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DescriptionMech.oil 200ml Aerosol
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CMO200D ELECTROLUBE H.K. Wentworth Ltd., Wentworth House, Blakes Road, Wargrave, Berkshire, RG10 8AW, United Kingdom. Fax No:

Identification of the preparation Chemical Name ~PENTANE~ CAS-No 109-66-0 EC-No 203-692-4 Class F; R11 (Sweden: F; R11 (Sweden: R320/322, R313) Weight < 50

Most important hazards: Specific hazards Highly flammable High concentration of vapours may cause irritation to eyes and respiratory system and produce narcotic effects. Prolonged skin contact may defat the skin and produce dermatitis.

General advice: Inhalation: Skin contact: Eye contact: Ingestion: Remove from exposure, lie down. Move to fresh air. Consult a physician after significant exposure. Wash off immediately with soap and plenty of water. Treatment : skin cream. Rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Consult a physician for severe cases. Immediately give large quantities of water to drink. If symptoms persist, call a physician.

Suitable extinguishing media: Extinguish with dry chemical or foam, carbon dioxide (CO2). Extinguishing media which must Do not use water jet. not be used for safety reasons: Specific hazards: Fire or intense heat may cause violent rupture of packages.Water mist may be used to cool closed containers. Special protective equipment In the event of fire, wear self-contained breathing apparatus. for firefighters:

Personal precautions: Environmental precautions: Methods for cleaning up: Remove all sources of ignition. Do not contaminate surface water. Soak up with inert absorbent material. Shovel into suitable container for disposal.

Handling: Storage: Use only in well-ventilated areas. Do not breath vapours or spray mist. When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. Store in a cool and shaded area. Ensure adequate ventilation. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.

Chemical Name: ~PENTANE~ ~PROPAN-2-OL CARBON DIOXIDE MINERAL OIL NON HAZARDOUS CONSTITUENTS Engineering measures: Personal protection equipment: - Respiratory protection: - Hand protection: - Eye protection: - Skin and body protection: Hygiene measures: Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas. not required under normal use. solvent-resistant gloves (butylrubber) safety glasses not required under normal use When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. National occupational exposure limits: HSC(EH40) Long term (8 hrs) / 1800mgm-3 Short term (15 min) / 2250mgm-3 Long term (8 hrs) / 999mgm-3 Short term (15 min) / 1250mgm-3 Long term (8 hrs) = 5000ppm/9000mgm-3 Short term (15 min) = 15000ppm/27000mgm-3 Long term (8 hrs) = 5mgm-3 Short term (15 min) = 10mgm-3

Form: Colour: Odour: Boiling point/range: Melting point/range: Flash point: Autoignition temperature: Explosion limits: Vapour pressure: Relative density: Solubility: Water solubility - fat solubility liquid * as for pentane colourless hydrocarbon-like C - lower 1.4 * vol. % - upper 8.0 * vol. ( 20 C) 520 * hPa ( 20 C) 0.655 immiscible partly miscible (g/l)

Stability: Conditions to avoid: Materials to avoid: Hazardous decomposition products: Stable. Vapours may form explosive mixtures with air. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition. oxidizing agents. No decomposition if stored and applied as directed.

Acute toxicity: IPA: = 5.05g/kg Pentane: Concentrations substantially above the OEL value may cause narcotic effects (120,000ppm <1hr). Prolonged exposure (>130,000ppm) - fatality. May cause skin irritation in susceptible persons May cause sensitization by skin contact Liver injury may occur Effects of excessive exposures may include, liver toxicity

Local effects: Sensitization: Long term toxicity: Chronic toxicity:

Mobility: Persistence and degradability: Bioaccumulation: Ecotoxicity effects: No data is available on the product itself Readily biodegradable, according to appropriate OECD test Not applicable No data is available on the product itself

Waste from residues / unused products: Contaminated packaging: In accordance with local and national regulations. Do not pierce or burn even when empty

UN-No: ADR/RID Class: Proper shipping name: IMO Class: 2.1 EmS: 2-13 Proper shipping name: Aerosol dispensers ICAO Class: 2.1 Proper shipping name Aerosols, 30 IMDG Page: MFAG: Aerosol dispensers Item: 5 F

Classification according to European directive on classification of hazardous preparations 90/492/EEC - Contains: - Symbol(s):


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