : PANEL MOUNT, STRIPLINE TERMINATED, FEMALE, SMA CONNECTOR, JACK. s: Connector Type: SMA ; Gender: Female.

VI800A-N485U : FULL DUPLEX RS485 BRIDGE 500KBPS. The Arduino-compatible VM800P ‘PLUS boards’ are based on the company’s award-winning FT800 EVE graphic controller devices, in which display, audio and touch functionality are all integrated onto a single chip. The boards also incorporate an 8-bit ATMEGA microcontroller unit (MCU) and a TFT display.

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