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N-channel enhancement mode field-effect power transistor in a plastic package using TrenchMOSTM1 technology, featuring very low on-state resistance. Product availability: in SOT428 (D-PAK).

TrenchMOSTM technology Q101 compliant 175 C rated Logic level compatible.

s Automotive and general purpose power switching: 12 V and 24 V loads. x Motors, lamps and solenoids.

Table 1: Pin 3 mb Pinning - SOT428 (D-PAK), simplified outline and symbol Description gate (g)

Table 2: VDS ID Ptot Tj RDSon Quick reference data Conditions Tmb = 25 C; VGS 5 V Tmb 25 C VGS 25 A VGS 25 A Typ Max Unit W C drain-source voltage (DC) drain current (DC) total power dissipation junction temperature drain-source on-state resistance Symbol Parameter

Table 3: Limiting values In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 60134). Symbol Parameter VDS VDGR VGS VGSM ID IDM Ptot Tstg Tj IDR IDRM WDSS drain-source voltage (DC) drain-gate voltage (DC) gate-source voltage (DC) non-repetitive gate-source voltage drain current (DC) peak drain current total power dissipation storage temperature operating junction temperature reverse drain current (DC) pulsed reverse drain current non-repetitive avalanche energy Tmb 25 C Tmb = 25 C; pulsed; 10 s unclamped inductive load; 49 A; VDS 55 V; VGS 5 V; RGS 50 ; starting 50 s Tmb = 25 C; VGS 5 V; Figure 2 and 3 Tmb = 100 C; VGS 5 V; Figure 2 Tmb = 25 C; pulsed; tp 10 s; Figure 3 Tmb = 25 C; Figure 1 RGS 20 k Conditions Min Max Unit A mJ

Fig 1. Normalized total power dissipation as a function of mounting base temperature.
Fig 2. Normalized continuous drain current as a function of mounting base temperature.

Fig 3. Safe operating area; continuous and peak drain currents as a function of drain-source voltage.


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SSQ-130-01-T-D : Tin Through Hole Rectangular - Headers, Receptacles, Female Socket Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle; CONN RCPT .100" 60POS DUAL TIN. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Receptacle ; Contact Finish: Tin ; : - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 2 ; Pitch: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; Row Spacing: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; Packaging:.

MTD5010W : Optical - Photo Detectors - Photodiodes PHOTO DIODE 850NM FLAT CLR TO-18 -; PHOTO DIODE 850NM FLAT CLR TO-18. s: Spectral Range: 400nm ~ 1100nm ; Wavelength: 850nm ; Color - Enhanced: Infrared (NIR)/Red ; Diode Type: - ; Response Time: 3.5nS ; Responsivity @ nm: 0.2 A/W @ 450nm ; Active Area: - ; Current - Dark (Typ): 5nA ; Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr).

SY100EP451LTG : Logic - Flip Flop Integrated Circuit (ics) Surface Mount Tube - 3 V ~ 3.6 V; IC REGISTER DIFF ECL 3.3V 32TQFP. s: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Package / Case: 32-TQFP ; Function: Master Reset ; Number of Bits per Element: 6 ; Number of Elements: 1 ; Current - Output High, Low: - ; Output Type: Differential ; Trigger Type: Positive Edge ; Type: D-Type.

CRCW121817K4FKEK : 17.4K Ohm 1W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 17.4K OHM 1W 1% 1218 SMD. s: Resistance (Ohms): 17.4K ; Power (Watts): 1W ; Tolerance: 1% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thick Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

03028BX102BJZC : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 100 V, BX, 0.001 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Capacitance Range: 1.00E-3 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 5 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 100 volts ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology.

BRD505S : 2-OUTPUT DC-DC REG PWR SUPPLY MODULE. s: Package Type: DIP, Other, 1.250 X 0.800 INCH, 0.520 INCH HEIGHT, DIP-24/12 ; Output Voltage: 4.8 to 5.2 volts ; Input Voltage: 4.65 to 5.5 volts ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F).

ST12B102F : CAPACITOR, FILM/FOIL, POLYSTYRENE, 50 V, 0.001 uF, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Leaded Capacitor ; Technology: Film Capacitors ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Polystyrene ; Capacitance Range: 1.00E-3 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 1 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 50 volts ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Operating.

12064839 : 36 CONTACT(S), MALE, COMBINATION LINE CONNECTOR, CRIMP. s: Connector Type: COMBINATION LINE CONNECTOR ; Gender: Male ; Termination Types: Crimp ; Number of Contacts: 36.

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